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Thursday, July 20, 2017

KTFA CC Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman 7-19-17


FrostytheSnowman » July 19th, 2017

Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I want to start out tonight by saying that I hope we have FUN!!!

My TEAMS and I have had a lot of FUN over the last few days.

Can I ask you a question family?

Based on Monday … many of you were pleased with our report. It was long and tedious and packed with information.

I would say that 99.9% of you were pleased.

Two people on our forum who thought that we were evil and mislead people. I no longer worry about those types of comments like I used to.

Knowledge is powerful. What you learned on Monday … only TeamChat members knew about it on Friday. And today … the Internet still doesn’t know how to react to it.

If we have people that come into our forum and they DISAGREE. Well … thank you for your counterpoint … but to have that point constantly shoved down our throat is rude. Please have some common sense and common decency.

“Our Friend” in Iraq (Walkingstick) called me yesterday and we spent a lot of time on the phone. I take great joy in that because I don’t get to talk to him that often. I don’t ask him questions when he calls. He brings us GIFTS … great GIFTS (big nugget) … that we eventually see in the progress of the MR.

When we were talking on the phone … he said that he wanted to give a shout-out to someone on the KTFA forum. Again … PLEASE DO NOT “PM” with “My Friend in Iraq” – LEAVE HIM ALONE! You may post your question on the thread … and he may answer you.

He said … I’d like to give a shout-out … to a gentleman on the forum POST #342 … (by Giants) … he wanted to let him know that his post #342 … I want to SALUTE HIM!

Our Friend got information of what Iraq and the USA is about to do. GIANT found it … and Our Friend checked it out. See POST #346.

The article that GIANT posted … Iraq plans to sell American style BONDS this JULY.

Family … if you go back to January 2017 – that was the 3rd TIME that IRAQ tried to sell BONDS. The USA typically backs up these BONDS.

Remember in January … they tried to sell BONDS in the first 2 weeks in January … and then they said … “oops … we’ve got post pose the MR.”

Now that we have MOSUL … things are traveling at the speed of light!

We can’t even keep up with all of the articles with all of the CBI articles surfacing. Alak really likes to talk.

So … they are going to sell BONDS … American Dollar Bonds … BUT … they will NOT be backed by the US Government.

That is an INTERNATIONAL ACT/MOVEMENT … that would be Article VIII … right?

They are going to sell these bonds this month in JULY … (1 BILLION AMERICAN DOLLARS WORTH) --- wow! Impressive … but the citizens are not going to buy these. (Pretty smart huh?!!!) The citizens bought the bonds offered in January.

On top of all of these amazing issues … the TOP issue is that these BONDS are backed by the USD … they are backed by IRAQ. LOL !!! Is this a joke? At 1184. No … it’s a PLAN!!!! (Rather brilliant) – lots of DEALS made with AMERICA.

In the process of all of this … DELTA … in the still of the night … “the GM on Monday announced the CONCLUSION of a contract with an oil contract company.” Boy family … you missed that one family!!!!!!!!!! That type of figure is amazing. That is NOT a contract! Not at 1184.

We are seeing a lot of NUMBER MOVEMENTS.

The entire CC is in MY OPINION.


CONTRACT NUMBERS make absolutely no sense at 1184.

Iraq is ACTING INTERNATIONAL … and we’ll talk about that in a minute.

So … what is SIGNIFICANT about these BONDS? It involves JP Morgan/Chase, CITI, Deutsche Bank.

These banks are going to help Iraq hit the INTERNATIONAL market. BUT THEY’RE NOT INTERNATIONAL YET!!!!!!!!

This is a progress of the MR
By doing this … they don’t need a CO-SIGNER. In the past they did – but now they don’t.

They are sending an INTERNATIONAL MESSAGE.

Are we selling the BONDS at 1184 … they are being sold at the DOLLAR RATE!!!!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are NOT in IQD’s. If they were … that would “TIP-THE-HAND” to speculators (2nd set of books) as they lift the 3 zeros. That could cause problems. They have the support of the IMF to do that.

There is MORE to this!

The countries are going to see the CREDIT RATING OF IRAQ RISE.

These BONDS / CREDIT RATING will help in the regulation of the currency inside of Iraq.

Sold to the INTERNATIONAL market --- NOT to the citizens this time. THESE ARE VERY LARGE BONDS … that only certain people in LL ( long line) have the potential to buy them – and they will because their credit rating is about to go up.

Without any guarantee (as was in Jan).

The INTERNET WORLD is gaining confidence in Iraq and Abadi and the MR. (Monetary Reform)

All of those waiting in the LONG-LINE … these bonds will FUEL their budget. The IMF DEMANDS for them to FINISH their budget!!!

The IMF will stop ALL funding … NO MORE EXCUSES!!!

Take this money … use it … bring you budget out … that requires a new rate … just like the tankers are being used to deal with the exchange that is soon to come.

The INTERNATIONAL WORLD is very excited … Iraq is ready to FLY!

The INTERNATIONAL WORLD has been dying for this and wants to see the confidence in their banking structure.

In the next week … they are going to sell BONDS on an INTERNATIONAL LEVEL … and who will buy them? The BIG companies, banks, etc. LARGE INTERNATIONAL BONDS that require a large satisfaction!

You and I are the BABY investors … (like penny stocks) … you bought a stock from a company called the IQD … for a dividend … maturity through a revaluation of their currency.

As a TEAM … “Our Friend” wants you to know … what is important … WHO of all these banks … who has the ability to invest BILLIONS into Iraq right now. Speculation grows BIGGER and BIGGER.

These INTERNATIONAL BONDS will tell us a lot.

These BONDS … I’m sorry … I’m sorry … this is as far as I can take you.

These BONDS … there is much, much more to them then you realize.

The CBI will continue to talk … and become louder … at a new speed-of-light.

You saw the articles yesterday … almost word for word of Monday’s CC.

After our Monday’s CC … the private banks and money changers – it would be better if the government would do something for the citizens.

WIU … these 3 LETTERS represent what is going on with the BONDS.

WorldBank, IMF and the USA. (WIU)

Let me share a few things of some TEXT conversations I had with “Our Friend.”

AGAIN … this whole CC is in my opinion.

The WIU … inside of many articles coming out today (Wednesday) – almost word for word.
You will see more on the MasterCard very soon – that’s why I couldn’t say any more on the ATM’s.

Another text said … “Frank, if you can squeeze this in tonight … I’m getting a lot of question on the process of private banks … Iraq Association of Banks was awarded the JFK by the UST … that is one of many points of the private banking with international standards … Iraq’s dealings on an INTERNATIONAL level.”

While all of this is going on … you IRAN that wants to talk.

We were shocked (last night) to see that all of the sudden that Bank of Indonesia was talking about the Rupia. The “implementation of the revaluation will not take long.” Really?

Will you shut-up? POST #228 on Page 12.

This reminds me so much of Mosul. The timing had to be perfect – even to the time it had to be given. WHOA!!!!! Internationalism has likewise to be TIMED.

The CBI can’t seem to stop talking … “Iraqi Banks … foreign banks … open relationships.”

Well … that is interesting … that spells INTERNATIONAL. That can only be because ARTICLE VIII is about gone – that they are INTERNATIONAL.

Within this article POST # 238 by JJ … you will see that there are many that are ready … if you read it … you will see where it says that many are in compliance with international standards … fully prepared … due to its relationship .. outstanding policies … procedures (lava flow) … technology to bridge into the international theatre.

Frank26: The list is LONG for INTERNATIONALISM in Iraq!

Just like MOSUL was LONG READY to be announced … I believe that the timing was well calculated by Abadi to release Mosul’s liberation.

In the same type of example … Article VIII and Chapter VII … realistically … next they need to RELEASE the fact that they are INTERNATIONAL.

These monetary reform steps are NOT science fiction. They are an impressive formula in the progress of the monetary reform.

This now needs to be RELEASED!

I’d like to tell you … not the thread we just closed but the one before that – at the very, very end … they did a MASTERFUL JOB (Elaine) POST #417. That is a masterpiece in what is going on with the bonds right now.

POST #84 – yesterday’s thread … you will find the original article that WS brought to us.

Any admin … please take that one and put that in the final article section.

There is another post that is really deep … POST #98 … this is the CBI talking about rates.

For you to walk right by that … I don’t understand.

As far as Maliki … many Iraqi citizens want to prosecute and hang him. Leave him alone. Where do you keep your enemy? (Close to you so you can find out what he is up too).

POST #100 – (yesterday’s thread) – HOLY COW … we already talked about it … study it … the IMF says to the GOI (Abadi) – release the budget … use the rider … let’s go … and if you don’t … we’ll take over … as the IMF has plans to build a headquarters in Baghdad. TA-DA!

Also Page 7 … POST 137 – “His excellency, the Governor of the Central Bank … celebration of the participation of the Islamic Banks”

COME ON!!!! Give it to us!!!!!!

It’s the TIMING.

The ISO … tells Alak … they have a certificate … obtained by the DISCIPLINE of the banks to issue MasterCard and the “compliance” of the CBI.

Give me an …………….. I-N-T-E-R-N-A-T-I-O-N-A-L !!!!!!!!!!!

Samson (our down-under NewsHound) … POST 149 … Iraq participates in a banking conference in NEW YORK.

What do you smell?

POST #143 – “CBI pays tribute to the work of the Iraqi Association of Private Banks”

Why? What work?

POST #185 – CBI … “we have worked with the government to give confidence to the private banking sector.”

Yes … we talked about that on Monday’s CC.

What do you think?

It’s exciting!

We’re getting closer … but I don’t know the DATE or the RATE.

Would you like to hear from your brother DELTA?

Here is a conversation I had with Delta:

FRANK: You said he’s not touching the reserves.

DELTA: Remember, he said they had to cancel the auction … but this time he said something different. They have to increase the rate. The oil prices are not that high so you have to suck them from the reserves. The dollars have to go back to the reserves.

FRANK: The way our UST is being seeded by Petro-Dollars … for the RV that is about to happen. Each Iraqi city could have been given to us much sooner (announcing liberation) but had to wait for the perfect timing. The same manner for what we are looking for … they are going a very good job to take Iraq international. The timing is key. They are talking about INTERNATIONALISM … you’ve got Alak being complimented by the ISO. Well .. that’s Article VII is it not?

DELTA: Good point Frankie. They are about to open relationships with these banks. They are done. They just need to announce it. You cannot have a relationship with these types of banks without being international. This news was for internal use only. This NEW building … nobody knew when they moved. They could have told us about it … but not even the media said anything that they were moving.

FRANK: The timing of everything .. all these things … it’s fantastic.

DELTA: Announcement came from the CBI (Arabic side) … on August 1st … (sorry, audio broke up) … all of this confirmation. We are very, very close. We’re just waiting for the CBI to show us a rate. That’s what we are waiting for. HUGE NEWS could be coming this Sunday.

FRANK: When I talked to iTEAM … they said “We’re waiting.”

DELTA: That is really what we are waiting for. There is nothing left.

FRANK: Everyone says hello.

DELTA: Love you all. Have a very good day.


What a shame that the entire recording didn’t work out.

Interesting isn’t it – what is going on.

The STAGE for the MONETARY REFORM is well set-up.

The INTERNATIONALISM seems to be the next BIG phase.

Monday … the oil tankers to take care of the American banks … and now the Iraqi banks to be “seeded” for the monetary reform.

The best thing for today is the idea of the BONDS.

We took you as far as we could on that issue. There is more than what is being revealed.
Have a wonderful night.

CC ended in prayer/shofar

Frank's comments after shofar ...

"Have you noticed that ever since we got Mosul, we've seen a monumental increase in news/progress in the monetary form? Let's see what they do this week."

PLAYBACK LINK: https://fccdl.in/2mWsEkcA8



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