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Monday, July 17, 2017

KTFA CC Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman 7-17-17


FrostyTheSnowman » July 17th, 2017

Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Monday, July 17, 2017 (7/7/17)

I apologize … this is expected to last a long time tonight.

We have our Teams with us tonight … they are all here. They are here to observe to watch your thoughts

We DO NOT offer a RATE or a DATE here at KTFA.

I read every post.

Friday – we had a powerful TeamChat.

One person came in an said … “oh no, now we’re talking about August.” How dare you?!!! We do not offer a date or rate!

This whole CC is in MY OPINION.

I’m excited about what I have to share tonight … but I’m a little huffy tonight because of the DATE and RATE seekers. This is a study.

What you will see/hear tonight will be POWERFUL!

I’m not complaining – I’m trying to set the record straight.

We are here to glorify God … and we’re blessed to bring you this information … which takes HOURS to assemble.

Let’s get started … (and forgive me … I’m just tired … and yet excited!)

I have several colors of Hawaiian Hibiscus flowers with me tonight – and I show them to you because that is my theme. I am not going to Hawaii this year … nor will I until they raise the rate.

You see this rose? What was told to this rose to unfold (blossom) – just like the monetary reform?

Delta posted pictures of many of Iraq’s leaders in the CBI headquarters – what you don’t know is this picture is several weeks old.

The CBI talked about their new building … the new see-thru glass with nothing to hide.

Alak … postponed the lifting of the 3 zeros (which you all know about) back in December 2016.

What have they been wanting/needing to lift the 3 zeros from the exchange rate?

The article on FRIDAY … (that the internet is not paying attention too) … to us … that is a signal from the CBI … that they are ready to move forward with ALL of their reforms.

There is NO COINCIDENCE with the CBI.

The CBI has been eager (just like you) to celebrate the victory of Mosul. This is what Alak said he wanted – security and stability.

We never thought we’d see the CBI celebrate a “war victory.” (That is not their concern ---- or was it.)

Alak is CELEBRATING with all Iraqi’s – THANKING the citizens of Iraq and the troops … (so that he can proceed with the lifting of the 3 zeros).

Ok … let’s go into another topic.


Keep score tonight … how many IMF REGULATIONS will you spot tonight?

There are NEW RULES and REGULATIONS by the CBI – telling all of their banks/branches … what they are about to do. Now, they are sending memos to the money changers (who are in trouble) because they are scumbags using unfair practices that is holding up part of the RV.

The RTGS is an electronic system … it sends money to another country … banks process without physical cash. This electronic system works from bank to bank – not in days – but in the blink of an eye! (Think 95/5)

Consider this … tomorrow when you wake up … until the time you go asleep … how many times did your hands touch PHYSICAL money? Now compare that with how many times you SWIPED with a card?

The WINDOW EXCHANGE … may replace auctions.

The eDinar will be secure … receive/send … Iraq will control their dinars which is an IMF requirement. This screams INTERNATIONAL … doesn’t it?

Remember a guy named Al Maseri (sp?). POST #329 from Saturday – he is calling for the economic reforms to be adopted.

The government and the CBI and the physical part of the MR is changing.

Waiting for “The Still of the Night!”

Alak is almost using a new language … like he spoke at the beginning of 2017.

The CBI is picking up where they left off.

Remember when I told you that the CBI will start to talk a lot? It’s happening. You’ve see the articles.

Nanoseconds after Abadi announced Mosul as liberated … the CBI began to celebrate. A war victory? Really?

Teams have been focused … and more and more often we are thinking a SATURDAY into a SUNDAY. We are just waiting. Just waiting.

We all knew that Abadi was going to announce Mosul. We wait.

They’ve told you – it’s going to happen!

I don’t know when they will celebrate their next victory … but if I was in the rain forest in Hawaii … and I was in the hunt … all of the signs around me … watching patterns … I would say that I am very close to my kill. I want to bring back the food for the hungry. This feel soooo close.

I don’t understand the guts of Alak celebrating Mosul.

The FEDS did not party back in 1999 family.

Iraq has 2 sets of books.

The articles have been saying (early this year) that Alak promised the citizens that he would keep the citizens up to date.

We find NO FLAW in the CBI’s article – and this one came from the CBI from Alak (brought to you by Delta).

The timing of the article was very significant – it’s been ready for over a month.

I wanted to see something yesterday – but I didn’t.

We are very close to walking into August, are we not?

For those who can’t “hold their water” … I’m sorry … we will not help you – sadly, we will leave you behind.

I don’t know if we are going into August … in fact all of the days run together so much for me and my Teams … well, you know.

August is typically a slow month … BUT … a lot of things are about to come due in August.

I don’t care what month it is … but I do care about what YEAR we are in.

“Our Friend” (Walkingstick) is trying to help … and when he posts an article in the future – DO NOT WALK PAST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 95/5 on the 21st does go into effect.

95% electronic … and the 5% (they will now save money).

That 5% cash … that will move PAYEES into the banks – so it’s working!

The 5% … there is a reason for it.

This WHOLE CC IS IN OUR OPINION – and we are studying a speculative investment.

The reason for the 5% … they are controlling speculation NOW!

Iraq can’t keep a secret – and it will be difficult for them to keep a secret in the future.


“Our Friend” – what about the ATM machines?

No comment (as I chuckle)

FOCUS WITH ME … are you ready?

The 1st zero, 2nd zero, 3rd zero … all done … all an IMF REQUIREMENT (accounting purposes).

What “our friend” sees is private sector – which is even better … as it tells us what the citizens experience … which is another IMF REQUIREMENT.

The CBI Building … remember what “our friend” told you what it stood for? (Security, Solidarity, Stability).

“Our friend” says that the article are NOT telling us everything … because Iraq needs to control SPECULATION.

Notice … the CBI is saying more and more about the monetary reform.

IMO family … I believe we will see the ATM’s in 2 weeks or less.

“Our friend” is asking a favor (politely) – DO NOT “PM” him – do not try and communicate with him.

Two weeks ago he brought in an article about ARTICLE 140. This is in process. Abadi says he’s in the process of dealing with 140.

How many citizens are in each providence?

Instead of doing a “recount” (because the citizens fled under Daesh) – they will just move forward … another IMF REQUIREMENT.


( Real Time Gross Settlements: Real-time gross settlement are specialist funds transfer systems where the transfer of money or securities[1] takes place from one bank to another on a "real time" and on a "gross" basis. Settlement in "real time" means a payment transaction is not subjected to any waiting period, with transactions being settled as soon as they are processed. "Gross settlement" means the transaction is settled on one-to-one basis without bundling or netting with any other transaction. "Settlement" means that once processed, payments are final and irrevocable. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real-time_gross_settlement )

RTGS just went into effect yesterday (at least we think it did) – we’ll let you know.

Family, they are going to start cracking-down on the Money Changers. The real “thieves” are the money changers. IMO – this is the delay of the RV because they counter the effects of the CBI. These money changers are impacting things tremendously.

These “scalpers” and “jerks” … they charge outrageous fees to the citizens – as they go against the IMF and the CBI.

They need to control these things --- AND THEY ARE!!!

Try to GRAB onto this >>> anything that is on paper (ledger) is of no concern of the citizens. On the 21st … the employees will not see their 1 to 1 rate … those ledgers were turned in … they will see it in PURCHASING POWER! They citizens won’t see the math.

The 1 to 1 that is being given to them now.

BTW – notice there are NO ARTICLES about what is going on with the citizens pay … (that would tip the hat of SPECULATORS). Understand?

What is on paper (the books) will reflect the exchange rate changes.

Now … GET READY … this piece of candy might choke us!

This whole CC is solely in my opinion.

Family, do you remember about 3 weeks ago when President Trump toured the Middle East? Did he visit Iraq? No – because he didn’t have too.

He went to SA – the birthplace of the Petro-Dollar.

What did he do there?

He made DEALS right? BIG OIL DEALS.

Well … guess what? IMO … I’m kinda excited again!

I believe there was a TRI-Agreement control between the UK, Iraq and SA.

IMO … the President Trump worked out that this was nothing to do with OPEC.

The USA took control of 5 oil tankers from SA. Most walked right by that article.

As a Team study … we don’t have to worry about what is happening IN-COUNTRY … we are watching for OUT-OF-COUNTRY rates!

America has dinars in the US Treasury … but these 5 Oil Tankers … sells for Petro Dollars … funds into the US Treasury

Brilliant deal! -- nothing to do with OPEC.

THE USA has enough set aside to cover the RV.

Many tranches … we can see where they lead … but not where it lands.

The USA took possession of 5 Oil Tankers out of the SA deal … and there is your exchange family.

IMO ... the banks have been seeded.

The citizens of Iraq will NOT see this – they only see their currency in Iraq.

These 5 ships are PARTIAL PAYMENTS … IMO.

All of the agreed terms have not been done yet.

More ships will come.

This is the start of it.

SA and Trump agreement is NOW ON.

IMO … LD’s may be coming out soon … due to the ATM and diplomatic pouches.

They have been doing this RV family in all of 2017.

In that time … this “work” was done on ledgers/papers (unseen from the world).

DIPLOMATIC POUCHES … IMO … have already been delivered to UK and SA.

More info from the UK is becoming available … starting yesterday.

We took 5 tankers to sour the milk of oil and seed the banks for the RV.

In the process … oil prices have been dropping a lot.

Is this a black-mail process to the Middle East by Trump? Yes. You fight fire with fire!

This is ALL GOOD … and now we simply wait.

The RV is coming.

If not … then America will sell its oil and we will choke out the Middle East.

All of the sudden … all countries started going in the same direction – even Kuwait and SA.
When will these oil agreements come into action.

IMO … they started YESTERDAY … and will move into the 1st week into August.

Money MUST be in the US Treasury to transfer into USD’s.

This is called a CURRENCY SWAP!!!

That is what we are doing with these OIL TANKERS … it’s a CURRENCY SWAP!!!

This needs to be successful in the exchange process.

The USA basically got PAID.

We will not pay ONE PENNY for this war. HELLO?!!!!!

The USA got paid by these tranches with these oil tankers.

These tranches are equivalent to dinars.

The oil … these tankers are equal to dinars.

If this would have happened in public view – speculation would have run rampant.

I don’t know how Mr. Trump does it – but that was brilliant!

This is NOT part of OPEC … this is how we got FRICKIN’ PAID!!!!

This all went LIVE on Sunday.
Frank26: Again … this CC is in my opinion.

The SWAP with the oil is in play with the DIPLOMATIC POUCHES.

Eventually … ForEx should be next … Sunday into Monday … 1st week in August … I DON’T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The UST has to have funds for this … that’s what I care about!!!!!!!!

The CBI is asking for them to ACTIVATE the links between the websites NOW!

Might as well be Article VIII.

Saturday or Sunday … Delta came in and posts that the Bank is asking for the ACTIVATION of MasterCard for INSIDE and OUTSIDE of Iraq.

Before we go further – the MasterCard info is not new. We know that. We’re not stupid! This is old news family.

Look at the timing. That’s an IMF REQUIREMENT, isn’t it.

The 1184 program rate … can that be used OUTSIDE of Iraq. No – that’s why no one wants it.

If the MasterCard is used internationally … they would need to raise the value of their currency.


The CBI was not ready to lift the 3 zeros back in January … BUT THEY ARE NOW … and they talk like they are!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why are you so happy Frank?

Why are you saying that Iraq can come out at 1184 with their MasterCard? They can … BUT no one is going to use it.

But remember … curbing SPECULATION is the reason why it’s limited.

The citizens now have to learn about the LD’s and the coins.

ATM’s do not give coins.

The IMF, WB, IMF are poised and eager to see the monetary reform advance.

There are NO MORE REASONS why not to raise the value of the dinar now family!

Banks in Iraq will NOT pay cash in Iraq anymore. 95% electronic!

We still don’t have our income tax code … but I sense that may be coming out soon.

As a Team … we trust Abadi, Alak and the CBI … no matter how long it took them to keep their word.

Iraq is waiting for 480 Million Dollars – due to them in AUGUST.

Alak (in 2015) said they would lift the 3 zeros in early 2017. (see final articles section)

Now … let me quickly go back to that building article that Delta brought in.

No one knew that Alak had been in the new building. Delta joked, “ok, we’ve got the new building … now let’s get a new rate to match it.”

Saleh said the IMF meeting would be moved up … to the 1st week in August.

480 Million coming. Hello?!!!

21 Trillion Dinar (frozen assets) that belong to the CBI.

That’s 21 Billion USD.

They lent that to the GOI.

The UST and the FEDS do not lend money to our government. Why did they do that?


All of these steps of the MR is like a sling-shot effect going around the moon.

“Our Friend” guides us well … doesn’t he?

BTW – payday is always the last Friday of the month.

The MasterCard … can they go international at 1184?

Yes – but the key is … that this MasterCard is a vehicle to carry the program rate into trade and commerce.

Do you think that Iraq wants to stay at a program rate? They would be chump-change … an embarrassment.

They need to make SERIOUS money with their SERIOUS ASSETS.

Iraq is no longer in the stone age.

They are poised.

The Eagle knows that IRAQ has landed.

The speed-of-light of the MR increases.

90 tons of gold … in Iraq … are you serious?

Yes … they are adding 90 tons of gold to what they already have … for their RESERVES!!!!

What the heck are you going to do with your reserves? LOL

Countries are salivating to be in Iraq’s position – even at a program rate.

The Kurds … are they complaining about the 90 tons of gold? LOL

“Our Friend” – he said … “article stopped short … it’s out.”

Humm … “it’s out” … how in the heck do I explain that?

No comment.

Well … you should be able to detect that.

BTW – Delta called me to talk about the MasterCard article. He said that because Iraq is in Iraq Article 14 – no one was going to touch it.

I said that some speculators might … but 1184 will not work … they need a rate.

Delta agreed. It has to be a NEW rate.

Alak said that the CBI is seeking a balance with the currency and the price of oil.

That is so beautiful to our ears.

He’s basically talking about dropping the 3 zeros.

Saleh says that the dinar is stable.

Frozen assets + gold reserves = RV

Alak held an meeting on the 15th with a number of Mangers of Banks in Iraq … specialists in Financial and Economic Reforms.

Of course the CBI spoke with them – they need each other to fuel the reforms.

The EXCHANGE inside of Iraq is doing well (last 3 months) … IMO 1 to 1 at 95% ratio. We are not worried about what is happening inside of Iraq anymore.

We are watching the EXCHANGE RATE.

The EXCHANGE RATE in Iraq VS. the EXCHANGE RATE outside of Iraq – that is what we are waiting for.

These tranches affect us DIRECTLY!

The things you’ve heard tonight … they are MONUMENTAL … PARAMOUNT.

How can all of this happen … the timing is going so fast … to you cannot see it.

President Trump has negotiated the payment at our level.

I’m asking you in a loving and polite way to STOP trying to corner me with questions that ask for a RATE and a DATE.

We are past that family!

We need to get prepared!

The speed of light language is bringing the monetary reform steps together.

Remember the Roadrunner and Coyote cartoons? In the blink of an eye … the Roadrunner runs circles around the Coyote.

Don’t let the speed of light of the MR take you by surprise.

“Our Friend” … and Teams … we have 12 points.

You’re getting your money’s worth tonight, huh?

Wait a minute … you paid zero. LOL

One day … maybe our friend can share what is on the books.

Please don’t call me about what other Guru’s are saying on their forums.

11 POINTS of Conversation with “Our Friend” …(WalkingStick)

#1 – the IMF is opening up an office in Iraq (Baghdad) – they have a rep in Jordan, but they are putting one in Iraq. Talk about the timing.

#2 – they are cracking down on auctions and money changers and private banks (punks who are stopping the RV).

#3 – they are stabilizing the exchange rate of the USD (an IMF requirement)

#4 – trying to bring in the exchange rate because it’s too high in the market place. The ex-changers are a problem!

#5 – they are reeling it in to be on par with the 1184 program rate. The CBI is always trying to make a profit $2-$4 with the dinar. The black-market is causing a BIG problem. They are wiping them out. They are telling them they cannot exceed a certain profit, or they are out of business. This attitude is almost military style.

#6 – (no comment)

#7 – must maintain their exchange rate … 90 days? Any disparity with scalpers (money changers) profiteers. This is slowing down the RV due to too many hands in the cookie-jar. The electronic dinar will police this.

#8 – MasterCard will soon be out. Wow! Internationally! (that would require an international rate). It could come out at a program … but that card will only be used with Arab countries). The card will be international with Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Jordan. It’s a start – even at 1184. It’s a spark … to make the rate go up. The ATM machines – “no comment!” The logo on the ATM’s is soon to be “turned-on” As you know … the ATM’s don’t recognize the 3 zeros notes.

#9 – the hack on the CBI website … did they hack it … someone was pretty darn good to pull that off. Keep in mind … this is just a hand in front of your face.

#10 – Alak and Saleh were on TV cracking down on the money changers illustrating to the citizens that they were not their friends. Consolidate the bank or they will close those banks.

#11 – Warka will be online by the end of 2017 (back in business)

#12 – no report on oil tanker tranches … but certain countries have an understanding to support Iraq WHEN they go international. Any country can throw a wrench into the works (think Iran) … but now there is an understand … POST RV … they are now talking about POST RV … an event that is coming. These countries have a LOT to gain by supporting Iraq. They will help with accelerating the MR. This is your TRI-AGREEMENT. They understand Iraq’s reform. WIU = Tri-Agreement. They want to tell the world that they are open for business. Issues will be leaving us soon. Article 14 (UN) will talk very soon – needed for the HCL.

I do not speak of a DATE or RATE with “Our Friend” -- out of respect.

The 2nd books by the private sector … show the data of the RV …

When will this data come out?

Soon enough. It’s coming!

There is NO USE in asking for the DATE or the RATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is great power in studying what is coming!

Someone pointed out that a “hacker” was able to hack the CBI website.

The individual “Juda Baghdad” hacked the site 4 years ago.

The Governor of the CBI who was in charge at that time (Turki) – we believe it is possible that this may have NOT been an actual hack.

Perhaps they are trying to stop speculation.

The CBI wants to do things quietly - as they continue to “merge” things.

Maybe they are merging and they don’t want you to see it.

Maybe it’s about their reserves, the USD dropping in price, gold reserves, etc.

WOW! Alak said all of that … net effect … lift the value of your currency.

All this adds up to an IMF REQUIREMENT.

Hack or no hack … the timing is brilliant!

China syndrome? I don’t know.

They don’t want anyone to see what they are doing with their monetary reform family.

There is less room for leakage and mistakes.

To see the articles that we have seen … released now … (TIMING) is very interesting.

Tell me something … how did you like your conference call?

Thank you all for being with us tonight.

We have covered a lot of ground and this ground is VERY FERTILE … lots of seeds … and like I told you … “what was told to the rose that caused it to unfold?”

Well … we talked about it tonight.

Someday … the beauty of the islands that we’ve talked about in Hawaii … we are not going anywhere without you family!

CC ended in prayer/shofar

PLAYBACK LINK: https://fccdl.in/kcJCaPEWb



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