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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

KTFA CC Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman 7-12-17


FrostyTheSnowman » July 12th, 2017

Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Last Monday night … that was kinda exciting … wasn’t it?

We give all honors to our Heavenly Father.

This whole conference call is in my opinion.

We don’t give a RATE or a DATE here at KTFA.

We are in a time period right now – that started Monday.

I’m excited!!!

Sometimes I am disappointed in other forums that copy our information, edit it, and then change it slightly and act as if it is their own. That’s not fair.

I need to make a correction from Monday night’s cc. President Trump does indeed use Air Force One for his travels as President. During the campaign, he used his own personal jet while campaigning. As you may know, President Trump cancelled a contract that Obama made to build a new Air Force One airplane.

I believe the things we are seeing right now are VERY EXCITING!

There is an enthusiasm in regards to the lava flow of the monetary reform.

We have a member on our forum named FreddyC. He commented that he made a 40 ft. putt on the 18th … and when it went in … he yelled “FRANKIE!!!!” Well … I don’t scream my own name, but I do scream the names out when some of our Teams call.

As you know, on Monday, Abadi declared victory. And we told you about 3 days earlier (for the citizens) and the difference between the international world heard.

Now … the following day (Tuesday) … “Ring-A-Ding-Ding” … President Trump called Abadi. He congratulate him (wink, wink) … and Trump apparently told the Kurds to “lay-off”
Something happened from Monday to Tuesday that was very important. You saw the article of Trump and Abadi talking on the phone. The body of the article … if you see this arrow … this was the end of the ENGLISH article. The Arabic version was different! When President Trump thanked Abadi … they left out the bottom part of that conversation … BUT … it did appear in the Arabic articles (as reported by our Teams).

IMO … they continued their conversations about the monetary reform.

PM Abadi … “Iraq continues to restore stability …”

However … in Arabic this was included

Paragraph #6 – “to carry out of the economic reforms …”

Abadi ... you son of a gun!

We found that tremendously interesting family!

Abadi understands that they (Iraq gets all of the credit) … but we (USA) are NOT leaving! That’s a DEAL!!!

And the USA is NOT paying for 1 penny of this war. (Also part of the deal).

IMO … the time frame that we told you (that started on Monday) … we believe that date on the 10th (when Abadi made the announcement on the 10th) … we believe that was a roll-out.

Within nanoseconds … on the 10th … the roll-out of the monetary reform occurred.

What does the MR need?

It needed the announcement of Mosul … and the next day … the roll-out started.

The word is MOMENTUM!!!

So … Trump (talking to Abadi) continues to move Iraq forward with their monetary reform.

The MOMENTUM of the RV can now move at a faster pace.

President Trump is very happy about Mosul … because he knows what is coming next.

The announcement that were made in country may have been boring to you (because you didn’t see/understand them) – but it was exciting for the citizens in Iraq.

IMO … Trump and Abadi have spoken about the monetary reform – but that information was eliminated (hid) from the media outside of Iraq.

The UN is about to hand over CHAPTER VII.

You want to count these? That was the 3rd most powerful thing we’ve shared with you tonight!

IMO … we believe that the UN will announce the end of CHAPTER VII – maybe this week – and certainly within this month of July.

You can publicly find the Iraqi Press article – and Iraq can now RAISE THEIR COUNTRY … THEIR ECONOMIC SITUATION CAN NOW IMPROVE … very interesting article indeed.

Once of Mosul was announced … the speed of the MR did happen!

Do you think that Trump and Abadi talk about the 3 zeros?

IMO … the stock of President Trump has gone up tremendously worldwide – don’t you agree?

Now is the PERFECT TIME to RAISE the economic structure in Iraq … including their currency!!!

Right now I feel like a father that is in the waiting room. I’m waiting … and it’s not like I’m wondering IF my wife is pregnant … you can hear the baby screaming as it comes into the new world!

You need to be in the waiting room! You are supposed to be where you are supposed to be! You will cry for joy and thank God. You know you’re place in this investment. Now is not the time to ask questions – but a time to PREPARE yourself for what is coming!

The 10th to the 15th … in our opinion … was the period for Trump and Abadi to bring things into the light for the MR.

We will also talk about the 15th.

I’ve hit 3 hard points … and I have about 3 more to hit.

By the way … I was really interested in DoodleBug’s post. She said that Dr. Shabibi said he would pay the citizens first.

Well … maybe that is what they are doing.

Dr. Shabibi did not say he would pay the citizens first. He said that he would add value to their currency for their citizens – meaning he wants to take care of the Iraqi’s inside of the borders.

Tonight we will go a little deeper … talking about 95/5.

If the citizens get paid on the 21st … will we get paid too?

The remittance may take an additional 7 days.

The lava flow continues … constantly moving.

We pick up data/intel/information … and then we (Teams) try to analyze what we can share.
This is a private speculative investment.

We continue to study the lava flow. Dr. Shabibi wanted to insure that the citizens were taken care of the citizens first. I SEE THAT AS BEING DONE!!!

Do you remember on Monday when WS … I told you who he was and what he is to KTFA?

Remember, I took my phone and I read this to you? WS said … “I’ve very busy … much going on … our books are already done … others are following suit. Electronic acceptance of the payments … mid-month, no more than 5%. Can’t explain it right now.”

That is the conversation in a nutshell.

WS said he had more to share … but not in a text … but at a table on the forum.”

WS wants to come to KTFA and show you a “spreadsheet” of what they told him to do. He has to do these things first … and then when it’s public knowledge, he will share the evidence of what we’ve been telling you for the last few months. I hope that excites you.

Now I’d like to break this down.

WS … by the 21st of this month has to pay his employees, not only a rate of 1 to 1 … but it has to be 100% dinars.

Because of the actions, RIGHT NOW in these meetings … eDinars has been established.

One of the companies is a cash company. What WS is trying to teach you … WS company as of RIGHT NOW … has to pay at 5% in CASH … and the other 95% has to be paid in eDinars … and if the citizens want their money … they MUST go get a card!

When you add 5% + 95% … and all of it (100%) is in IQD now!!!!!!!!!


Everything will be electronic in the future! This is brilliant! This is the MCP on steroids.

This will control the auction!

This is what the IMF wanted!

This is the definition of the lava flow!

This TEACHES the CITIZENS … doesn’t it??!!!!!!!!!

This is what Dr. Shabibi wanted!

This will affect the auctions for cash values.
Frank26: Since Monday … the speed of light for the MR has really increased!

The more that the citizens learn about what is going on with their pay … the faster the monetary reform will go!

Does this make sense to you?

Many things are poised for the monetary form … and you can see them.

From the auction control to the eDinars to the BIS.

The BIS by the way is SMILING … all the way to the new CBI website.

The new CBI website completes the BIS … all smiles!

The BIS article that said they had merged with the CBI website happened over a year ago.

What is interesting though is they are GOING TO ACTIVATE THAT LINK!

Bank of INTERNATIONAL Settlements (BIS) – what does Iraq need to do now to lift the value?


BIS … yeah … we’ll link Iraq up!

There is some crazy stuff going on and I’M EXCITED!!!!

Do you not agree that the POSTURE, SWAGGER, the PAUL BUNION GATE that Iraq is walking around with screams INTERNATIONAL?!!!!

The FITCH article is evidence of it.

How many times are they going to say that Mosul is liberated.

Mosul was USED as it was needed. So is ARTICLE VIII.

The whole CC is in my opinion!

They don’t have to show you they removed Article VIII until they damn well want too … it is coming … due to the evidence of logic.

We had a post on Monday night by WalkingStick … and I’ve told you that when he makes a post now … you really need to pay attention.

POST #25 WS …

What is ARTICLE #140?

Many years ago they were ready to lift the value of their currency ... but Obama didn’t sign the SOFA agreement … (and everything went to hell with Maliki’s help).

The census … the 4th part of the HCL … everything froze due to Maliki and Obama.

Everything was put away. Recently, about a year ago they started talking about it again.

They decided to use the old (census) numbers … because the citizens had been displaced.

WS WalkingStick) basically told you … worry about a date is meaningless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at what they are about to IMPLEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes … they are going to use the old census data. They will also include the inflationary numbers as well.

Someone else noticed the numbers that were reported of what ISIS fighters were being paid. Turns out the numbers were about 1.20.

Article 140 is for the HCL … but the NATIONAL RECONCILIATION is of most importance right now.

What happens when they gave us Mosul???

5% cash and 95% eDinars … well … the citizens are about to be EDUCATED … gotta have those cards ... don’t they?!!!!

Is Iraq making their nation a CASHLESS SOCIETY? Oh yeah!

Is America a cashless society?

In the end days … in order to get anything we need, you will wear the mark of the beast.

We are becoming a cashless society with our electronics and our plastic cards that we swipe. We think a lot about those cards don’t we?


Today is the 12th … we told you about the pattern of the 12th.

On the 12th … the first zero … and now here we are on the 12th of July … 3 months in the right … on the 12th … we have found something SIGNIFICANT!

WS said that everyone handed in their work earlier.

We expect things earlier!

The lifting of the 3rd zero happened last week ago on Sunday.

We believe that they are now 100% only using IQD!

They are creating a cashless society – GOTTA HAVE THAT CARD!

Image that! Only 5% cash

WS does not have to go to an auction to pay to get CASH to pay his citizens. Companies will save a lot of money!

Of course companies were eager to turn in their ledgers.

Why don’t we see it yet?

Because it’s not for your eyes yet!!!


You can’t see their papers now in the sovereign country.

President Trump is not stupid … all of this is NOT being done for the program rate!

Bret McGurk … President Trump’s special envoy officer to defeat ISIS is Iraq. He has been TWEETING like a canary. Look it up.

He’s been talking and talking about Iraq’s banks, economy, oil, ISIS, economic reforms … leaking a lot of talk. I’ll bet he’s just about as happy and excited as it gets. He worked with Abadi a lot.

Frank26: I hope that this information has been useful and exciting for you!

CC ended in prayer/shofar

PLAYBACK LINK: https://fccdl.in/rPxBXcL23



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