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Monday, July 3, 2017

KTFA CC Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman 7-3-17


FrostyTheSnowman » July 3rd, 2017

Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Monday, July 3, 2017

It’s been an amazing month of June. We’re now in a really good position in July!

It’s good to be with you tonight.

We’re going to surprise you … I hope!

I want to tell you all – it’s been an interesting week … a very interesting study this year … amazing to see the things that have slowly come about.

I feel in my heart that our study has been SPOT-ON!

The EVIDENCE we’re about to tell you about makes me feel good.

A lot of phone calls I receive are filled with pain … people losing homes, friends, family, etc.

All I know is to try to help.

Tonight I am going to try to help you understand.

What has happened with the 3 zeros in the MR process of the IQD?

Today … I feel something VERY special happened.

First of all we want to take you back … back in January 2017 … Alak (Governor of the CBI) – he disappointed all of us … and broke the heart of the LL (Long-Line) … as he declared that he needed to postpone the lifting of the 3 zeros due to corruption/Mosul.

A lot needed to be cleaned up. Alak didn’t say that he was stopping the process.

Today (we see the evidence) … Alak who can really tell us what is going on (the man who replaced Dr. Shabibi) – he is talking SO LOUD that it is creating a SONIC BOOM.

He said that the CBI has overcome the dangers and moved away from the gray to the follow-up areas. See POST #169 (page 9). It says they have OVERCOME the issues they had in January.

The IMF, WB, UST … they told them what to do last year … agreed to in December 2016.

Alak held a conference call (yesterday) … the CC … and Alak spoke with the MEDIA … to educate the citizens. The evidence of purchasing power is surfacing. The things that you are missing is within their country – NOT yours!

Alak did something VERY SPECIAL today … the article was on our thread … but only a few people commented on it. This article … this is like Mr. Ed – straight from the horse’s mouth.

Notice that the comments he made are in PAST-TENSE. That is HUGE!!!!

Delta found this article so tremendous that he called me in the middle of the night to talk about it. This info is all over the TV in Iraq. Almost as if Alak has turned into a politician.

I’m going to play a recording (about 30 minutes long) – important that you listen to this recording.

FRANK: Please express your opinion about this article.

Keywords «morning»: our economy overcome the difficult phase

DELTA: Basically this article from Alak is VERY, VERY IMPORTANT! I looked at the Arabic version. He was asked by a reporter … the financial / monetary reform … the WB and the IMF told him to do it. All of the obligations / commitments … the WB …

They will finish in July before they go to the meeting in August. The board of directors of the IMF … they will consider meeting and give some money to Iraq on one condition – they have to IMPLEMENT … agree with IMF and Iraq.

They must do the currency reform BEFORE they go to the meeting in August!

They must IMPLEMENT the financial / currency reform. The article talked about inflation/reserves, etc. What struck me was that Iraq was committed to do what the WB and IMF told them to do! The financial reform in not just the currency reform. The reporter asked him about the currency reform and where we are at … obviously Alak couldn’t ask the question directly.

FRANK: Right … Alak can’t answer that question directly.

Just like a quarterback throwing a football … and you hit PAUSE on your DVR … that’s what happened with Alak in January. Everything had to PAUSE (freeze) while they cleared up the terrorism. Well now … LOL … it’s a completely different story … completely different ball game. We’ve shared the lifting of the 2nd zero … and YESTERDAY we show that they lifted the 3rd zero.

DELTA: The IMF … when they had a conflict with Iraq … I believe there were a few things … the only thing lifted in January was the 2% compliance and the lifting of the exchange rate. In July, we believe they will lift the value.

What Alak did today (yesterday) – the Board of Directors of the IMF will consider meeting in August upon IMPLEMENTATION the last thing … they demand for them to proceed with the financial & currency reform.

Translating this article (in Arabic) gives the correct meaning … very important article … VERY HUGE when it is translated correctly.

FRANK: We will put it in the final articles section.

DELTA: They are doing just like we’ve been talking on our Conference Calls … it’s almost like they’ve listening to our Teams studies.

FRANK: Maybe you should run a scan in your room Delta. Even Randy said this article was like word-for-word of our conference calls. LOL!

DELTA: This article said exactly what we told the family. They need the loan that is CONDITIONAL from the IMF. The amount is NOT important – this is about the credit rating and obeying the IMF!

Remember, Iraq was about ready to go on the black-list. Iraq is finally listening! By the way … if you are on the black-list – they could NOT go international with their currency. Alak basically talked about that. This article was like 100% copy of our conference calls. LOL. I’m so proud of our Teams! The IMF is telling us exactly what is going on.

Iraq can NOT go on operating at 1184. The IMF has told them … they must do 2 things … MUST lift the 3 zeros … NO WAY around it! Indirectly … they have zeroed-in on a month (July).

FRANK: Exactly … just like Christine LeGarde told us. Yes … envision the quarterback is now being UNPAUSED … they are ready. They are already celebrating in Mosul. Alak is educating their citizens. IMO he is saying this because yesterday … they finished lifting the last of the zeros.

DELTA: Right. Remember … they were told … they cannot free float their currency. They do have a date in mind (that we do not know). Everybody in Iraq … they know what is going to happen … they just don’t know exactly when. Remember, they are not doing this for us … they are doing it for their people.

Some have asked how is Iraq going to pay to support 1 to 1. Lots of people make the mistake of not understanding that a dinar is a dinar … a dollar is a dollar. Keep in mind … the CBI … the M0 figure you will never see … they will never divulge that amount.

FRANK: Yes … I have shared 7 examples of how that works. This reporter … I really, really feel that Alak more-or-less coached the reporter as to what questions to ask him. Alak and Abadi both promised the citizens … this comes right from the horse’s mouth … not an advisor … this is AMAZING!

The monetary reform has been UNFROZEN!!! We now have 3 zeros lifted … as of today (Monday) IMO … they are now preparing to pay them in the month of July at 1 to 1 at 100% IQD.

That is a competition with the IMF requirement to become international! The market can now take this currency and drive it up.

The IMF is excited … you’re (Delta) are excited!

DELTA: Go back and look at what the IMF said 6 months ago. Some thought Alak’s reasons were just excuses.

In the still-of-the-night … you will see a rate … they will introduce the lower denoms. 50, 100, 200 dinar which they told us about a long time ago. They told the citizens what these would be worth. They will be legal tender for 10 years.

We should have an announcement that they are Article VIII by the IMF.

FRANK: The UK came out today saying that they are excited to come into Iraq to rebuild – they are just waiting for the rate of the currency to go up.

Since December 2016 … Abadi and Alak really had no choice to postpone … and now no choice to continue with the reforms.

When the reporters went to Alak … they’re hoping that Alak would say that they are ready to RV. Every sign indicates that they will RV! COME ON MAN!!!

DELTA: LOL … yes … I wonder if any reporters are members of KTFA! LOL!

FRANK: I’m looking forward to exchanging in the USA … I’m loyal to my country. Loyal to Donald Trump!

DELTA: Bye bye family … hopefully we’ll all see you soon!


That was the end of our recording that was packed with many key points. Hope you’re able to listen to it again.

I felt a need … after Friday’s TeamChat to talk with everybody … and from 9pm till midnight … I answered about 300 questions. TeamChat members were updated.

Iraq does not care a donkey’s rear about you – and I’ve told you that many, many times.

What they care about is the INTERNATIONAL and the BUSINESS WORLD – those who will help them rebuild.

Yes … Alak and Abadi said they would keep the citizens informed … and they HAVE!

A week ago today … Alak said he was lifting the 3 zeros in July … and they that article vanished (just like the 3 zeros).

The article that Delta and I shared with you tonight was an education piece for the citizens of the Iraq – an update on the monetary reform in Iraq.

The citizens in Iraq have been given info inside of their borders – and I have shown you that. They are talking about what they agreed upon family. They’ve shared that with their citizens. I’ve told you there are many parts to this.

Here’s what else we are going to share with you tonight.

The media is owned by Abadi. The questions that the reporters reported on came out PAST-TENSE.

So Alak ... are you going to lift the 3 zeros now?

Alak is wearing a football uniform … he’s going to play football … suited-up in a uniform to play football … not some other sport! He is focused on the monetary reform in Iraq.

They picked the baton back up again YESTERDAY – the 3rd ZERO HAS BEEN LIFTED … virtually word-for-word of what we have been telling you!

The “Final Articles” section has been put together for you for a very good reason.

We have PROOF for you of what we believe is the lifting of the 1st zero. We showed you the spreadsheet. Then we showed you examples of purchasing power … price drops.

The 2nd zero … and the 3rd zero … 98 to 99.

If they are doing basic math at the CBI … they are using 2 sets of books. The new website has been a place holder … just waiting for the true/new numbers.

We believe that the number you will see … will be much higher.

Basic mathematics.

The pattern for the 1st zero worked.

The pattern for the 2nd zero worked. (we saw it)

The pattern for the 3rd zero … (CBI spreadsheet) … will not work – it must be HIGHER.

The 1st zero expected a 2nd zero.

From the 98 … 1 to 1 … to about $1.38

This CC is in my opinion.

We added 30% … because the 3rd zero is NOT expecting a 4th zero. It is free to climb … into the international level.

This article that Delta and I talked to you about was only for the Iraqi citizens. The article was very long … but in English is was complicated.

The article (Arabic) gave the true flavor that it was intended for the citizens.

Alak … have you accomplished what the IMF asked you to do?

Basically the reporters were asking Alak if Iraq passed the test for the IMF for August.

This month of July determines how they will revalue their currency.

If all that was agreed upon … then the currency reform is about to happen.

840 Million USD’s await Iraq IF they do what they are supposed to do.

The credit rating is key … it’s important to all of the investors in the Long-Long.

Frank: When someone does not answer a direct question … like Alak did with the reporters … it creates a Segway. ;0

IMO … soon to be released is the revaluation of their currency. These facts excite iTeam!

“Frank, he did not answer the damn question!” – says iTeam.

The IMF and the WB and the USA are DEMANDING (don’t forget that word). Only 2 conditions left.

#1 – 2% which is more than taken care of.

#2 – Lift the value of their currency.

The upcoming meeting in August … will NOT be in Jordan … it will be in Washington, DC.

Alak … what is DIDN’T say was more intriguing that what he did say.

The Segway that Alak created … he appeared to answer the reporters questions … but (just like a politician) he pulled it off like a pro. Very few people can do that in front of the media.

He did it! He did it with calmness and dignity! A voice of focus!

Listen carefully … please pay attention.

Oil prices … thought prices were going to go up … well … deals were made.

Why are oil prices dropping?

Oil prices are dropping to force the Middle East countries to not manipulate their currencies.

President Trump is hitting them – they will have to behave with their currencies from now on.

Trump tells the world and the Middle East that the USA is now going to start selling oil. What?????

The USA has a lot of oil … and the Middle East knows it. SA gets “favored” – and the other Middle East countries need to play along and play right.

Stubborn Middle East countries will get killed IF they don’t capitulate. The USD value right now is too high. Trump want to set the example.

Yesterday, there were about 2 or 3 reports that I read on how the USD is dropping in value. Of course … because it’s ON COURSE.

Middle East … STOP manipulating your currencies … just like China and others had to do.

The article we shared with you speaks of NOW!!!

The article doesn’t even talk about Security and Stability.

What have we told you at KTFA.

Give us Mosul … and they did!

This is traveling at the speed of light … speed of a new website.


I’d like to share an illustration with you on my white board.

Go back to the month of May … we told you there was a pattern about the 12 of every month.

On the 12th of May … the MR process removed one of the zeros.

We believe that they were paying the citizens 1,000 to 1.

If you remember … we also said that the ratio of 90 dinars to 10% USD.

We also expressed that the proof from the CBI spreadsheet from 86 cents to 91 cents.

So family … this is your 1st column.

The next column …

Write June the 12th and underneath … write 2 zeros were lifted and at that time my friend was to pay his employees at 100 to 1 and at a full 100% in IQD’s.

CBI website 91 to 94 cents

Now the next thing is draw out July and a “?” because we haven’t reached the 12th yet.

The 3rd zero being lifted …

10 to 1 rate … remember that.

At 100% IQD’s … and a rate around 1.38

Well … I’d like to tell you that the next column … we are not going to write a month or a zero … or the 100% … or the 1.38 because we don’t know any more opinions … but we will change … as of today … I have a friend that has over 500 employees … as of today … he’s being told to pay the citizens at 1 to 1

That puts it in the 242 range.

IMO … the 3rd and final zero was lifted

IMO … Alak made a speech … the MR has been going on smoothly.

Yes … waiting for the SECURITY and STABILITY to finish.

On the 12th of this month … the pattern … will it hold.

My friend has 3 weeks to do that.

The 1st week of July is basically gone.

What was the time frame … 26th thru the 30th … IOO is the most powerful time frame we have right now.

July 10 to the 15th … inside in the 12th … and the first posting of the UN operational rates.

Very interesting indeed.

I’m impressed.

IMO … they is celebration in Iraq … and not just due to EID.

Everything in Iraq is on a ROLL … everything is HOT right now.

3 TOUCHDOWNS in a row!!!

The coach is going to ride this quarterback.

IMO … Iraq will return … the CBI will return to talk to you … just like the article we saw yesterday.

Iraq is winning!

IMO … Iraq with their 1 to 1 starting today … to be accomplished in the next 3 weeks … well … it’s not just in their books … it will reflect in the citizens prices. Look for these things.

My friend got this info last week. I shared it on TeamChat … and there is more … but that is as far as I will take it tonight.

My friend got info today … because IMO … they lifted the 3rd zero yesterday.

Also … you don’t do contracts without a rate to show.

That why in the last month … there were so many articles showing contracts being rewritten … to AVOID A LOP … because they are changing the rate of the IQD family.

IS there any reason to have any negativity in anyone’s hearts?

The new CBI shows these new numbers … and there are no more zeros to lift.

The announcement of Mosul is the freedom message to companies to come into Iraq.

The LL ( long line) is lining up with force now … watching for a credit rating as Kuwait smiles in the distance.

This is a new speed of light … once we have Mosul.

The citizens know.

I don’t blame you for doubting … until you see the proof a few days later … but I tire of that routine.

I need to be grateful to those who study with us. I salute all of you. I love you.

I think between any Saturday to Sunday … my Teams are on HIGH-ALERT!!!

Give me Mosul. Give me Mosul. Give me Mosul … and they did.

Now … give me the monetary reform … and they are.

IMO … they have had a target date … and yes they have missed it before … and the IMF has treated them special … but why would Alak ask to be interviewed … which he was yesterday.

I truly hope you enjoyed your conference call tonight family.

I wish you a Happy 4th of July to our American KTFA family members.

The USA was founded on Christian principles … Biblical references carved into government buildings. We used to be proud to pray in public. In God We Trust.

For the last 8 years … a servant of another agenda tried to make us ashamed of it. They will not defeat us!

We are under the leadership of a new President that believes in God and Jesus Christ and knows how to draw on that power.

Whenever you see a military person, walk up to them, and thank them for their service. You have no idea how they appreciate they. Silently they wipe their tears away in gratitude.

I’d like to shout out to one of our KTFA members – a veteran who tried to hang on (WhiteWater) but passed away. He has gone home. Amen, Amen, Amen.

CC ended in prayer/shofar

PLAYBACK LINK: https://fccdl.in/VftMQxRre



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