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Monday, July 10, 2017

"It will be Done Automatically" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


Upstart » July 10th, 2017


Iraq Prime Minister will announce complete victory in Mosul in the next few minutes

Source is the Twitter feed that proved very accurate yesterday when it predicted the imminent arrival of Abadi in Mosul.

EDIT: It's hitting the news Kurdistan24


Frank26 » July 10th, 2017

Lets play a game ............. Wanna FAMILY? POST and tell me ............ On tonights MONDAY CC ............. What do YOU think i will say about Mosul?

That A has announced The True and Full Liberalisation of Mosul ........... OR ............. That he has NOT? Because once he does ...........Well You know the rest.

Let me see Your opinion please .............. Sweet Papaya Aloha \m/ Frank

Aggiedad » July 10th, 2017

Frank, Sweet wet warm beach sand between my toes.....the real stuff not what we find in the street intersections in the winter time.....it be done......how would I know......

well let's just say I hear real good.....ohhhh buddddyyyyy......ISIS has fallen upon it's face....for there is no sword for such cowards....such demons.....indeed Sweet Papaya Aloha......

by the way......I still like the 12th.....not the 12th of never either.......IMO......"speaking words of wisdom....Let it Be" Aloha Randy

olsjimson » July 10th, 2017

Full liberation

Myrna » July 10th, 2017

I say full liberation, no doubt how long can you delay it.

Jonesmx » July 10th, 2017

It's all over the world now Frank... the full liberation announcement; can't take it back... The milk has been spilt! SPEED OF LIGHT SIR; o ya that has been a long time coming Blessings to you

Billuke » July 10th, 2017

That he has. B/C you said in previous posts:

IMO ................ Close Your Eyes ............ Now Breath in and out slowly but Deeply.
That is how close we are. and that These are the Time We've been waiting for.

Stephenmac63 » July 10th, 2017

Theory, You know when the forces are about to initiate an action they usually drop leaflets in the area in advance........we never did see any articles relating to dropping leaflets pertaining to the liberation.......

but on Twitter I saw a pallet full of these leaflets. I think I know why the speech was delayed........there werent any leaflets available then.....they arrived late. Leaflets were there today and the speech was made today.

Go figure, Abadi postponed the speech because his confetti and balloon drop wasnt ready......all the world is a stage. IMO, of course

Waymakers_kid » July 10th, 2017

On the official CBI Website right now if you click on press releases you will go to a page that has nothing but this picture:

100 Dinar bills and 100 Dollar bills side by side. Wait! What 100 Dinar bills?? 1:1??
There are no 100 Dinar notes showing under Currency


Mikexx » July 10th, 2017

I think those 100 notes are Euro notes next to the $100

DrDinar » July 10th, 2017

Its 100 euro.

bglight3 » July 10th, 2017

There's a PDF in Arabic that goes with this photo that says (via Google Translate):
Press release https://cbi.iq/static/uploads/news-149968520022242.jpg

As part of the verification procedures carried out by the Foreign Assets Control Office of the Ministry

US Treasury in coordination with the Central Bank of Iraq to ensure the lack of access to funds To the terrorist organization (Al-Kawthar), Al-Kawthar entered into a financial intermediary (3 / EIQ1987) and its owner Omar Muhammad Rahim al-Kubaisi and located in the district of Qaim Al-Anbar Province in the blacklist under US law for providing them Support and funding to terrorist organizations (advocacy and al-Qaeda).

Measures have been taken to prevent them from entering the Iraqi financial system And freeze assets they own inside Iraq.

The Central Bank of Iraq stresses the need for banks and financial institutions And the concerned parties to take the necessary measures not to deal with them Directly or indirectly.

Taken by the Iraqi authorities The US Treasury applauded the measures taken To block financial transactions in Iraq and to implement a tight control system Laundering and countering the financing of terrorism, which has helped to strengthen Iraq's capacity to combat terrorism To protect its financial system from exploitation by terrorist groups as a "preacher" And that the Treasury Attaché at the US Embassy in Baghdad stated that Over the past year, the Central Bank of Iraq (CBE) has carried out more than the measures taken (13) years in terms of procedures and regulations developed by the Central Bank.


GMTIIFAN » July 10th, 2017

PM Abadi to finally make victory speech over ISIS in Mosul

By Rudaw ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is to finally make the victory speech inside Mosul, about three years after ISIS controlled the city, and almost nine months from the launch of the US-backed offensive to drive the militants, his media office stated.

“Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will declare the awaited victory from the heart of the liberated Mosul,” a statement said Monday evening.

It added that the speech will be aired, without giving any timeline.

This comes after he visited the city’s east and west on Sunday, describing the city as “liberated”, though there were few ISIS remnants in the city’s Old Mosul.

Developing story..

Faithprevails » July 10th, 2017

Big, Frank said they are opening new files after the 16th. I did not see or hear that. Pls advise Thanks FP

Big-springtex55 » July 10th, 2017

FP, He said in the past if nothing by the 16th, then they'll have no choice but to open new files. The Bottom Line is Abadi & The CBI....Should be doing something Sat. Into Sunday the 16th period!!! For their people First.. .But they won't....Have Zero faith in them..

Now after Mosul gets announced sometime this week by Abadi, the next thing they will drag out forever and use as the next excuse not to RV their Currency will be the National Reconcilation.........

They Just Can't get it done by themselves.........And for the person who said if Abadi doesn't RV by the 21st it will be done AUTOMATICALLY.......Good Luck with that one......I have been in this for 12 years now.....That ain't going to happen......ino



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