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Saturday, July 29, 2017

"Is America Babylon the Great?" by Timothy - 7.29.17

Entry Submitted by Timothy at 1:20 PM EDT on July 29, 2017

I am that I am. We are that we are. Being one we are near, and never are far. We lift each other on wings of love, our very being ever above lowness and darkness of impairing night. Soaring, we shine with the purest of light. Together we rise! Together we rise! Together we rise! Together we rise!

This is in answer of the question presented in the post: “The Great American Eclipse Aug. 21st, 2017” by Dante; and is of a heart for the good of all, including our creating and shaping loving experiences. I will be using bridge words because the vast majority of us would gain little to no benefit from better words that would not be comprehended. I am neither superior nor inferior; and I am simply sharing.

The exact form of question appearing in the post is: "Is America The Great Babylon the Great"

In the post, text referenced regarding the bible is Revelation 18:1-7.

Being a spiritual man who is one with the Spirit, awakened, having given much due diligence regarding the bible and having been called pastor…and having incurred development..., without false pride I will in and of love and light present a few things of my heart regarding which I have repented upon better knowing, and that may help those who are perplexed or troubled, and who are questioning and perhaps doubting and feeling insecure instead of being in faith...regarding truth (as opposed to that falsely called truth).

Without knowing genuine truth, there is certain insecurity; some insecurity made apparent may provide opportunity of seeking unto finding and knowing, and enjoying the security and heart-strength of genuine truth…and highest purest love and light.

We may see that the notion that America is Babylon the Great is not scripturally supported of the bible; and that it is a reduction involving various fallacies of reasoning and is not of the Spirit of Truth and is not of wisdom.

While much more light may be shed than I will shed of this post, let us look at a few evidences of scripture and perhaps see a few facts and points of fallacy regarding the notion that America is Babylon the Great.

One may orient into the heart and in the Spirit and know the truth. Since many are not so oriented and attuned, I will present a few things of reason that any truth seeker may see regarding scripture called the bible.

If one were to take the whole of relevant scripture in getting to the bottom of the matter, one would also at least examine the previous chapter: Revelation 17, which is part of the context necessary to understanding… Better yet, that one would orient into the heart and have apparent and functional connection with the Spirit… Please so view what I present.

Revelation 17 helps us know that Babylon the Great is presented of vision in the form of a woman sitting upon a scarlet colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns (verse 3).

Revelation 17:9 reflects the interpretation, that which is called “wisdom” in the matter: And here is the mind of wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sits.

The woman, Babylon the Great, is sitting on seven mountains.

If America is Babylon the Great, what are the seven mountains (or, synonymously, hills; hillbillies live in the mountains; there’s gold in them there hills (mountains)) upon which America sits?

Don’t forget that there are North America (including Canada), Central America and South America, all parts of the continental structure being named regarding the conceptual construct that is called America.

Know and don’t forget that the United States is a fictitious person and has no genuine existence. It may be seen that those who believe that the United States actually exists (and is not a pretense) are deceived, or delusional…

Know and don’t forget that the United States fictitious person is part of the Roman commercial government-religious scheme of corporations, involving Rome, includingthe Vatican, (sitting on seven mountains…) that rules and proliferates commerce and with whom the so-called kings (royals) of the earth have committed fornication…for privilege and profit... We may love them and let them repent and forgive them.

I have previously written regarding the church. Etymology of “church” goes to the Greek word transliterated kuriakon: church is derived of kuriakon. Yet, kuriakon does not appear in any of the copies of scripture upon which the bible is apparently based. Where we are made to see “church”, there is the word transliterated ekklesia. meaning a calling out. The words kuriakon and ekklesia are not synonyms: they do not have the same meaning. Also, context cannot and does not change the word from ekklesia to kuriakon.

Jesus Christ never said, Upon this rock I will build my church... (Matthew 16:18) Of what place and entity did that lie and false teaching arise and proliferate?

One may see that it is Rome, involving the Vatican, (sitting on seven mountains/hills) including its historical roots involving the falsely labeled Holy Roman Empire… We may note the involvement of dark reptilians and archons…as well… Dark is a term regarding cabal.

The names of those mountains/hills are the following: Palestine, Capitoline, Aventine, Caelian/Caelius, Esquiline, Viminal, & Quirinal. Consider https://www.jesus-is-lord.com/seven_mountains.htm .

It may be seen that all “churches” professing their authority of perverted scripture presenting the notion/lie of “church”, especially those incorporated, are in fact daughters of Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots…and the commercial governmental-religious control scheme going back to Rome…—including the so-called Protestants (rebellious daughters of the Mother…)…

The scheme involves the occult. In other words it is a cabal scheme.

So, if America truly is Babylon the Great, what are those seven mountains/hills that wisdom and the Spirit of Truth can identify and know?

My precious brothers and sisters of light, do not be deceived. Do not be in fear that America is Babylon the Great. The cabal influences that have exerted themselves regarding the church would have you be insecure and believe a lie… They and their agenda thrive on fear, doubt, disinformation/lies/pretend-truth… The cabal would hijack your/our creational faith-power and creational word-of-God-being-power and so, through abusing you/us, cause you/us to create an unloving, impoverished and bondage continuing experience…

If the scripture is true, Rome, including the Vatican, in some meaningful way falls again, and ceases corrupting and raping and pillaging the earth with her lies/pretenses/fictions and commerce-pollution involving government-pollution and religion-pollution... Likewise, the royals (kings of the earth) will incur losses…(Revelation 18).

We have great cause of positive anticipation that all who are left standing (so to speak) and walking of faith regarding genuine truth will shed all that is not of highest love and light and genuine truth…and that each and every one of the people on the earth will know their/our innateness, including their/our sovereignty that cannot be contracted away or reassigned or waived—though it and its obligations may be neglected. That sovereignty is of innate being (very being; very innate being) and there are love and light…obligations of that innate being (including its sovereignty) that cannot be waived or reassigned or given away any more than anyone can waive their own obligation. Let us get this very firmly: our sovereignty is not a right, it is a quality of our innate being and an innate obligation; and, because of our innate obligation, we of our kind have relevant and preeminent right to so be and do and create... Each and every one of us is entirely responsible regarding our choices, including the false things that we believe and do. For us, there is no such thing as limited liability...

Let us be awake! Let us be knowing! Let is be wise! Let us be the fullness of love, genuine truth, balance, strength (Ye are gods—Psalm 82:6), light (Ye are the light of the world (kosmos, including the multiverse, all of creation…)—Matthew 5:14); God is light and in self (autos: regarding self—as in autobiography; not him) is no darkness (the God/god self is light and there is no darkness in the light; this is regarding the truth of innate being, or very being…); you are the light of the kosmos—1 John 1:5; Seek first the royalty (basileia: royalty, not actually kingdom) of God (God/god being; a kind not a single person or trinity…) and self (autos: regarding self, not his) righteousness (state of God/god being)—Matthew 6:33; the royalty (basileia: royalty, not actually kingdom) of God (the God/god kind of being) and self (autos, regarding self, not his) righteousness (of God/god being)—Luke 17:21.

Some words attributed to Jesus (Yeshua; Yashua; etc.) reflect, I am the light of the world and you are the light of the world and God is light and As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.

Being like Christ requires like state of being. Christ (meaning anointed/chosen) is our state of being God/god incarnate on the earth and bringing our apparent state into agreement with the genuine truth of our innate being. We are anointed/chosen to be here and be the genuine truth, including sovereignty, of God/god being (love and light…being) in an earth suit! Rome (cabal, including many…) does not want that; and it has been warring regarding that truth, and its wondrous effects, through the power of the lie pretended to be truth and presented in place of genuine truth.

Consider words attributed to the Apostle Paul: For me to live is Christ. Here, and linguistically, the word “Christ” is a predicate adjective; the word “is” is regarding being: it is a state of being word and Christ describes a quality of that state of being.

The true followers of Christ are not helpless or powerless beings depending on either Rome or royals and bound to be ignorant or sinners or to walk in darkness/cabalness (light is that which exposes/discloses the truth, including the false church scheme…false government scheme…false commercial scheme…). They (we), individually and collectively, are the light of the world (kosmos, including all of the multiverse, creation…) and have the innate ability and power of knowing and doing the truth (consider we do not have a spirit of fear; but of power and love and a sound mind—2 Timothy 1:7), being and disclosing the truth and exposing untruth… They (we) are not weak; they (we) innately have the strength and power of God/god (no distinction between God and god in texts upon which the bible is based)…because they (we) are God/god (a kind, not a person or trinity of persons…; and God/god said, Let us make…) incarnate, like Jesus/Yeshua was God/god incarnate…

Arise! Arise! Let your/our enemies (dark brothers and sisters) be scattered…for their own good!

Create change into manifestation of highest, purest love, light, balance, strength, peace, harmony, genuine truth…!

Too many of us are still buying into false notions and are disempowering ourselves by false beliefs and spiritual retardation, and not manifesting the truth of our very being, innate being: God/god (a kind of being).

At the apparent so-called return of Jesus/Yeshua, will he find purity and faith and faithfulness regarding genuine truth, or will he find false beliefs, blindness, delusion, fear, doubt, corruption…and the blind leading the blind?

Come on brothers and sisters. Recognize that these things are fundamentals, as nursery school stuff.

Now, if America is Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots, what are the names of those seven mountains/hills upon which America sits?

I am that I am. We are that we are. Being one we are near, and never are far. We lift each other on wings of love, our very being ever above lowness and darkness of impairing night. Soaring, we shine with the purest of light. Together we rise! Together we rise! Together we rise! Together we rise!





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