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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"Iraq has Recovered" - Tues. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


Apmcrx » July 11th, 2017

Trump to Ebadi: Stories of great Iraqi victories are echoed in the world

Baghdad Mawazine News

Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abbadi received a telephone call from US President Donald Trump, who congratulated him on the remarkable victories achieved by Iraqi forces in liberating the city of Mosul.

He expressed his respect and appreciation for the courage of the Iraqi leadership and fighters, noting that the stories of the great victories of the battle are echoing now in the cities of the world.

For his part, Prime Minister Dr. Abadi expressed his appreciation for the international support provided to Iraq in the face of terrorism and urged the importance of mobilizing all factors to accelerate the completion of the liberation of the rest of Iraqi territory and ending the presence of gangs,

The Prime Minister pointed out that the Iraqis made great sacrifices to liberate their country from the grip of terrorism and that they are the ones who govern themselves and will not allow anyone to exceed their sovereignty, country and wealth.

The Prime Minister said that despite the destructive war and the control of Iraqi territory and the destruction of vast areas, Iraq has continued to restore stability to the liberated areas and the return of displaced persons and carry out the necessary economic reforms for the renaissance of our country and the management of wealth for the past period for the benefit of the Iraqi people. .


Article: Don961: “Antoine: The next stage requires serious work to support the family economy” http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=140508

DELTA » July 11th, 2017

The next stage requires serious work to support the ktfa family economy....lol

Lobster » July 11th, 2017

"Aggiedad77 said (Post #413) IMO......the BIS was linked before to the other CBI website, and has been for years.....they are now catching up to the new CBI website.....why would this be huge news today......just them getting caught up.....not seeing the excitement behind this....sorry. Aloha Randy


Monday night's CC notes:

Frank26: One of the things we said (as a Team) … that I’d like to tell you now … the OLD website and the NEW website … they have their own links … DELTA has been watching these links … once we see the MERGE of the OLD and the NEW links … (when only 1 CBI website is left) … well … that when we can probably get more excited … and we believe that will happen VERY SOON!

Lobster » July 11th, 2017

This why I thought the post about the BIS giving the link to the NEW CBI website was interesting!

Don961 » July 11th, 2017

Iraq has recovered

12/7/2017 4:16 am

Hussein Thogb

We waited for the new reality in Iraq after it entered the cycle of war that hit the economic life almost paralyzed and disrupted the process of construction, which was also not the level of ambition.

Today, our country has regained its strength by winning over the most powerful terrorist forces that are causing the danger to most countries of the world and threatening their security the National.

The Iraqi security system has been able to dismantle and destroy it. This is proof that the security of the country is not only weak, but it is able to make a victory over the terrorist "da'ash" which includes among its elements most of the world's nationalities and war professionals. Iraq is not impossible and the capabilities that defeated the forces of darkness are able to achieve security stability in Iraq from Kurdistan to Basra.

We are in front of a new stage after waiting for the international effort developed and specialized stage that Iraq proves its existence and today it reaches this goal and proves to the world that it is on the road to achieving security stability, which is a magnet for the capital and advanced technologies that we need in all productive sectors And service.

The great security factor represents a gateway to achieving a broader economic victory that will bring welfare and move the country to a better state and change the shape of the national economy, especially since most of the specialized international companies realize the importance of Iraq in the economic arena International.

We have all the elements of economic advancement and victory in the productive and service sectors and compensate our people for long suffering due to the deterioration of services and lack of employment opportunities. We must follow the real development paths that require that our choice of specialized international effort is accurate and taught by real experts from the public and private sectors. It is one of the largest economic blocs in the world, and the reason is that these companies are specialized and implemented in qualitative ways and fear that the reputation of bad and do not accept tampering with their transactions, and this is what we wish and we seek sustainable development that moves us to be influential global And we are also so with the wealth we have in all cities Iraq.

Iraq, after this great victory, is due to the restoration of its international standing among the countries of the world and proves that it is capable of rapid economic recovery to stand its place among the world's major economies and be the eighth economic tiger, especially after it became the focus of international attention and draws attention to it from every Toward.


HDmcW6 » July 11th, 2017

Published on Jul 10, 2017

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi delivered a formal victory speech from Mosul, Monday, after the army pushed out militants from the so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) from the city over the weekend after three years of occupation.


Don961 » July 11th, 2017

Partnership with the private sector is another option for economic reform

Dr. Haidar Hussein Al Tohme / Euphrates Center for Development and Strategic Studies

Failed economic growth based model of public sector management of resources in achieving sustainable economic development for decades, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, most developed and developing countries initiated both to the gradual liquidation of the public sector institutions and to allow the private sector to lead the locomotive of economic growth in the hope of raising productivity rates and provide currency opportunities sufficient to absorb the unemployed.

Given the large size of the public sector in developing countries and its association with various economic sectors, accompanied by a shift from the public sector to the private sector (privatization) many of the caveats and uncertainties for fear of the results of the sharp shift in the management of the economy on the living and existing employment levels. This fact has prompted many countries to adopt a model of partnership between the public sector and the private sector rather than the full transition to the private sector. For this model many of the arguments that justified including the failure of Governments General Baktalla in achieving sustainable economic development, high-capacity private sector to allocate resources and reduce costs, take advantage of the experience and efficiency of the private sector in project management, development of technological level of the private sector and its ability to compete, create jobs new and it raises the skill level of workers.

Often governments aim to activate the partnership with the private sector to reduce the burden of loss-making public projects and provide sources of additional revenue for the government and securing new employment opportunities outside of state institutions as well as to limit the functions of government infrastructure projects and to secure appropriate legal and legislative frameworks for the growth and the start of the different economic sectors.

The partnership between the public sector and the private sector formats

Partnership between the public sector and the private sector take several forms, including service contracts and used widely in many countries such as India, Chile and Malaysia, often concentrated in the contracting government with the private sector in the repair, maintenance and renovation of water and electricity networks, and others. The second figure in the administration contracts where the government agrees with the private sector on certain government institutions administration, the Lebanese government has resorted to this kind of partnership with the private sector in three projects (waste collection, waste incineration and recycling of waste).

The third formula they rent contracts that the government gives the private sector the right to exploit certain government institutions in exchange for rent you get the government to be an important source of government revenue may reach the lease term for nearly 10 years. The final version of the partnership formulas is represented where the government concession contracts granted operating rights and the development of a specific sector for the benefit of the private sector, as did Argentina, while the transport and communications sector, which was granted to the private sector. Duration of the concession contract between may range (15-30) in the return of assets invested at the end of the period to the state.

The Iraqi economy and the inevitability of partnership with the private sector

Iraq's economy is suffering from a serious structural imbalance caused by the dominance of the public sector at various joints and institutions of the national economy. The effects of domination is not limited to the exhaustion of the state budget and poor efficiency and outputs of public institutions, but also extends to distort the labor market in the country and the involvement of most of the manpower within the state institutions and the reluctance of others on the orientation of the liberal professions, in view of the provided by the public sector and wage an attractive low effort malfunction with high guarantees more attractive to engage in it. Generate decentered public sector for private sector activity through the financing of high capacity and not subject to the terms of competition, efficiency and quality to continue a serious weakness in most of the local economic sectors. It has become the economic activity of the country's financial Atekz on one sector (oil sector) vulnerable to the vagaries of external forces controlled oil prices.

Recently, because of the decline of crude oil revenues, exports the subject of public sector partnership in the private sector public policy agenda because of what ails the state of financial difficulty it difficult to continue to fund loss-making government projects for years. The current government is now looking for new engines for development and employment generation due to the failure of the oil revenue engine in achieving sustainable economic development.

The start of the industrial sector of government step towards a long partnership project between the public and private sectors, where the suffering of hundreds of government facilities from the lack of economic feasibility, stop, neglect and poor productivity. It is worth the Iraqi government to provide frameworks and procedures necessary to start the introduction of the private sector as a partner in the management and exploitation of these projects in accordance with the partnership contained formulas above that this process is surrounded by the utmost transparency and follow-up and control in order to infiltrate mafias government corruption, these contracts and abort the chances of success and sustainability.

On the other hand, and after the state with its institutions huge in the services file management failed despite billions of dollars spent by previous governments in this context, it is time to modify existing work rules in favor of the involvement of the private sector in the rehabilitation and maintenance of infrastructure and conditions that ensure the protection of ordinary citizens from increasing prices and wages.

It can take advantage of hundreds of experiments applied by many developing countries in order to raise the productivity and efficiency of the various sectors of the economy and the provision of minimum services and infrastructure for citizens. As can the Iraqi government, the use of thousands of Iraqi research and studies on partnership and placed transformation and it identified the nature of the appropriate formulas and the most important government institutions and companies that can be initiated.

Location: Editor2017 - 07 - 11



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