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Saturday, July 1, 2017

"Independence Day is Coming" - Sat. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


Iggy » July 1st, 2017

Independence Day is coming in more ways then one...

Samson » July 1st, 2017

Iran plans to reform the banking system

12:58 - 07/01/2017Eshaq Jahangiri

Said First Vice President of Iran Eshaq Jahangiri, Saturday, for the completion of the drafting of reforms of the banking system and the intention to apply within the second term of President Rouhani government (starting August 5 / August 2017).

The agency quoted the "Knight" for Jhangere as saying, "It is expected in proportion to the decline in the inflation rate, low bank interest rate but it has not yet been achieved."

He added that "interest declined from about 30 percent to about 20 percent."


Samson » July 1st, 2017

Jawdat: Daesh lost 100 of its members in two days

2017/7/1 9:47

Federal Police Command announced that the terrorist gangs Daesh lost 100 of its members over the past two days.

According to the Federal Police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat in a press statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} announced today that "in the door Daesh defeated Lagash and the door of the new elements and fled towards the area of al - Nujaifi and Bab Al- Saray".

He added that "Our forces are advancing in three axes and prosecute terrorist groups in the remainder of the old city and the few areas Daesh lost 100 of its members over the past two days."


Samson » July 1st, 2017

India launches the biggest tax reforms amid concern in the business sector

1st July, 2017

The Indian government launched Saturday, the biggest tax reform in the country's history and promising through its application to strengthen the economy and reduce corruption, but a number of employers, the business sector said that a single tax system is causing confusion.

And replace the new tax on goods and services replaced more than a dozen tax imposed on the national and state levels of India's nine twenty.

Held Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi a special parliamentary session at midnight to launch the new tax on goods and services, which he described as "good and simple tax."

Moody's said, "he added with the approval of the tax on goods and services, the dream will be achieved by India and one great."

Moody's said that "the tax on goods and services is simple and transparent system prevents earning money on the black market and reduce corruption." Moody's was the latest confusion in the country last year by announcing the withdrawal of 85 percent of the banknotes from circulation and replace it with another in a campaign to tighten the pressure on the transactions in violation of the law.

But the prime minister, who made strenuous efforts to build the country's economy, which intends to run for a second term in 2019, acknowledged that tax reform could face problems in its infancy.

It rejected the state of Jammu and Kashmir to sign a single tax system. The start of traders in the demonstrations in protest against the tax on goods and services, which boycotted the launch party conference.

- Strike movie theaters -

The tense business sector due to the new tax which sets 4 different tariffs ranging between 5 and 28 percent, instead of a single tariff imposed previously.

Applied and document tax goods and services made up of 200 pages has undergone changes in the last minute Friday night before the launch.

Granted the new tax local authorities the right to impose a few taxes. The first results appeared Saturday with the announcement of the state of Tamil Nadu South to impose a 30 percent fee on the role of cinema cards added to the 28 percent imposed by the goods and services tax.

And it will close cinemas 969 guestrooms, all Monday to protest the new fees, according to the official told AFP, head of the owners of theaters Association. Subramanian.

He said Patrick Jane partner and head of indirect tax department in "PricewaterhouseCoopers" in India, "it is the risk that you experience when they do not absorb all taxes. This is incompatible with the aim of imposing a single tax. "

Carried out the textile sector and other sectors of strikes on the eve of the launch of the tax in many business sectors announced that they have no clear vision of what will be imposed.
It called on traders Bhartiya Aodiog Phippar Mangal Association, which says it has 60 million members Friday to strike for one day.

Many complain of the new system, which requires the introduction of tax revenue by computer, for not having this technology or lack of understanding of them.

The secretary general of the Association Vijay Prakash Jain told AFP, "We made our demands for goods and services tax since August of last year, but we will not let's no response from the government." He added, "We told the government that either Tsalehy so either we strike."

Most economists and welcomes reform - which put forward for the first time in 2006 - do not even see it as long overdue, but they warn that the initial shock that it drives are likely to slow down in the near term and the pace of growth rather than stimulating, pending able business sector to adapt.

He warned the executive director of "Credit Suisse" in India Nalcant Mishra that "the next few months will be unstable period during which he would not want any investment company, and will slow down the investment cycle and weigh the economy."

The rating agency "AC RAI" that while the new tax would increase compliance with a number of sectors, the trade and small business sectors that will not lose its comply with the interests of big companies that have large networks.

Jain said: "With it's far from being perfect, but we realize it's the best of the countless taxes were imposed on us in recent decades."

He said Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that "the former India was economically disjointed. India will create a new single tax and a market one for one nation. LINK

Samson » July 1st, 2017

I better increase my intake !!

Eat chocolate improves memory within two hours

2017/7/1 9:04

Researchers from Italy found that eating pieces of chocolate improves cognitive skills and memory activity immediately during the following hours of consumption, and that eating chocolate regularly and without overeating protects the deterioration of cognitive abilities of the brain with age.

This interest joins the benefits of a group known for chocolate , such as regulating blood pressure, relieve oxidation caused by stress, reduce the signs of aging that attack the skin.
The study was conducted research at the University of L'Aquila , Italy, and published in the journal "Niotrishnz". The results found that the antioxidants found in cocoa, known as "flavonoids" improves the performance of the responsible for the cognitive abilities of the brain areas.

The study showed that the consumption of 773 mg of cocoa flavonoids improves the cognitive abilities of young people after two hours of entry into the body.
The study results showed that eating chocolate every day for a period ranging between 5 days and 3 months provides a degree of protection for the elderly against the cognitive decline that leads to dementia in old age.

It reflected the effect of flavonoids on the activity of memory, and the ability to analyze the information. Should the chocolate lovers body control input of sugar, and do not overdo it, taking care to eat a small or moderate amounts of them regularly.




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