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Saturday, July 22, 2017

"IMF Report on Iraq 2016" - News from KTFA Don961


Don961 » July 22nd, 2017

The International Monetary Fund report on the Iraqi economy in 2016


- PUBLISHED IN 21/07/2017

Click on the following link to download the report as PDF Easy Print

IMF Report on Iraq-Arabic

(1st page translated using Google) :

16 / IMF: Report issued by the International Monetary Fund

And the request for the waiver of the declaration of non-compliance with the Ada criteria and the waiver of its applicability, the request for amendment of the Ada standards, the amendment to the implementation of the Agreement - the press release; the report of the Fund's report; the statement issued by the Director Executive Representative of Arrest

In the context of the IFAD Trust Fund Report, the following documents have been issued in this document:.

Press release containing a statement by the President of the Executive Board

x Following the discussion of the various economic developments and the policies underlying the arrangement 6102 October 5 Report of the Executive Board of IFAD's experts to the Executive Board in x

x Concluded with the Fund under the Credit Standby Agreement. Based on the information 6102 November 60 Report of the Secretary-General has been available at the time of such discussions.
The report of the experts includes a debt sustainability analysis prepared by IFAD's experts
x. Information annex prepared by the Fund's experts

x. Statement issued by the Executive Director of the ccTLD

The following documents have been issued separately or will be issued later: Letter of Intent from the IRIC Authorities to the IMF

* Economic and Financial Policy Note by the Eurasian Authorities

* Technical Memorandum of Understanding

* The document is also included in the report of the experts . In accordance with the Fund's transparency policy, IFAD and other published documents may delete information affecting the market and any early disclosure of the policy intentions of the authorities.

Copies of this report can be obtained from the following address:

International Monetary Fund x Publication Services PO Box 92780 x Washington, D.C. 20090 x Tel: (202) 623 Fax: (202) 623-7430 -7201 http://www.imf.org Internet: publications@imf.org E-mail: US dollar for printed version 01: Price

International Monetary Fund Washington, DC


Don961 » July 22nd, 2017

Economic Symposium under the title (the role of Rafidain Bank in supporting investment and sustainable development)


Under the heading (the role of Rafidain Bank in support of investment and sustainable development), the Iraqi Economic Council held its economic seminar, which hosted the Director General of Rafidain Bank, Dr. Khawla al-Asadi and advanced cadres at the bank to highlight the simplified procedures for the mechanism of granting loans) at 7 pm on Wednesday 19/7 / 2017 in the Hall of the Euphrates in the Hotel Babylon was attended by:

1. MP Nora Al-Bajari, Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary Economics and Investment Committee.
2 - MP Fares Al-Fares member of the Committee on Economy and Investment Parliamentary.
3 - MP Yahia al - Ithawi member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary.
4-MP Rachidalyasri.
5-MP Kamel Al-Ghurairi.

6 - Dr. appearance Mohammed Saleh, financial adviser to the Prime Minister and the international financial expert.

7 - Professor Walid Eidi adviser to the Central Bank of Iraq and financial expert ..

8 - Dr. Khawla Asadi, Director General of Rafidain Bank
9- Dr. Laith Shubar - President of the Energy and Water Development Center. 10-d.Zuhair Al-Hassani - Chairman of the National Investment Commission
11- Dr. Ahmed Salman Shahib - Assistant President of Bayan University
12- Dr. Talib Mohammed Karim - Spokesman for the Rafidain Center for Dialogue
13 - Mr. Hussein Ali Moheisen - Director of Credit Department in Rafidain Bank.
Mr. Hussein Issa Omran - Assistant Director General of Rafidain Bank.
15. Ms. Afrah Mohamed Abdel-Ali, Director of the Finance Department
16. Ms. Lamia Albert Toufic - Executive Director of Rafidain Bank.
17- Ms. Aljamjaila Hassoun Ali - Director of Banking Operations. 18. Ms. Khaleda Zia Thomas - Smart Card Manager. 19. Ms. Khaleda Wahib Qasem - Director, Rafidain Bank Structure Division.
20. Ms. Sawsan Abdul Khaleq Abdullah - Director of the Office of the Director General of Rafidain Bank
21. Ms. Raghad Khalil Abdul Wahid, Director of Follow-up
22. Ms. Lamia Naima Hamid Ali-R., observed.
23 - Araba Abbas Nassif - Director of the International Department
24-Khawla Khairallah Kadouri - Director of Risk Management Division. 25 - Mr. Karim Yasiri - Member of the Board of Directors of the Iraqi Economic Council
26. Mr. Sadiq Al-Mashat, member of the Economic Council. 27. Mr. Ghadir Al-Attar, Member of the Economic Council
28-Sheikh Hussein Al-Khawam, member of the Economic Council
29. Mr. Ali Mohsen Farhood, Member of the Economic Council.
30-Sadiq al-Jubouri member of the Economic Council.
31. Mr. Abdulmohsen Wahab, member of the Council.
32. Mr. Hashim Al-Shamma, Chairman of the Baghdad Forum for Dialogue.
33. Mr. Haider Al-Suhail, President of the Euphrates Feed Association. 34. Mr. Bahaa Al-Rubaie, Vice-President of the Municipal Council of Karrada.
35-Mr. Hamid Hamza Al-Sultani - Member of the Municipal Council in Karrada
36 - Ahmed Abdul-Saheb Al-Musawi - Member of the Municipal Council in Karrada

The seminar was attended by a large number of academics and businessmen

The seminar was opened by Mr. Ibrahim al-Baghdadi Al-Massoudi, President of the Iraqi Economic Council, welcoming the audience and asking them to read Al-Fatihah and recite "Mercy" to the martyrs of Iraq and bless "the great victories achieved by the sacrifices and the pure blood of our sons and brothers. :

This day we will highlight the oldest bank in Iraq, which is Rafidain Bank, this national banking institution, which we cherish, to identify the latest decisions taken by the management of the bank to simplify the procedures Which would facilitate the process of lending, in particular, and the rest of banking operations in general

Al-Baghdadi pointed to the efforts, desire and attempts of the last two years to change and develop in this bank and some banks and other financial and economic institutions of the government, which stemmed from the repercussions of the financial crisis, which emerged after this crisis with the Iraqi government and the legislative side firmly convinced that it is immune to the process of change .. To push the government to take a package of decisions and economic reforms, perhaps the most important endeavor to reform the banking system,

Moreover, the financial crisis, despite its harshness, has the greatest impact on the attention of all economic decision-making brothers in the executive and legislative sectors to the importance of supporting and developing the private sector, which is clearly mentioned in Article 25 of the Constitution as a fundamental pillar of the national economy.

Al-Baghdadi called for the need to shorten and reduce the bureaucracy and routine in the performance mechanism in Rafidain Bank and the rest of the banks and other government institutions .. Then spoke Dr. Mohamed Saleh financial adviser to the Prime Minister, which touched on the assessment of the financial position of Rafidain Bank and the rest of the banks and the classification of credit, stressing " To increase the level of government banks in order to increase their contribution to support sustainable development.

Also, Mr. Walid Eide, Advisor to the Central Bank on the emergence of the idea of ​​the development of banks Rafidain and Rashid since 2006 with the cooperation of three parties, namely the Central Bank and the Board of Financial Supervision .. In addition to the Rafidain and Rashid Bank

Which are considered one of the most important government banks that we cherish. Dr. Khawla Al Assadi, General Manager of Rafidain Bank, presented the Bank's work, its main banking services and the challenges facing the Bank's work, and expressed the keenness of the Bank's management to increase capital while maintaining property rights through attracting deposits through raising interest rates. Deposits and the use of these funds in the form of loans of various sizes and mechanisms, in addition to the serious and diligent pursuit of the bank to collect the amounts of loans lax.

The Director General pointed out that the bank is keen to finance all types of investment projects and strategic ones in particular, in addition to the medium and small projects after providing the feasibility study, documents and guarantees required while taking care to reduce the period of recovery of loans.

She said that the bank's policy is to encourage the use of smart cards in transactions instead of using the cash currency for ease of circulation and ensure not theft or damage of paper currency.

All this information was presented with a visual presentation on the Data Show, in addition to the distribution of a number of explanatory and explanatory publications For banking services The bank provides them to the private sector, employees and all citizens.

MP Yahya Al-Ithawi, member of the Parliamentary Economics and Investment Committee, spoke about the need to encourage loans for small projects because there are no appointments for new graduates at present.

Stressing that "to accelerate the financing of these projects through the Rafidain Bank and Rasheed, commercial and industrial and agricultural after taking the necessary guarantees After that, Dr. Laith Shubar, President of the Center for Development of Energy and Water on the uses of modern technology in the implementation of projects and said that the Iraqi society consumer society and therefore must rely on projects The Center has prepared studies that encourage smart loans, modern energy use and clean energy. The Center has provided small and medium-sized projects with promotion.

He also stressed the need for Rafidain Bank to restore confidence by its clients through holding seminars and networking with businessmen.

Then a number of brothers and sisters spoke from the advanced cadres at Rafidain Bank, where they explained the mechanism of each type of loan that the bank deals with, then opened the door of questions and interventions, which was answered by a high professionalism and clear transparency by Dr. Khawla Al Asadi and a number of cadres in the bank including Illustrates the image the bank is keen to improve performance.

We attach to you a number of pictures that embodied this important symposium .. with appreciation ..

Engineer / Bassil Al-Khafaji
Director of the Iraqi Economic Council ..




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