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Saturday, July 22, 2017

"If Yosef has Exchanged..." by HW - 7.22.17

Entry Submitted by HW at 11:01 PM EDT on July 22, 2017

If our dear friend Yosef has exchanged and we have not been informed about it officially there is a reason for this!

PLEASE be patient, kind and loving - there is a chance that this is correct which makes this journey so much more exciting.

Stay in peace everyone - the RV is and has obviously been on play for a long time now and all we need to do is to be ready for when it is our turn to begin our journey. Rest up, relax and "know" that we are "on the way"

If indeed Yosef has exchanged, what an amazing blessing for such a wonderful unique person that has given so much to us all.

What I am truly excited about is that we can still hear him on the Truth Call - hear his Intel and be a part of this journey with him.

HW - Australia