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Monday, July 10, 2017

"Giving was the Only" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


Frank26 » July 10th, 2017

Oh BTW ............. Tell me my Studious KTFA FAMILY .......... IF and WHEN A makes the Liberalization of Mosul OFFICIAL ........... What IMO will travel at The Speed of Light?

NOW !!! !!! !!! ................ Do You UNDERSTAND why he has not GIVEN it or given it and taken it back because the giving was ONLY for The IRAQI CITIZENS ............. NOT for The World ............... "YET".

YOU DO UNDERSTAND ? Good ...... Excellent !!! Now. Get Ready tonight to UNDERSTAND ................. 10 to 15. Better. Aloha Ohana KTFA ...............

222dude said (Post #137): LOOKING FOR A GOLDEN TRIANGLE

Frank26 » July 10th, 2017

And The ................... Golden Scissors..........

Mr.K said » July 10th, 2017

FRANK, When you close your eyes how often do you here the waves crashing and feel that sand beneath your toes.... because that is my answer for knowing how close we are.....

Frank26 » July 10th, 2017

IMO ......... Close Your Eyes ............ Now Breath in and out slowly but Deeply.

That is how close we are. Aloha oi \m/ Frank

Samson said: Deputy for Law: Abadi responded to US pressure to delay the declaration of victory

14:03 - 07/10/2017 MP for the coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod, Monday, for "pressure" exerted on the US Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to delay the declaration of liberation from the control of the city of Mosul "Daesh", pointing out that al-Abadi "responded" to those pressures.

He said Chihod in a statement / information /, said that "there is data indicating that US pressure regional and other exerted on Abadi to prevent the recitation of the statement of final victory over Daesh gangs in Mosul," attributing "the pressure to try some parties rearrange their cards after defeating Daesh ".

He added Chihod, that "Abadi responded to these pressures and therefore postponed to declare victory," pointing out that "the fighters declared victory when they celebrated yesterday in front of Mr. Sistani's office in Najaf."

He was scheduled to announce the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi edit the entire city of Mosul and eliminate "Daesh" during his visit yesterday to the city, but other than expectations decided to postpone the declaration of victory through an official statement published by the media in his office late yesterday evening.


Aggiedad77 » July 10th, 2017

Really???? some goon from Maliki's State of Law thinks we are going to believe what he says......oh please.....how does this goon know what Abadi was scheduled to do.....does he make up the PM's schedule and itinerary.....well perhaps he lives in a "make up" world where he gets paid to make up stories and get them into the press.....

oh and while you are at it keep Maliki's name out of the story it will carry more believability if you do.....oh yeah right boss......no Maliki....all about Abadi......is there a reason for Abadi's actions in Mosul yesterday and over the weekend.....sure you betcha.....

he doesn't do anything without a reason.....his time is far more valuable than that.....he knows when the troops need to see and feel his respect and admiration for them......because he is a leader who knows how to lead......

he may be short be he's long on great qualities found in most proven leaders......soon it will be time for him to take center stage........ohhhhh buddyyy.....all IMO. Aloha Randy

Richard: Randy, We already know where the loyalties of M lie, this looks like a way to discredit Abadi and try to show that he is a puppet of the US in order to get Sadr on his side. just my thoughts on the matter.

MilitaMan » July 10th, 2017

Can't help but think, the meeting in DC has to do with the "" postponement "".. We shall see. Abadi can negotiate when need be. Be sure. ~MM

Quincy » July 10th, 2017

My thoughts, IMO; The article states there is data from the US that suggested A 'postpone' of the announcement.

So, A picks up his phone and sends a text message to T asking "is it OK if I announce liberation or postphone it?" (Data trace). Give me a break. A doesn't need permission from the USA to do anything for his people that hasn't already been pre-discussed as per timing for everything involved leading to...

Perhaps with liberation, and yet a tinsy area left, it would leave those people out of the equation to hear "LIBERATED... but what about us?" Just MOO

tpnoble53 said: Well Well Well, isn't this an interesting statement from a MP from the Coalition of State Law? Is this another diversion from one of Maliki's Henchmen? Isn't it convenient to all of a sudden blame the US for delays. There is something fishy going on here, not quite sure what to make of it?

I know one thing, I don't believe it until Frank says it's true. Not a time to panic but wait for the CC tonight, Frank will "calm the waters."

Don961 » July 10th, 2017

Parliamentary security: the Abadi amble to declare victory until the liberation of Tal Afar and Hawija

09:07 - 07/09/2017 Called on the Defense Parliamentary Security Committee, Sunday, to amble in declaring hour full military victory over the organization of "Daesh" criminal until the completion of the cleansing of Hawija and western Anbar and Tal Afar, noting that accelerate some of the military leaders in the declaration of an hour editing has a very negative impact on the morale fighters.

The committee member said Imad Youkhana in a statement / information /, said that "the government amble in the declaration of full military victory until the liberation of all usurped lands in Alihujah, Tall Afar, west of Anbar and some other areas."

He Youkhana, that "military victory, despite its importance to the need immunization security and intelligence to prevent the infiltration of criminal elements and terrorist operations launched reprisals against residents and security forces in those areas, or even the capital Baghdad."

Youkhana said that "the leaders raced to brass declare full victory over the criminal gangs had a very negative impact, especially with the continued fighting in the last strongholds of the old criminal organization in the city of Mosul." Finished / 25 d.


Don961 » July 10th, 2017

The Parliament Security Committee wants Abadi to wait until all the remaining areas under Daesh are liberated ...Hawja , Anbar and Tel Afar .... to declare a full military victory for the whole country

Don961 » July 10th, 2017

of Iraq calls on France to launch its assets frozen in banks

Twilight News / Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari on Monday called on the French government to launch his own frozen funds into its banks.

This came when he received a copy of the adoption papers, Mr. Porno AUBIERE the new French ambassador to Baghdad, according to a statement from Jaafari's office.

The statement quoted Jaafari as saying that Iraq today ending page war against terrorists Daesh, and will begin the construction phase and the reconstruction of Iraqi cities, and the return of families to inhabit areas,

adding: Iraq looks forward to the continuation of friendly countries in support and contribute to the investment, and to provide expertise in the field of infrastructure infrastructure, calling on France to launch Iraqi funds frozen in French banks.

For his part, the new French ambassador to Baghdad, Borno AUBIERE confirmed the continuation of his country's support for Iraq in its war against terrorism, congratulated the Iraqi people's victories achieved in the war against Daesh gangs terrorist,

adding that he would do his best to cooperate in security support, and the stability of Iraq, and to contribute to the reconstruction in addition to activating the work on development, education, revealing: that the French foreign minister will visit Iraq soon in the context of opening new horizons for cooperation between the two countries.


​Don961 » July 10th, 2017

Wonder how many frozen funds there are in banks around the world ?? .... would think the cautious/intelligent/prudent thing to do would be to screen how/when to release these funds ......

some of the same corrupt characters , who were trusted to do the right thing before but actually stole and misappropriated billions upon billions of dollars ... are still around ....

what's the guarantee the same old same old will just happen all over again ?? .... nothing gets built , the people continue to suffer and struggle ??? ... more militias ... more violence

will another Maliki pop up again ?? .... more trouble ?? .... so many want to help ... but don't want to be duped into funding the same old corrupt leaders , thieves and thugs .... that doesn't help Iraq citizens .... or the rest of the world

Faithprevails said (Post #234): Big, Frank said they are opening new files after the 16th. I did not see or hear that. Pls advise Thanks FP

Quincy » July 10th, 2017

Faithprevails, But that still leaves the July 21st - 1:1 pay rate schedule that Frank discussed from his friend with 500 employees. ??? (To RV)

This is a long shot, IMO, from oodles of articles posted here, and reading between the lines, again IMOO.

If the RV is NOT announced by A internationally on/by the 21st of July, they have 72 hours to do it (Abadi) or it automatically RV's international.

I'll be curious to to see what Forex posts today after closing at 4:00pm EST-USA



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