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Saturday, July 15, 2017

"GFR and Hard Truth Information" by BeautyEarthComing - 7.14.17

Entry Submitted by BeautyEarthComing at 11:37 PM EDT on July 14, 2017

Zim Bond, Sleepy-Lightworkers, GFR and Hard Truth Information


This article is from my OWK knowledge, I am not spoken for any groups, the elders, etc. or receive fake info from various-sources. Take it or leave it, it’s up to you, but first read then compare the information with all info provided by other people, do it make the most sense or not?


The real person hold up #800 number is you – Sleeply-Lightworkers in zimberland-IDC!!!

My last post on IDC zimberland is about 1.5 months ago, for some reason my post was not posted after that because I know too much(or more correctly I am too enlightenment) and the Elders/NPTB want to see how Sleepy-Lightworkers in IDC could grow up and wake up or not. The answer is clearly NO.

That why at the very end moment (you will get 800# in less than 30 days from now), I have to come out and share the wisdom and knowledge to you guys sleepy-lightworkers in IDC (some of you may not sleeply-lightworkers but most of you are).

The story(I made up this, I don’t have connect with anyone) starts:

What the hex are you doing earthkepper-grandfather, why you still not release 800# number yet? In my knowledge, it has nothing to do with public announcement, politic, new finance system, it’s already done?

EarthKeeper: You are right, because there still bunch of kids in IDC still sleepy, not awake yet, they think too small, until they think bigger at global scale we will release #800 number, otherwise, they will go at the same time with the sleepy-public.

BeautyEarthComing: Fuk, IDC zimberland, grow the fukup already, I am tired of all the misinformation and see bunch of stupid politics leaders everyday already. So EarthKeeper, when the sleepy-public go?

EarthKeeper: why ask me? Take your guess.

BeautyEarthComing: Hmm, base on my wisdom it must be from last week of July, 2017 to first week of August, 2017. Any date later than first week of August, 2017 make alsolutely no-sense to me.

EarthKeeper: Time will tell, you can share your understand about the event 1 more time to IDC, but not anymore, you cannot share everything else other than Global Financial Resent because they cannot handle it. Good luck super-human.

Back to IDC-Zimberland:

There won’t be RV, GCR. There will be only Global Financial System Reset (GFSR or GFR).

Readers: WOW, that’s nut, what the hell are you talking about?

Me: You don’t call global currency reset (GCR, RV) because all the currency notes all of you hold like USD, IRQ, Rial, Dong, Rupial, Peso, etc. will GONE and replace by brand new currency base on asset-back. So you don’t call revaluation while the truth is you are going to receive brand currency in brand new system. Let me explain more:

The old system (own by the cabal, fiat system): USD, IRQ, Rial, Dong, etc.

The new system (own by good guys, assets backed): USN, IRN, Tomas, VNN, etc. (I don’t know the new currency code but basically it will brand new)

When you are going to exchange, you are basically going to convert your old currency in old system to new currency to new system. So I hope you guys from now call GFSR or GFR instead of RV/GCR.

New system, new rule, new rate: The rate is from 0.1 to 9.9 when you convert from 1 currency to another (at the beginning), there won’t be 3 digits like some stupid intel you are hearing everyday.

The 3 digits is only apply when you convert from asset-back currency to fiat currency, When you convert the current dinar, rial, dong, peso to the new financial system, I guess it will be reverse 3 digit. So don’t expect 100,000 rial or 500,000 dong(fiat) become 100,000 or 500,000 USN(asset-back) but instead it most likely will become 100 or 500 USN, and that’s rule apply to both in and out country.

Zim-Holder: What’s about zim bond we are holding?

Me: Zim is a completely different story, it has nothing to do GFR. it’s more about spiritual contract.

Zim-Holder: Oh boy, that’s more crazy stuff right there, can you explain more please?

Me: Go fuk yourself already, wake the fuk up for me, stop only care about America issues, Trump Obama, Dunford, New Republic blabla. You better care about the global issue instead, there is clearly a public issue in the media is ISIS in Marawi, Philippine, there is not a single one information from your “intel-guru” mentioned about that, go google and do it yourself. You guys may have heart but without wisdom, you guys cannot change the world, what I mean is global issue as a whole, not some build house for homeless, feed the hunger, blabla, I bet most of you don’t event know what type of house you will going to build or what type of foods should give away.

Back to Zim bond note:

Zim bond is truly worthless note and also a truly valuable note at the same time, it depends on the people in charge of the new asset-back system (here is the Gatekeeper, Elders).

First, Zim note you guys holding is not a currency then you guys cannot convert and exchange to any currency in new financial system like many guru said, you guys need buyer.

Secondly, Zim bond issue by a company-country call Zimbabwe with promise to pay you back after a certain a mount of time if that company-country still exist. I don’t know how many years since it not in the pubic, but normal country bond note is from at least 10 years to 50 years. So what if that company-country change the skin(here is new company) but keep the holders, that’s zim bond note will be worthless.

That’s why is all depends on the buyer, who stupid enough to pay million for a soon-to-be worthless paper. The elders who in charge of the new system, because of 2 main factors:

1. There is a spiritual contract about like “I will incarnated on Earth to raise Earth vibration with condition I must have so call money-energy on Earth”.

2. Change the world by various projects.

That’s why the Elders will buy your zim-bond at various rate depends on who you are, how much you can handle, blabla. That’s why 3, 6 zeros loop or 3, 6 digits exist because it depends on the seller and buyer at the same time.

IF you’re bad guys, hello I will buy 100 trillion zim with cost of 100,000 USN.

IF you’re the good guys and can handle, hello I will buy you will the rate 100,000 x your face vablue note.

It all depends on who you are and how you are going to use the money in the future. I am 100% certain, there will be a contract (DA or NDA or both) will apply to all of zim-holder. This only affect to the bad guys(cabal), the good guys is fine.

But don’t worry, in my opinion, most natural zim-holder have been dawn to hold zim, if not them then could be their relative, child, grand child, etc. because it’s simply “spiritual-contract”.

In the end, it’s just the number, the elders do not scare to give you the money, they only scare of your using in wrong purpose like show off buy the whole fruits vegetable market cause chaos, etc.

You better wake up, do your own research, think big at global scale instead of only America.

GFR Timeline

Public announcement: Last week of July to first week of August. There is nothing to hold back that timeline.

Because August is the holy month of many countries (Independence day), if you google independent days of Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc. (country with very high currency note).

What is better gifts for the people of all these countries by give them back what the true value of their currency, their land and their ancestors‘s scarify to protect their lands.

There is nothing to hold back that timeline, even the stock market, puppet politicians, etc.

Take your pick between war torn country living vs stock market crash or any disaster, there is nothing worse than living in war torn country where you life in on the line. Even the western stock market collapse, the EarthKepper and Elders must release the GFR, the salve must end, this is divine timing.

The new system will replacing the old system by the end of 2017 or 2018 depends on where you live, fiscal year. So that the old business, purchase, etc. can happen normal without distract. The new system is already completed, it just not in the public yet.

#800 Number: It could happen anytime from now to the worst case first week of August. It all depends on you sleppy-lightworker in IDC-Zimland. If you choose to unify, discuss about the future world, building material, structure, organic farming, foods, etc. instead of caring about only Trump, Ryan, Obama, rate, etc. The Gatekeeper could release within 7 days. Otherwise, you will go with the same pace with the sleepy public.

My personal deadline for the gatekeeper/elders: July 20 2017, 5pm Beijing Time, you can sending me email by that time or release #800 number via HSBC website if you even know which countries I am living, or public global. I will help you to fix your term, zim-agreement, GESARA, etc. After that time frame, I won’t touch about any of these thing and Earth problem, Ascension, etc. in the future, I am super tired and bored already.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy and receive some knowledge.


The Dark Killer – The Light Bringer – The Gods of Destruction – The Master of Creation – The King of Evolution


Thump up if you like, thump down if you’re cabal,

bye bye zimland.



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