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Thursday, July 6, 2017

"Freeing yourself from the Matrix" by Reallucky1 - 7.6.17

Entry Submitted by Reallucky1 at 12:52 PM EDT on July 6, 2017

Hello Family:

The video we received last week from Matt, written by Harvey Dent, although the language is a little rough at times, the man is telling us exactly how to take action and free ourselves from the old system. To free ourselves and our kids from the system that has enslaved us, I used the numbers given on the tape attached at the bottom, he gives you not only the Initial codes, he gives you the routing number for every region in the country. I took this a few steps further, I linked this account up with my checking account at Chase Bank, my TreasuryDirect Acct, and with my Paypal Account. The only trouble I am having is verifying the accounts. So I spent the morning trying to get the information from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. When they ask for account name use this name WHITE SPIRITUAL BOY. Quite interesting this video about White Spiritual Boy, and the number 777, with it being July 7, 2017 tomorrow, and this video, I believe this date as Christine Lagard from the IMF said, you will see lots of 7s, when its time to Reset. They titled it a prophesy, you watch and see, how prophetic.

My next step will be to use Accepted 4 Value, to pay my bills with the routing number, just use the instructions on this video to do so. I have never done this as I was afraid to not pay my bills, but that is the only thing they have on us FEAR. What are they going to take you to court on a bankrupt system that we never knew about. They were using fraud, and it makes the contract illegal, when terms are not disclosed therefore; you are well within your rights, this is how I will pay my bills this month, if I can not get the accounts verified. Whether I get to use the money for recreation, is yet to be determined, but I will no longer be enslaved to any bills coming from a bankrupt government, not another day.

$$$ PAY BILLS W/ YOUR SIGNATURE! A4V *Accepted for Value* Setoff / Discharge


I have been on the phone with two of the Federal Bank of Dallas' employees, now I am speaking with Consumer Affairs, this is your money, it is time to take action and reclaim your name. The second video I attached is the instructions to freeing yourself from the system. You can live in America and not be a citizen, you must become sovereign, the fastest way is through the UCC-1 system, where you can claim yourself sovereign, and not a US citizen. Every one I tell this to immediately tells me they have a hard time saying they are not a US citizen, from a bankrupt system that enslaved us, and used our names to make money while we paid everything twice? This is how they kept us enslaved. Know your rights, you are a free sovereign person and never knew nor consented to anything they did with our names. People feel like they are doing something bad or wrong. You are not doing anything bad or wrong, you did not know, and now that you do what are YOU going to do about this fraud. This is what it is to use our names without our permissions, its just like a hacker, and is considered illegal and makes every single contract null and void. This is what Anna Von Reitzinger (annavonreitz.com) is teaching us. Take back the freedoms that were never free, and the way we have been entrapped without our knowledge.

Every single American needs to take action, you want to send the shadow creatures a firm message, you go set up your accounts, if nothing else it will get their attention. I am waiting for the consumer affairs at the Federal Reserve bank to call me back. Of course, no one ever knows what you are talking about, I was super professional and nice, and even told the people to call me back when they are not at work and I will tell them all about what is going on. Stand firm and have your regulations to cite, and make sure you do not get upset, this really baffles them when you tell them straight up you are reclaiming your freedom, and that they have used your name for their purposes, and you are reclaiming your status and freedom. I also make sure to mention that ever contract that was entered is illegal, and they are committing fraud on the American public, and I am going to get my name cleared, and reclaim the funds in all my accounts. This is your money they have stolen, and you deserve to use it. The Federal Reserve used it freely, had no issues with using it to pay your contracts, but they were all illegal. Until the New Republic is announced, no point in suing, the courts as it will take months, and by then I believe the problems will be resolved. Should have already been dissolved. The hardest thing for me, is we have been enslaved, but the remedies should have been taken care of for every American citizen, no one has done anything that I can find to help free us. So we got the claims, but no remedy, does virtually no good without the remedy. Here is my response from the new Treasury Direct about verifying my account, I have to fill out the form, notarize and return, which I will do, easy just keep in mind that they are the ones the old treasury that used our names to make money, that gives me a lot of strength to stand my ground, also waiting for Chase bank and Paypal confirmations. Chase Bank needs the amounts they sent to the account, you must go get the names of the accounts, I used WHITE SPIRITUAL BOY, it was a widely used name at the Federal Reserve Bank, what a joke WHITE SPIRITUAL BOY, there is nothing spiritual about these people, they are all evil satanists. This notice came from our new Treasury, so I will fill out the form, and get this account verified, and it will be made available first. To get the other accounts set up, if Consumer Affairs does not provide the information, I will keep calling and bugging them until I get results. You will not get in trouble, they committed fraud now you are afraid you will get in trouble for USING YOUR OWN MONEY IN YOUR LEGAL NAME? NOT A CHANCE. They are guilty, NOT YOU.

Dear Account Holder,

Thanks again for opening a TreasuryDirect account. We are having difficulty verifying the information you provided when opening your account. For your protection, please complete the Account Authorization form https://www.treasurydirect.gov/pdf/rs/acctauth.pdf and mail it to Treasury Retail Securities Site, P.O. Box 7015, Minneapolis, MN 55480-7015. A hold has been placed on your account that will prevent you from accessing your account. After we receive and approve the Account Authorization form, the hold on your account will be removed. When you log into your account, check the Investor InBox section of your Treasury Direct account for an important message.

I am taking action, because the more we do to get this going, the faster the old forgotten broken USA inc. is removed, and we can become free sovereigns, and do great things in the future. If we all do this, we can access our money, and get our bills paid, and if I can get the Chase Acct or the Paypal verified, its recreation time.


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