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Monday, July 17, 2017

"Distinguishing between Self and Others, Huh?" by Maria - 7.17.17

Entry Submitted by Maria at 1:25 PM EDT on July 17, 2017

Having just read Harmony's post ("Raise the Light" by Harmony - 7.17.17) about our having successfully anchored the Light on this planet (thanks so much! . . . only been at it for 2 decades, but who's counting? : ) ), I was struck by the words "be kind". This reminded me that I have wanted to share something with you for a while . . .

I trained in healing the body in many, many non-allopathic disciplines and cured myself of so many things, I can't list them all but, migraines, chronic pain, a severe limp, Fibromyalgia and Cancer are among them. Oh, and I got my 20/20 vision back. You can't argue with an Optometrist's arithmetic that has you throwing away your glasses, now can you?

How did I do it? Simple, and no drugs. I merely applied what follows below.

Drum roll, please . . . My #1 tip I for strengthening your immune system and being healthy: Be kind to self & others!

Yes, Harmony said it first.

It turns out thinking ill of others makes you ill and, thinking well of them makes you well!

The biggest blow to your immune system is when you judge another person because your body interprets this as judgment of self. (Also, lying, which is so related, I'll treat it as one.)

I learned that all you say, do and think is either regenerative to your cells, or degenerative. You may disagree with someone, but the judgment is entirely optional. So choose wisely.

I once read this: The way to love anyone is to imagine that they are lost. Think of an animal or child in pain and acting out somehow. Would you bring the hammer down on them? Do you bring the hammer down on yourself when you're anxious, scared, untrusting, exhausted, . . . maybe broke and waiting for the RV? How about on another person, say, a GCR Naysayer, an Intel Provider, Webmaster, Fellow Poster or other Sojourner on the path of life like a coworker, friend or family member?

Someone who is acting out has temporarily lost their connection to Home (feeling At Home or Comfy with God and/or Self), Peace, their Knowing, etc. You judging them means you just joined them on their slippery slope instead of extending an energetic hand of compassion so they can stabilize.

We are all familiar with the Golden Rule, Love Thy Neighbor. Well, it turns out that, in Aramaic (there's an ancient Bible version in that language), the word neighbor means anyone you are thinking about. WHAT?! Yes, folks, "Love thy neighbor as thyself" gets another level of meaning, follow? Your mind is thinking of the other person HOWEVER your subconscious interprets content as being about You, be it positive or negative.

I know . . . . pause, breathe . . . . I get it . . . . this is a G A M E C H A N G E R.

When you send contempt, judgment, sarcasm, jeering, abuse, ridicule, vileness, disgust, etc. to someone, whether it be spoken, written, thought of, or silently lanced energetically, you are getting BCC'd (i.e. blindcopied, like in emails) inside your body (it is all energy, remember) By You.

Confucious said, paraphrasing, if contemplating revenge, best to dig two graves. So true. It is killing one's self slowly.

I remember a young man who admitted on the Dr. Phil show, in the United States, to having some racist views before a stint in prison which became stronger and more hate-filled because of the hardened white supremacists he associated with on the inside. After his release, he violently hated on others for two years until he realized that all that hating was making him so sick he couldn't take it any more. He had connected the dots for himself. Kudos, to such a young guy for having found the elixir of life.

Applying the knowledge from this one source helped me more than all my years of training combined: Michael Ryce's short and sweet but brilliant book, Why Is This Happening To Me . . . AGAIN?! ( FREE downloads on his website www.whyagain.org).

He says of the events we attract in our life: The bad news is that it is all our own doing which also makes it good news---GREAT NEWS!--- because we are in charge and can opt for change. I chose health and harmony which eventually attracted others who also loved me for me, helped keep me straight without ever judging.

Of course Louise Hay is a pioneer on the HeartMindBody connection who says illness is our body speaking to us. She led me to my first-ever success at healing myself, years-long debilitating migraines and, on only one attempt! I listened and won. Again, can't argue with results.

For me, Alice Miller said it best, that the hurt inner child within is clamoring for our compassion and will not settle until s/he leads us to Peace. The truth sets us free (more Bible quoting, sigh, sigh), and we are all seekers on this common path. Here is Alice:

"The truth about our childhood is stored up in our body, and although we can repress it, we can never alter it.

Our intellect can be deceived, our feelings manipulated, our perceptions confused, and our body tricked with medication.

But someday, the body will present its bill, for it is as incorruptible as a child who, still whole in spirit, it will accept no compromise or excuses, and it will not stop tormenting us until we stop evading the truth."

She is positively brilliant!

So, here's me encouraging you to not get your perceptions confused! I implore you. Nothing to gain but serenity, health, sound sleep and less violence in the collective world, energetically speaking.

Take it from me, I used to have a cacophony of voices within my own head and none of them loving! But, no longer . . . it is quiet in there and now I can serenely prosper others.

Yup, it was Dr. Ryce who gave the Aramaic clue I cited above, as well as many others . . .

Okay, I'll bite, here is another tidbit from him: In Aramaic, "forgiveness" means, to cancel the projection in your mind.

Okay, okay, one more but, that's it: "Sin" means to miss the mark.

So, in this material reality other people act as mirrors (our self projected out there) so you can see where you have judged yourself and found yourself wanting. This means your assessment/thinking you have somehow missed the mark or failed, fell short, etc. . THEREFORE, you can make a new attempt to think well of yourself instead and applaud courage, yours and others' for even living this life with all its hardships (think like in filming a movie. Take2 follows Take1).

If you no longer judge yourself, Congratulations. Engaging in the world brings many opportunities to potentially fall into the trap of judging another. Let us not fall into the pothole. but sidestep it instead and extend compassion.

All behavior that is not loving is a call for help. Hey, wait, whoa . . . isn't there another line in the Bible about Judge not, lest you be judged? Uh-oh, there it is again, the confused misperception link between the other and the self . . . . . seems the Bible is filled with esoteric (invisible, hidden) or metaphysical truths.

This, then, is where Spirituality meets Science: Be kind.




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