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Friday, July 28, 2017

Dinarland Highlights for July 27, 2017

Dinarland Highlights - 7.27.17

Adam Montana

My optimism in this venture is not waning, nor is it diminished even slightly. We have nothing but positives to consider at the moment. The cold hard truth is this: Iraq had a long road to travel. They have stood the test of time, they have marched forward through amazing troubles, and they are still heading in the "right" direction. But at no time in history, and at no time in the future, will they EVER tell us the "date" that they will do what they are bound to do at some point. At some point, they will raise the value. This is undeniable. But if they will do it tomorrow, or next Tuesday, or in a month or a year? We will never know that. I am going to say something with absolute conviction right now. This is absolute, no possible way to refute it, it is ABSOLUTE just like gravity pulls you towards the earth. With all my connections, with my decades of international communication and (I don't even know how many airmiles) of travel, my past and present work and friendships with bankers, CEOs, politicians and more... I will tell you this...

NOBODY is going to be able to call a "date" on this. We are close. I love... no, I LOVE... where we are right now. But that doesn't mean I can tell you it will be tomorrow, next week, next month, "soon", or never. [ In everything that I have read I have not seen any mention being made about the Iraqi assembly voting on the latest version of the HCL...are there other factors which still stand in the way of this critical piece being enacted?] There really is not any ONE thing that is holding this up... it's just a waiting game. It's confusing and maddening and that's exactly the way it should be, according to Iraq. They don't want anyone to know when they will RV. Nobody will know. Period.

Frank26 (KTFA)

13 years ago, in 2004, one week after DeLeRue commissioned to print the IQD, I purchased mine. I understood what was to happen due to another experience with another country. One day I believe that Iraq will raise the value of their currency – or I certainly wouldn’t be wasting my time. It’s part of the Marshall plan... Our friend in Iraq says that the speed of things happening in Iraq are moving SO FAST! Do you realize that by turning on the ELECTRICITY they TURNED-ON the MONETARY REFORM? ...the electricity has been turned on...and IMO...the MR has been turned on. The dinar seems to be “international” – although we don’t see Article VIII. Many Iraqi’s (that fled Iraq) are now going to be able to receive funds via international banks...which is a international transaction.

RayRen98 (TNT)

It has been reported that the activation of Mastercards and the ATM's will be in the coming days! They are expecting a major price change for the Iraqi citizen's goods and services due to more purchasing power. In an effort to increase the growing economy, no taxes were announced for all foreign companies engaging in commerce.

Frank26 & DELTA (KTFA)

On top of the new CBI website you will see some pictures (illustrations). ...when I looked at those pictures, I thought those could be pictures of the lower denominations. I went back and found the descriptions. One of the new notes will have a picture of the new CBI building – possibly the 100 dinar bill. Teams are 99.9% sure these illustrations will be represented on the LD’s. It is very possible that the LD’s are about ready to come out. The ATM’s will not only dispense LD’s – but GOLD! ATM machines are STATE-OF-THE-ART – far more advanced than what American’s have seen. Education for the citizens is happening. The software in the ATM machines – that was put into the machines a long time ago … and it does NOT recognize the 3 zero notes! THAT WAS AN IMF REQUIREMENT! They have LD’s inside of them. They are LOADING THEM!!! ...these NEW machines...will they also dispense coins/fils? YES!

Everything is on track – we just don’t know when – because they are using 2 sets of books. And when they are ready, these ATM machines will kick in. They have a lot of reason to lift the value of their currency. Preparation is underway – just waiting for when the timing is right – which could be any day now. ...look at the CBI.iq website. When you know the LD’s are about to come out...we’ll see the rate first. Things are moving fast! The IMF told the GOI to lift the restrictions. All they need is the rate. They need the rate BEFORE the LD’s. Allak is about to do this. The ATM (MasterCard) lights are about to be turned on! The monetary reform is about to be turned on! IMO.

Aggiedad77 (KTFA)

“The Kuwaiti dinar tops the list of the 10 most powerful currencies in the world ahead of the dollar and the euro”

Well Kuwait...don't get too comfy in that designation at the top of the pile...you won't be there too long I predict...Iraq is getting poised to knock you down a level or two...IMO.

Dr. Clarke

Since the 17th...Have you SEEN things Really “Take Off” Boom Boom Boom, one thing right after the other...? Watch VIETNAM closely, the first HALF of AUGUST. (HOTLY HISTORICAL. * You’ll Remember this AUGUST 2017 the rest of your Life!) REMEMBER. When Iraq says, “In the Coming Days”, it ALWAYS historically means - FROM 30-60 DAYS FROM WHEN THEY SAID IT. Remember this. It’s consistent…There’s a big difference between “In a FEW days”, and “In the COMING days”…A FEW days, means next week”. “In the COMING days, means a few Weeks”: 30-60 days. Iraq will OFFICIALLY & Substantially raise the value of their currency, make it Public, and make it Internationally tradable, so that you can go down to your local whatever, and exchange it into other foreign currencies, such as the U.S. Dollar, some day. WHEN?

Here are our Probability Factors of occurrences...ON A SCALE OF 1 - 10….(10 being the band Nirvana):
JULY 28-31st: On a scale of 1-10 for Iraq to RV their currency this weekend - We give it a “1.8”
AUGUST 1-7th: -9.9 (s@$%! hits the fan)
AUGUST 8-15th: 0.5 (Recovery & New Openings emerge. New Stuff. NEW.)
AUGUST 16-23rd: 8.8 (New FACTUAL Light is shed from the shadows & smiles are everywhere. But there’s still a Fly in the ointment)
AUGUST 24-31st: 9.9 (Get this Party STARTED! There’s somebody NEW in town)
SEPTEMBER 1-7th: 9.99 (who’s payin what? WHAT? You’re Kiddin me?)
SEPTEMBER 8-15th: 9.999 (Wait for it)
OCTOBER - PARTY on the Patio!
NOVEMBER - Who cares?
DECEMBER - You’re “Santa Claus” (or something similar)

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