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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Dinarland Highlights for July 14, 2017

Dinarland Highlights - 7.14.17

Frank26 (KTFA)

We found something – a press release from the West – congratulations from President Trump to Abadi – all he says is congratulations about Mosul. Then we have the same article from an Arabic site which shows additional information – they also talked about congratulations on the reforms. Donald Trump called Abadi...IMO...they were talking about the monetary reform. ...They’ve got security and stability man!


...the CBI has to move forward. The media … just like we predicted … as soon as they get Mosul … speed of light. Right away the media has been jumping the gun on talking about the economy, etc. ..the CBI...we’ve known since January they been wanting to pull the trigger. The next 24-48 hours is going to be very interesting.

Bruce (The Big Call)

We have thought that we have been there for weeks; even several months. Looking back we can see things come through in the last week or two that needed to happen...Those things all needed to be in position. We hear that they are now. Is there anything else we are waiting for? I can't say there is anything else. We really are at the point we can believe this is the time for all of us. It's real and It's coming. I get a lot of information from several different sources. What we are hearing about Mosul is that it is safer than some of the places in the U.S. They've been celebrating in Iraq and they are ready to go. The ISX is open. There's a good possibility that early Sunday morning the Forex will recognize the Dinar. I can tell you that I believe that they've tried to do trades between banks around the world to bring the currencies up to a rate at a fairly high value. We are in the place of expectation. We think the weekend will be highly significant for us.

G-Lin (Dinar Updates)

"Kurdistan: Erbil and Baghdad are preparing to open a new page and continue the dialogue to address the problems"

I'm keeping an eye on these meetings. First it is unusual to have a 4 day gathering. I think they are trying to appease the Kurds to perhaps stop the vote in Sept. on breaking away and forming an independent state. I know The U.N. just recently called for the activation of Art. 140. That would clarify boundaries which Kurdistan would probably cooperate if they get Kirkuk. Also there are discussions regarding oil and gas. I would love to see them agree on HCL or a form of it. There is a great deal of pressure coming from the international community to have Iraq activate some form of HCL. Investors are tapping their foot.

mike (Currency Chatter)

"Iraq has a microcosm meeting of the International Alliance of the need to benefit from the experience of Mosul"

"we have an economic reform plan presented by the Iraqi government, the World Bank a few days ago."

In order for Iraq to make a move to an open market economy they need to accomplish lowering the spread, allowing for the freedom of movement of capital and investment laws that protect those willing to invest in Iraq. Announcements like the above are awesome but without the groundwork, it's just an announcement. I'm really hoping this isn't going to be another centralized, socialist solution that Iraq has continually put forward but without the open market economic model, what else can it be? ...we'll have to wait and see what kind of plan they submitted...it's not going to be an overnight type move regarding the dinar. Here's hoping they've seen the light.

Randy Koonce

I have waited until Mosul was liberated, and announced, to make the next note... Here are my thoughts of where we are:

1. NO it will not RV only ‘in-country'. If it is just ‘in-country' - There is no RV! It is still paper with numbers... however, 2. The RV will occur! The purpose of the RV (at last one of the purposes) is to give the Dinar enough value so that it can be useful in the "Rebuilding" of Iraq...And we all know the damage that has been done, and the need that is there, especially for the people of Iraq. 3. Will I be able to exchange in the US? YES! There will be only one rate... Stick to large banks like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi Bank, HSBC, Chase. These Banks will have no problem with exchanging it... Some smaller Banks will exchange as well, but they have to rely on upstream Banks in their system, and the fees will probably be higher in the smaller banks...

4. Is There any thing else to 'have to do' for the RV to happen? NO NO NO NO. 5. If you are told to check out a bank site someone says is the new CBI site, just be sure you follow "cbi.iq". That is the safest and most secure information to be had - from the horses mouth...Just saying. ...since the last update, the announcement of the liberation of Mosul is the first significant change that has happened and therefore warranted an update... We were in a holding pattern until Mosul was done. Well, NOW it's done. The Window opened when Fox, and all the news media outlets, said Mosul was liberated which was Tuesday this week. On Tuesday, it was absolute, and there was no more hedging or iffy announcements. The window is VERY GOOD until Monday the 24th of July...So, the next 10 days, give or take, a lot can happen.

6. Will the Dinar Float? The answer is NO. For the most part they will have to RV the currency somewhere above $1.20... Why above $1.20? Because they want to get all US dollars off the street! If the USD is stronger than the Dinar, then it will stay on street... Just look at it now. The Iraqis use US dollars now because it is the strongest on their street and will buy more. When the RV occurs then the dinar will be the main dog... Every one has been asking about the dong. It should RV as well - once China agrees to move their currency. So it might be awhile on that one... Again, it’s the same story - no one knows when... We are Close!! The Window is good through the 26th of July or so. Remember - this is Iraq!! BREATHE BREATHE...

RayRen98 (TNT)

...today’s news, “economic reforms are presented to the World Bank”, presumably today. There are rumors that a full seated government needs to be in place, and that there are still a few neighborhoods in Mosul that need to be cleared. Some think those are significant, and others say those are minor points. I don’t know. What could be so important that MSNBC is reporting live from Iraq at 10pm EST tonight? We’ll find out at 10pm, or maybe even sooner. There should be some interesting bits of information over the course fo the weekend, although there are no promises. There is expectation of information to come out, and we’ve heard that before, but think about the intel this week – that makes a difference. What are you now learning that is factual? “Economic reforms have been submitted to the World Bank.” That’s significant, and combined with other tidbits, it could be exciting this weekend. We’re almost there.

MilitiaMan (KTFA)

“The Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council (ISCI) spokesman Sheikh Hamid Maaleh al-Saadi said on Wednesday that it was time to launch a national reconciliation project."

The national reconciliation has been in the works for years. Mosul is free and the CBI is celebrating, as have the citizens been now for days while enjoying purchasing power. They have been put first, investors are next! They are saying they are now open for business internationally... A celebration at the newest Central Bank of present today...National Reconciliation is obviously done now. The largest commodity a country has imo, is their currency.. A strong one indeed is in order for Iraq. She is set to be on stage now to show the world her FORMER GLORY!

G-Lin (Dinar Updates)

"US pledged an additional $ 119 million to help Iraq"

"EU: Additional €30m in Humanitarian Aid for Iraq"

"China offers Iraq $11.7m for Reconstruction"

You think there might be something special about Iraq? I can't keep up with the total number of countries contributing financial aid to Iraq. Very telling to me.

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and Global Currency Reset News | Dinar Chronicles

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