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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dinarland Highlights for July 12, 2017

Dinarland Highlights - 7.12.17

mike (Currency Chatter)

...anything is possible and I'm just speculating...But, the IMF has told them at every Article IV consultation to stay pegged, close the spread and remove exchange restrictions. That seems like a tall order to accomplish before the end of the year. So far, they've haven't gotten it done. All we need is the political will to make the change to an open market economy and then things could really pick up.


Several economic articles...clearly stating the urgency to activate the market economy in Iraq.

Bruce (The Big Call)

We are right at the door...what we heard...is very positive for us. We know we all seemingly had to wait for Iraq to reach certain thresholds, accomplish certain things before this could be released everywhere. That is still the case. However, I would say we now have eclipsed to the point having to wait for Iraq. A lot of interesting things have happened in the last couple of days...we find Iraq fully liberated Mosul from ISIS and ISIS has been eradicated from there and from Iraq in general. That is a very good sign.

It has been reported today on the news ...Iraq took an extra day to celebrate their freedom, their sovereignty after 4 to 5 days in a row of celebration which included fireworks, and flags. They did this morning [Tuesday] in which they did not open the Iraqi stock exchange today. Why is this significant? We believe had the ISX been opened, their new rate would have been visible. ...We do believe they will make the ISX open and available tomorrow [Wednesday] from what we understand. Quite possible the new value of the Iraqi dinar show on the site if they do bring it up tomorrow [Wednesday]. I am excited that Iraq is basically done. Is this the week? We believe it is. We got enough evidence it is coming to us and should be by the end of the week. I am not going to call it, but that is what I am hearing from a number different sources that point to a very good direction for us.

hutch (Dinar Updates)

The BIS site is now linked to the CBI site...Now Central banks world wide can communicate with CBI.

Adam Montana

Things are looking up! Mosul has now been officially declared a victory. HCL should be addressed, officially, in a timely manner...SOON. We can be confident that the IMF and CBI are on good terms. CBI is acting like a real player, and the IMF is giving them an approving nod simply by not saying anything contradictory about them. Regarding oil PPB, and the recent agreement amongst the major OPEC members, Iraq is essentially exempt from the exportation restrictions. This gives Iraq a HUGE advantage when they are ready to "flip the switch"! Abadi is back in high-gear and on a mission...All in all... GREAT progress right now, and Iraq is in perfect position. Negotiations are beginning between Baghdad and Kurdistan, which is going to lead to a very fast resolution on the HCL, paving the way for a smooth and *SUDDEN* RV... if we've ever been closer to the end of this ride, I can not remember when! This still isn't a guaranteed event, but MAN oh MAN is it looking good!

Mountain Goat

...don’t think just because Mosul is liberated the party is over. There is still much work to be done. How will this affect the RV timing? My personal opinion is the CBI will move quickly with the project to delete the zeros now that Mosul is liberated. The SECURITY conditions in Iraq are very good right now, getting better and better everyday and they will take advantage of the situation. As long as there is US and UK military presence the concerned is lessened. Here is the key: Remember the CBI told us they planned to RV back in 2012 but when 2013 came they had to postpone it due to political INSECURITY. We know what the conditions were like back then...right? Well they are better than that now. Iraq is slowly getting back to the times of 2012 but even better. There is PM Abadi, all the reforms, the ability to work with the IMF thru these Stand-by-Agreements and we can see Abadi is a good guy unlike the PM Maliki back then. So the political STABILITY is much, much better than even in 2012.

I fully believe all the conditions are ripe for the RV right now! The only one the scares me is the HCL. Will they let the RV go without Article 140 and HCL being finally resolved? This a long standing issue and part of why Kurdistan is going to hold a referendum in September to vote on succession. Remember oil is now about 95% of revenues. We also know the 2018 elections are just around the corner. Could this cause more chaos if they don't get the election law in place by then? Remember Maliki and his goons are still free to roam and make indirect havoc. Both of these events can impact the RV timing if they don’t get it done very soon. If I know this, don’t you think the CBI and GOI also do? Remember I told you that once the conditions are ripe the CBI is going to jump on the next opportunity to get their currency back. I believe this time has arrived.

Peggy68 (KTFA)

IMO, we could see Iraq and other countries on Forex anytime between July 12th and July 17th, 2017.

Adam Montana

The most important thing to understand, regarding Iraq, is that they absolutely must play word and mind games regarding the timing and final value of any currency change. If they don't keep their cards hidden, a speculative run on dinar...would crush their ability to raise the value significantly. I think we can all agree that they want a higher valued dinar, and they can have a higher valued dinar, so the question is simple "when and how much".

Frank26 (KTFA)

We are in a time period right now – that started Monday. I believe the things we are seeing right now are VERY EXCITING! There is an enthusiasm in regards to the lava flow of the monetary reform. As you know, on Monday, Abadi declared victory. Now...the following day (Tuesday)...“Ring-A-Ding-Ding”...President Trump called Abadi. He congratulate him (wink, wink)...and Trump apparently told the Kurds to “lay-off”...IMO...they continued their conversations about the monetary reform. IMO...the time frame that we told you (that started on Monday)..we believe that date on the 10th (when Abadi made the announcement on the 10th)...we believe that was a roll-out...Within nanoseconds...the roll-out of the monetary reform occurred...It needed the announcement of Mosul... So...Trump (talking to Abadi) continues to move Iraq forward with their monetary reform. The MOMENTUM of the RV can now move at a faster pace. President Trump is very happy about Mosul...because he knows what is coming next. Now is the PERFECT TIME to RAISE the economic structure in Iraq...including their currency!

Dr. Shabibi...said that he would add value to their currency for their citizens – meaning he wants to take care of the Iraqi’s inside of the borders. If the citizens get paid on the 21st...will we get paid too? WS [Walking Stick...reference Frank26 post 7-11-2017]...by the 21st of this month has to pay his employees, not only a rate of 1 to 1...but it has to be 100% dinars. WS company as of RIGHT NOW...has to pay at 5% in CASH...and the other 95% has to be paid in eDinars...and if the citizens want their money...they MUST go get a card! Everything will be electronic in the future! This is brilliant! This is the MCP on steroids. This will control the auction! This is what the IMF wanted! This is the definition of the lava flow! This TEACHES the CITIZENS... This is what Dr. Shabibi wanted! This will affect the auctions for cash values. Since Monday...the speed of light for the MR has really increased! The BIS article that said they had merged with the CBI website happened over a year ago. What is interesting though is they are GOING TO ACTIVATE THAT LINK! Bank of INTERNATIONAL Settlements (BIS) – what does Iraq need to do now to lift the value? INTERNATIONALISM! There is some crazy stuff going on and I’M EXCITED!

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and Global Currency Reset News | Dinar Chronicles

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