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Sunday, July 23, 2017

"Cobra: Public Apology" by Mayan Guy - 7.23.17

Entry Submitted by Mayan Guy at 1:33 PM EDT on July 23, 2017

Hi Zimland/ Dinarland,

A lot has been going on for me personally over the last moon (month). Ive had some profound realizations, internal shifts, sightings (UFO's and others) and generally several WTF's per hour. Although a lot of it has been profound, certain personal issues/shifts has not been easy to deal with, to a degree i am still dealing with that but also know and understand that i am going through a positive shift in general. For me, the shift has hit the fan, in a good way - albeit challenging at times. I am sharing this because i am sure many of us are going through this, from what i can gather.

There has been a huge energetic shift in general, and i for one can feel it - intensely so. The best way for me to explain it is that it feels like i had a total disconnect and reconnect. Breakdown = Breakthrough. Akin to a computer reboot with an updated operating system, to use an analogy.

Firstly i would like to give my sincere apologies to Cobra and teams (Prepare for Change and others), i was in the wrong with my skepticism and drawing incorrect conclusions. I withdraw my previous statements regarding Cobra.

I have had a change of heart towards Cobra. I'll try my best to explain further below how all this came about. It is clear to me now that i was in the wrong.

I saw earlier today on my daily Operation Disclosure mail that Corey Goode and Cobra will soon be doing a joint interview with Lynn from Prepare for Change. I was happy to see this. Corey is also calling for collaboration with regards to mass meditations which i will give my full support. I agree with Corey that moving forward in Unity and Love will be most beneficial for all involved, versus petty bickering and finger pointing (which i am guilty of myself, from a lack of understanding). I would rather choose Unity and Oneness.

How all this came about for me personally:

It started the Friday night before solstice 16 June 2017 - something happened on that morning as well for me, which i wont share here now. Friday the 16th was a public holiday in South Africa. I had plans to join friends for birthday celebrations in St. Helena Bay that long weekend, about a 1 hour drive north of Cape Town on the West Coast. We arrived well before sunset, settled into a beautiful beach house overlooking the bay, a stones throw away from the water/Atlantic Ocean - right on the beach.

The night was breathtaking, no wind, totally clear sky with the moonlight shimmering on the water. It was cold and brisk with it being mid winter in SA currently. We switched all outside lights off as we were in awe of the stars that night. It was close to midnight. Myself and a friend were standing talking on a wooden deck outside enjoying all of this, looking up into the night sky, next moment leaf shaped energy forms appeared in the sky (not very high above us, about 50m or slightly less), as a coherent, intelligent group.

This is difficult for me to explain as it wasn't objects that i can define. I have never seen anything like it, never read about something similar, nor have i seen it on a movie before. It was leaf shaped, orange hue in colour, relatively small (each leaf shaped energy), not very bright at all, yet very vivid. It wasn't a spectacular light show, it was subtle, yet vivid. There were many of these leaf shaped energies (about a dozen - guesstimate), almost like a "tongue" of light (each leaf shaped energy), moving in a coherent, intelligent group. Almost exactly like a small school of fish in the ocean. We witnessed this in the night sky.

It gets a bit weirder (in a good way); as they moved across the sky they moved out of sync, further away from each other (like an expansion), then they moved closer to each other (contraction - like a breath) and then faded out as if moving into another dimension. They didn't move away from us, they simply faded out of reality. Or at least that is what it looked like. The leaf shaped energies were dimmed down orange (just an orange hue), very similar to the colour of a fire, just not as bright, translucent. It was a very positive experience and feeling, myself and my friend were blown away by it - totally in awe of what we just experienced. The whole episode lasted only 3-5 seconds. It all happened in one, coherent movement.

Once back home on Monday 19 June 2017 i stared feeling weak with flu-ish symptoms. I pondered about this experience since it happened, i couldn't figure it out. Tuesday 20 June i started getting blinding headaches and felt weaker. This is very strange for me, i almost never get symptoms like this. I eventually broke out with an intense fever right through solstice. I got through it without taking any pharmaceutical medication, i recovered well, made changes to my diet and still pondered about the previous Friday night's experience. I went within and asked for guidance, through meditation. I really wanted to understand what this was about. I suppose i was looking for meaning with regards to all this.

Not long after that i thought about words shared in some of Yosef's posts, specifically when Yosef wrote about Esu Jesus (J)Immanuel Sananda. I wanted to research why Sananda was known by so many names, it was a strong feeling again. I went online, did some google searches and came across the Talmud of Immanuel. It blew my mind and connected many dots for me, i was able to connect more puzzle pieces with regards to the RV with all of this. I was not aware of what i was not aware.

In the Talmud of Immanuel i also read about the Billy Meier case, Semjase and others (the company of Heaven). I was aware of the Billy Meier case before all this, i still had two videos on my computer with regards to this that i downloaded years ago; The Pleiadian Connection and a documentary on Billy Meier with Wendelle Stevens. Not only did the dots connect, the trumpets sounded!

Also in the Talmud of Immanuel there is mention of the lost book of Enoch that is not included in the Bible. Now about 3 years ago i found Enoch's Keys, as a book. Generally i love reading but for some reason i have never read this book, even though it has been in my book case for some time. I walked over to my book case, i opened it, looked at some of these "keys" and lo and behold; there are those leaf shaped energies above the letters of Enoch's Keys in the book. The exact same shapes i saw that night in the sky with a friend. Exactly that, without the letters beneath them that is seen in the book. I heard the trumpets sound again.

I am still working through Enoch's Keys, as well as the rest of the Phoenix Journals where i found the Talmud of Immanuel. It's been profound and very synchronistic for me. As i work through the journals, dots connected with regards to Cobra as well, this is how i realized that i was in the wrong. Shortly after that another fever broke, i had a complete break down emotionally, disconnect and breakthrough since. Earlier today i saw the Operation Disclosure mail with Corey and Cobra doing a joint interview soon, the confirmation is clear to me.

This is why i am now apologising to Cobra for being incorrect, due to a lack of understanding from my side. I am sorry Cobra, and for any damage i might have caused. I hope Cobra or any who assist him sees this post.

I am also having UFO sightings almost every night, a ball of light that changes colours over the ocean where i live. The only times i don't see it is when it is overcast and rainy, but they are here, no doubt. I have had some sightings here and there in the past few years but now it is almost every night. More confirmation for me personally.

A lot more has gone on for me with regards to all of this, i simply wanted to type up a short explanation of these experiences hoping to correct something i have done that i do not feel good about. It has taught me much though, for that i am grateful.

Happy Galactic New Year on 26 July 2017 to those who follow natural time cycles. Sirius will rise 3min prior to our Sun on the horizon on the morning of 26 July. It happens once a year only, exactly where the Sun rises.

God is with us.


I am another yourself

Mayan Guy



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