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Monday, July 10, 2017

"Bring it!" - Peoples Dinar News Discussion 7-9-17

Peoples Dinar

IMF's Exchange Rate page down since yesterday

We've seen the anomalies with the CBI site and now there's an error message on the IMF's EXCHANGE RATE PAGE. And coincidentally Iraq and the IMF are meeting this week :D. Supposedly they were to be back online several hours ago but still aren't as of right now.


Corndog: Omg! Bring it!!

Chickadee: I thought it was down for repairs till midnight to night

Noeta: Don't know if I should have my dinar glasses on or off to respond to this so I'll just say, "Very Interesting".

DTH: Could this really happen or are we on an holding pattern...


Forest: Our economy after "Daesh"

Author: Yasser mutawalli 7/09/2017

How economists look to the future of the Iraqi economy in the post "Daesh" the dreaded terrorist?

Who is thinking of any economists that the Iraqi economy or the rest of the one - sided supplier and this Maiglgahm if it continues to rely on the resources of oil.

The reason for concern to the continued decline in global oil prices, which negatively affected the Iraqi economy being the source of financing budgets public.

Then it is no hope to return prices to normal and with the debt that burdened the Iraqi economy by the face of aggression "Daesh" the terrorist behind the destruction of a comprehensive infrastructure .

What way to meet these challenges? Insist economic experts on the need to speed up the diversification of revenue sources to enhance the capacity to proceed with the construction and reconstruction reconstruction of the legacy of aggression "Daesh" .olal activate the productive sectors of the first diversification stations that poses a great importance in moving production factors and provide job opportunities for the unemployed and reduce dependence on imports and keep the currency hard.

Focus on retaining sectors of the economy as being in the forefront of the tourism sector where he is still faltering and did not know why except for religious tourism which although plentiful only end irrelevant economically feasible , according to experts .

Then customs revenue continues to be a figure acceptable relative movement and commercial capacity of imports as it must from the provisions of control and cut off the road on the spoilers who cause the waste of revenue , which is one of the most important resources in its contribution to strengthening the financing of the budget public more important that an optimistic outlook Tertsm experts in front of the economy , especially if the commitment to a package of economic reforms launched by itchiness Important in the areas of anybody as long.

Strangely, however , that some of these important reforms , stalling some of the ministries in its implementation , though the Zaha are Akaroha in the Council of Ministers for the purpose of the picture remains rosy to be that the government to form committees monitoring and auditing fair to follow up the implementation of these reforms to ensure their implementation precisely when that will be our economy may be similar to to heal and start a new phase live up to the capabilities and potential of Iraq is untapped.

Iraq is a rich country that can advancement in all productive sectors can also be a global effort advanced Sanda real trends development where realizes that investment opportunities in Iraq are large and spacious and achieve great benefit, and this is a positive thing where a magnet for global capital and technology advanced.


Thepreacherman2017: I like the part about" keep the currency hard" the most!!! They know something we don't obviously!!

Smokem111: Hard Currency
Page issues
Hard currency, safe-haven currency or strong currency is any globally tradedcurrency that serves as a reliable and stable store of value. Factors contributing to a currency's hard status might include the long-term stability of its purchasing power, the associated country's political and fiscalcondition and outlook, and the policy posture of the issuing central bank.

Safe haven currency is defined as a currency which behaves like a hedge for a reference portfolio of risky assets conditional on movements in global risk aversion.[1]

Conversely, a soft currency indicates a currency which is expected to fluctuate erratically or depreciate against other currencies. Such softness is typically the result of political or fiscal instability within the associated country

Depdog: here is a lot of work to assist in the unemployment situation now. Iraq does not have to create an new jobs the was has already created plenty of work.

Construction is one of the biggest economic boom a country can have. There are so many hands involved in constructions that new businesses can open, existing ones can prosper and many, many people can be employed. If they keep the big wigs out like China, U.S.A. and let their people do the work,

other countries can prosper through providing imports for good that Iraq can not produce (like, it is hard to make wood out of sand). The "old city of Mosul" may no longer need to be call the "old city" after being rebuilt.

However, from a currency stand point, I would like your opinion on something. With the knowledge of knowing that there are a whole lot of work (employment) to be completed for many years to come for Iraq, would it be best to revalue as soon as possible or wait until the most of the work is completed? Logical opinions only please. Thank you and have a great God's day!

​Martymole: CHOICE. Do they pay their workers peanuts and they live a crappy life while rebuilding Iraq OR do they raise the value of the Dinar and pay the workers a fair wage that will encourage them to work so they may buy some comforts to make their lives more pleasant while they rebuild their country.

A fair and just leader would look after his countrymen and women in times of need and this is THAT TIME. Give them some hope for a bright future by making their lives worth more than .00084 of a cent. Let Iraq enter the world stage and be the power it was meant to be.

My thoughts are for an increase now and once the building has commenced after the clean up the value of the Dinar will be determined by the Market.

Investment in Iraq will ramp up 10 fold once construction starts, workers will be plentiful but not taken advantage of by the developers and the Govt should see to that.

The Iraqi people have had a uncertain life now for many many years, Hopefully now they will know what it is like to live in peace. No more daily gunfire or bombs going off, just the sound of construction, water and electricity that stays on, daily meals and the sound of music once again. God will smile on them once more.




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