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Thursday, July 13, 2017

"Breaking it Down" - Thurs. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


Blinkster » July 13th, 2017

FRANK!! Ok a few of us on premium were discussing the implications of 1:1, of 95% e-dinar and 5% cash (IQD) payments...all in their native currency.

Considering most of the 000 notes have been swept out of circulation AND now three zeros dropped (1:1), this STRONGLY suggests that the 5% cash payment must be in...

LOWER DENOMINATIONS. It wouldn't work any other way.

Stephenmac63 » July 13th, 2017

Interesting thought Blinkster. I have always wondered if there is some sort of Minimum Wage setup there. Is the pay unregulated in the labor sector? Im guessing a white color worker wouldnt be paid as a blue collar worker. Is it on a case by case situation, whatever the market demands?

Blinkster » July 13th, 2017

I did revise my post for clarity (hopefully). However, your inquiry I cannot speak to, nor do I believe has any bearing on the 95%-5% ratio mandated.

I could be mistaken...perhaps Frank, Delta, WS or someone can address. Thx!

Stephenmac63 » July 13th, 2017

You are not mistaken. I added an additional topic, but yes, another direction of views would be helpful.

Surfer223 » July 13th, 2017

Let me expand on that to really break it down and paint a picture!

Walkingstick says hey Hakim come to the office it's payday! Walkingstick says now Hakim you went and got your E-Dinar card right? Hakim says yes sir. Walkingstick takes Hakims card and says "As you know we have been making pay changes with the reforms this pay period the company owes you 800 IQD in which 95% is paid on card and 5% I will give you in cash IQD.

So you are paid 760 IQD on E- Dinar card Which by the way is equivalent to $760 Usd. Isn't that great!!! Hakim says yes! Then walkingstick says wait. I now owe you 40 IQD cash.. Oh wait the lowest denom is a 250... Light bulbs folks!!!!!! The lower denoms have to come out for this 5% to work... TA DA FREAKING DA!!!!!

Blinkster » July 13th, 2017


TBULLDOG » July 13th, 2017

This is an awesome piece of this puzzle. They are forcing them to get debt cards and showing them they will be able to purchase items with LD because they have value. I would image they may even have to use coins if they are required to pay exactly 5% cash

Stranger » July 13th, 2017

April 3, 2017 Monday CC......

When they do change the EXCHANGE RATE … to show 1 to 1 … YES! … at that time, they will introduce more dinars … but guess what kind? The LOWER-DENOMS. Not the 50k they are using in their pay.

When they show 1 to 1 on the CBI website … that is when they will draw in even more of the 3 zeros notes … because that is when the lower denoms and coins will come out … and not a single 3 zero note will work.

When they do FINALLY make the change on the CBI website to the 1 to 1 … then the PHYSICAL part of the currencies monetary reform will happen through the lower denoms and the coins. 1,000 to 1 is simply an EASY CONVERSION state.

How? By lifting the 3 zeros in the exchange rate and introducing lower denoms that are compatible to the new rate that we are going to be putting up.

Family the goal is to de-dollarize the markets of Iraq….and to simplify going into 1 to 1 and that phase right now IMO is called 1000 to 1….they don’t want fractional banking…and when they do change the exchange rate to show 1 to 1….yes at that time they are going to introduce more dinars on top of all this…

but guess what kind….I told you on Monday….the LD’s….not these 50k’s they are using right now in their pay…..the introduction of the LD’s and the introduction of 1 to 1 and finding it being posted Family will also be concurrent….they will occur at the same time.

....and this is part of the Monetary Reform that is occurring right now….and it is only going to get to 1 to 1 when they finally introduce that on their website…that is when they will draw in even more of the 000’s…why…..because that is when they will introduce the LD’s and the coins and not a single 000 will work.

....when they do finally make the change on the CBI website to 1 to 1….then the physical part of the currency Monetary Reform will happen to the LD’s and the coins…..1000 to 1 right now is simply an easy conversion state….and I told you it is brilliant from as far as I am concerned.

Abadi says in the next two months Chapter VII will be lifted….ok….but pay close attention as we walk into that next part…..the citizens were told by Abadi….we are taking you back to the glory days…..why…..to give you more purchasing power with your currency….how….by lifting the 000’s….by changing the exchange rate and introducing the LD’s that will be compatible with the new rate we are going to be putting up….well that is good.

So in conclusion….if you believe you need Chapter VII before the RV….well I’m sorry I do not….I told you on Monday and I’m telling you on Wednesday I do not….I am the opposite of that….and with that said I would suggest you jump for joy…..

because Abadi is telling you within the next two months Chapter VII will be lifted….which IMO means they have lifted the value of their currency by lifting the 000’s within these next two months or less…..and you know the sadness that is in my heart….is there are people on our forum at KTFA that still believe it will take them two months to lift Chapter VII…..someone just said….Chapter VII is a smoke screen…..he took my cookie.

April 5, 2017 Wednesday CC

....remember they added the 000’s in 2003 and now for them to go international they have to lift the 000’s and we believe the IMF told them so…they have to lift the 000’s to go international….

so if they don’t lift the 000’s they will never go international….so to get out of Chapter VII with no manageable, creditable currency won’t mean anything…they could be taken out today but what will they use as currency what do that have that will help anybody…

July 12, 2017 Wednesday CC

You want to count these? That was the 3rd most powerful thing we’ve shared with you tonight!

IMO … we believe that the UN will announce the end of CHAPTER VII – maybe this week – and certainly within this month of July.

**I'm aware that not everything occurred as thought in April,...but I would disregard that as this is a fluid lava flow, not etched in stone.... I think the quotes above by Frank worthy to recall as it seems to have brought us to this present point.....

IMO....with reference to what Blink & Co. were talking about....

1) it would appear from the April 3rd and 5th CC's that lifting of the 000's, 1:1 and introducing of the LD's would seem to need to go hand in hand to work. As pointed out above by Frank they are "concurrent" or "will occur at the same time".

Now I know Frank said "when they show 1:1 on the CBI website" is when it will happen but I agree with Blink & Co. that it would appear to be necessary at this time to do just that. .......Which leads me to believe or have hope of 1:1 on the CBI imminently since they have gone 1:1 in country.....How else can they make up the 5%??

2) with regard to the comments on Chapter VII being removed (though not necessary for the lifting of the three 000's as Frank said above) the emphasis on tonight's CC of "the UN will announce the end of CHAPTER VII - maybe this week - and certainly within this month of July"

and recalling Frank's statements on April 3rd and 5th lead me to think the CBI posting an international rate will also occur at or near the same time because as Frank said above "to get out of Chapter VII with no manageable, creditable currency won't mean anything"!

Stephenmac63 » July 13th, 2017

Pretty clever to require the citizens to get an e-card....especially when they really dont like the banks but when folks like WS says "Here's your pay, you can have 5% in dinar and the rest will be on a card for you" The citizens will then think "Aw Man, this stinks" WS will then say "Dude, your money has more value now"....the citizen will then be "more comfortable" with value, even if they have to go to a bank.

Frank26 » July 13th, 2017

The CARDS will be for pay with the LD's used in .................. The Markets.
Aloha Dreams of Amazement and Breathtaking Hopes........... \m/ (//\\)

Stephenmac63 » July 13th, 2017

Another option...... Even though the 95/5 program is in effect....why doesnt an employer not just pay the 100 percent on the card?

Stranger » July 13th, 2017

IMO...to bring about a cashless society to a people who has mostly used cash and not credit/debit cards or bank accounts..... they are being allowed to transition by requiring 95% electronic with 5% cash/coin (LD's/fils).

The 5% LD's/fils (IMO) allow a certain amount of comfort to people who have always been paid in cash. Gives them something to jingle in their pockets and put in their wallets or purses and psychologically helps them make the transition...just like the increase in wages is more easily accepted even though it means having to open a bank account and get a card for the 95% of their wages...especially with their distrust of the banks from the past.

Apmcrx » July 13th, 2017

Mmmmm mi no comprende...lol... So this confirms that Iraqi citizens will be using the 95% of e-iqd in Cards for goods at the known exchange rate in iraq(1.2 or 1.25) mentioned in past CC I think July 3rd and confirmed by pictures (IMO)...but what about the 5%? I don't get it...
Thank you F26 another powerfull CC!!!

Stranger » July 13th, 2017

Thank you Frank.....IMO....you are saying they will be paid wages on their cards (95%) for bills like a checking account but used like a credit/debit card and the LD's (5%) cash they will spend out in the markets, restaurants or gumball machines (coins), etc.? Please see my POST 104. Am I on the right track or derailed in my thinking?

(It took me a couple hours or so to research and post, post 104, so I missed your answering Blink's post and all the others that occurred in between.)

Quietstorm » July 13th, 2017

And, if they need more cash for the markets or trade, then they will have to go to the banks or ATM's to withdraw Lower Denoms. will teach them quickly that the banks are a safe haven for their chunky money under the new banking laws. It's all coming together!!!

Don961 » July 13th, 2017

World Economy
Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lagarde Says Financial Crisis in US Possible

The International Monetary Fund’s Managing Director Christine Lagardehas said that she would not rule out another financial crisis in the US in her lifetime, indicating that comments made recently by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen may have been premature.

​There may, one day, be another crisis,” Lagarde told CNBC Tuesday on the sidelines of a joint conference with the IMF and the Croatian National Bank in Dubrovnik. Her comments responded to a statement made by Yellen a fortnight earlier in which she said she does not expect to see another financial crisis in her lifetime.

“….because there are cycles that we have seen over the past decade and I wouldn’t exclude that,” Lagarde said. She, however, noted the unpredictability of financial crises and said that finance ministers and policymakers should act with caution to prepare for such eventualities.

“Where it will come from, what form it takes, how international and broad-based it will be is to be seen, and typically the crisis never comes from where we expect it,” she added.

“Our duty, and certainly the message that we give to the finance ministers, to the policymakers, is ‘be prepared’. Make sure that your financial sector is under good supervision, that it’s well regulated, that the institutions are rock-solid, and anticipate at home with enough buffers so that you can resist the potential crisis.”

Janet Yellen is to outline her Monetary Policy Report to Congress later Wednesday in a meeting which is also likely to also pose questions about the Fed’s “tapering” plans and her own future at the central bank.


bondservant888 » July 13th, 2017

unpredictable financial crises?!! They (particularly the banksters and mortgage, investment firms) knew EXACTLY what was coming down the pipeline, and they still do.

This is the only thing that makes me question the reality of a reset, because these guys know we are headed for another recession much worse than 2008.

We should all be prepared for what is coming! Hopefully, all the prophets are right and it will be after 7 good years.



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