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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"Approaching" - Tues. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


McDan » July 25th, 2017

I get Happy every time I see a Blue (Frank) post.

Frank26 » July 25th, 2017

LOL............... Then get excited that the ATM's have ELECTRICITY and do not recognize 3 000 Notes !!!

McDan » July 25th, 2017

I personally understand what you are teaching here on the ATM

No 000 = No program rate.

Adsfbike » July 25th, 2017

It must be expensive to have all these ATMs all over the place costing rent and not getting any transaction fees. This could not go on for long imo.

Liberty78u » July 25th, 2017

The news of constant electricity was delivered with excitement. It sure didn't sound like Frank was saying "Oh no, they are only getting this online now, we are so far away!" Frank and WS are still giving the impression the ATM's turning on are very imminent.

Frank26 » July 25th, 2017

Hmmm............ Imminent ? .......... Forthcoming ......... Impending ......... Inevitable ...... Lumming ........ Approaching ....... Ineluctable ......... Inevascible ........... Yup ........ That's about right............(big grin)

Txmmsgirl » July 25th, 2017

Yes Sir, most definitely excited about soon powering up the ATMs and the eventual news of them spitting out LDs. My excitement also with the IMF meeting being moved to August 1st week...especially since IMF stated only if Iraq complied with all requirements....WooHoo....My mind keeps hearing the line from Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues".... I hear the train a'coming, it's rolling 'round the bend....

Frank26 » July 25th, 2017

Your first paragraph has a SOLID point ......... "only if " ........(wink)

Salamn69 » July 25th, 2017

Frank, Last nights conference was spot on.

I like the analogy that Allak and the CBI have jumped out of the airplane with their parachute. There is no turning back, and they have to pull the cord because they are in mid air!

We wait for confirmation that the ATM's are dispersed, and the CBI pulls the TRIGGER!

Interesting the CBI website has new pictures showing former GLORY of their country.

Frank26 from Wed. Night CC:

Frank26 If they announce in the coming days...something very big...like the ATM’s...would that not only force them to use their own currency?

This could explode their economic reforms. An article came out a few days ago that told everyone in Iraq...that they have ELECTRICITY RESERVES...and power 24/7...you cannot do banking with sporadic electricity.

We have been waiting for the electricity to come on to ACTIVATE things for the monetary reform.

Electricity was needed...do you understand the POWER of this? Do you understand...“THEY TURNED IT ON?! The ATM machines will be lit-up like a Christmas tree!

ELECTRICITY --- is ready to take Iraq into an INTERNATIONAL world.

Sirenfire » July 25th, 2017

So as I have been looking through the last few days of financial articles after the supplementary budget was approved you see a lot of articles about how the budget didn't line up, and how they need to do different things to increase their revenues because of the short comings.... Then I thought about the article that stated that Alak had to curb speculators and get things in order...

Well it seems the plan is unfolding how they are curbing speculation is to tell everyone that they are destitute and just keep pumping articles in the media about all of the different areas that are short of money...

That way it paints a picture to the world of speculators or Newer speculators or would be interested in becoming speculators into a poor investment and then they don't get into the dinar OR if they have it they get really discouraged and sell it at the prospects of all of this negative news and sell their dinar because they are not good students and can't see the bigger picture....

Now the speculation I believe is becoming under control and we should start to see some really big movements...

Re: Article - Deloitte: Iraq exempts foreign companies from taxes and will increase them to Iraqis

Frank26 » July 25th, 2017

Ahhh ??......... BRILLIENT !!!

Sunnyday » July 25th, 2017

This article definitely is saying come on in, we won't even tax you. Things are heating up.

Boxman » July 25th, 2017

Hmmm ..activate the decisions from the June 12th meeting..concerning taxes and tariffs..

Walkingstick» July 25th, 2017

Baghdad and Arbil meet tomorrow to discuss the problem of double taxation and enhance the role of private banks

The Association of Private Banks, Tuesday, that a meeting between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region will be held on Wednesday to find a solution to the problem of double taxation and strengthen the role of private banks.

The Executive Director of the Association of Private Banks, Ali Tariq told the "Economy News", that "will be held in Erbil on Wednesday a coordination meeting between the General Authority for Iraqi Taxation and the Kurdistan Region Tax Department will be headed by the delegation of the central government Director General of the Tax Authority Abbas successful and membership of the adviser in the Association of Private Banks The Director of Public Relations at the Association of Private Banks Majid Michel, the representative of the Association of Private Banks in Erbil Sherwan Mustafa and the representative of the Central Bank Khaled Shawkat, while the head of the tax department in the province, its Director General Kamal Tayeb Qadir.

"The meeting will discuss activating the decisions reached by the two sides at their last meeting in Arbil on June 12, concerning the end of double taxation between Baghdad and Erbil and coordination of tax procedures and support the work of private banks to contribute to revitalize the economic cycle in the region and in Iraq in general."

Tarek pointed out that "Baghdad and Erbil agreed on the need to find a solution to the problem of fees required by the Registrar of companies in the region for the purpose of the work of the acquittal of banks," noting that "the Kurdistan region has not complied with the agreement, which provided that there is a grace period of three months to complete their tax liabilities For the year 2016 as a prelude to obtaining the tax clearance, and postponement of the two tax assessments scheduled for the years 2014 to 2015 until the completion of these belongings




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