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Friday, July 7, 2017

"Abundance and Blessings are Flooding the Planet!" by Miguel - 7.7.17

Entry Submitted by Miguel at 3:21 AM EDT on July 7, 2017

Hi IDC Family! I just wanted to share with all of you some blessings and signs that I have received in the past couple of days! The Universe gave me the opportunity to unplug from the 3D matrix almost two years ago. Two years ago, I was doing fine with a good paying job and lots of disposable income. When all the sudden my company was acquired and I was without a job after being with the company for eight years. I thought now biggie I will just get another job after I take a couple months off and travel a bit.

Two years later, I have pretty much been unemployed and all financial resources have evaporated to the point of even having to seek public assistance for food and medical coverage. I gone through what many of you have endured the shame of losing everything materially including my once fabulous credit score plus my 3D corporate identity. Many of my friends don’t call anymore because I don’t have the money for going out on the town and blowing $200-$300 in a night of debauchery.

Even close family members don’t call anymore and probably hope I don’t call asking for money. Except my loving Mother what a kind, loving soul she is to me. Like many of you these past couple years have been isolating with no one around that could comprehend what I was going through, except my good friend Jenna in Texas, she is my soul sister! I felt like I walked the desert for 40 years with no one I could connect with on a spiritual level. Even my companion the TV died around Christmas and I didn’t have the money to replace it...blessing in disguise!

Thanks to The Creator I began my spiritual journey in 1986 and over the years I worked hard on developing myself spiritually though mediation, astrology, tarot, numerology, prayer and my strong belief in the Celestial Father/Mother, Jesus the Angels and my connection to Mother Earth. I had all these New Age and spiritual concepts in my warehouse but the past two years gave me the opportunity to test these concepts. I really had to apply my Faith in Our Creator and the wonderful mysterious workings of the Universe. Phew! I would have never made it this far without the LOVE and SUPPORT of the invisible realms.

January 2017 finally rolled in and I was at my end financially and asked the Loving Creator for a sign. I came to Gary Larrabee’s YouTube channel and IDC and started to hear about this thing called The Republic, NESARA, GESARA and the RV. WOW! I remember being a poor boy about the age of seven asking GOD for a billion dollars so that no one on the planet would be poor without food a home and LOVE all around them.

I realized now that our Heavenly Mother/Father and Jesus have answered my prayer but had to ready me for the mission I asked for at the age of seven. Here we are 44 years later at the starting line to begin our ministries of delivering the good news of our redemption that Jesus so nobly and loving prepared for us. This feeling of wandering the desert for 40 years over the past 2 years has bought us all to the oasis of our NEW EARTH and our soon to be fully liberated human family!

Sorry! I have diverted from the original intention of this posting which was to share with you the blessings and signs I received the past two days! On July 4th I was coming home from a picnic in Oakland returning back to San Francisco. I was sitting watching all the young costumed people coming to San Francisco to celebrate the elaborate firework displays. When out of the blue a young man sitting next to me said, “Here this is for you”…and shared his package of fig cookies with me. I thought that has never happened to me before on the BART train. I could see in this young man’s eyes that he had a calling to share with me which touched my heart. The next day I am sitting in Dolores Park listening to the replay of Yosef’s July 4th conference call. I have been wondering for a long time what to ask for value of my currency, especially since the screen rate is in the triple digits without a NDA! Yosef said on the call that his number was found on a diaper box…how funny I thought. When I looked up there was a group of young people celebrating a birthday with two large golden balloons forming the number 22! Wow that was a sign from the Father!

Today, the afternoon of July 6th, I was in the Castro and I had a dollar bill in my pocket, I thought what the hell get a lotto ticket. I said to my angels it would be so nice to have some spending money being broke all the time is getting to be a drag! I went into the gas station to purchase my ticket and before leaving I saw money on the floor. I knew the Universe had answered my request and put the money in my pocket. When I got to the street I realize it was (2) twenty dollar bills, there is my 22 again! I thanked the Universe and continued down Castro Street.

I came to the Castro Theatre there was a young red-haired homeless man that said,” Mister can you please buy me some cokes to drink,” it was a very warm day. I bought him the 2 cans of coke and returned to him. While purchasing the cokes, I thought I could use new ear buds for my IPhone. I would head over to Walgreens and get a cheap pair. When I gave the young man his cokes he reached into his pocket and asked me if I wanted to buy an expensive pair of BOSE ear buds, (since he had no use for them). I asked him how much not knowing if they worked but they were certainly top of the line but needed a good cleaning. I gave him 10 dollars went to Walgreens and bought some rubbing alcohol and cleaned them up and WOW the ear buds worked exceptionally well. Plus, I bought the brand of fluoride free toothpaste I love at Walgreens, because baking soda paste on my toothbrush is getting to be quite boring.

I continued down Castro Street and a homeless man was sitting with such a sad look on his face so I gave him some money and watched his face light up! I thought to myself if such a small amount of money can bring Joy to someone what will trillions do!

Now my 40 dollars was almost gone a few dollars remained. I was so happy that I was blessed and two of my Brothers were blessed! I sat in the bus shelter next to a homeless man, because I really wanted to check out the sound coming out of my BOSE ear buds! I saw the homeless man sitting next to me, he looked like he wanted to speak to me so I removed my ear buds. My Brother was without a home but started to tell me how he just fixed a small wall that was collapsing on a stranger’s house. This man supported the wall, because was afraid the wall might fall and hurt someone. I said, “Well you did a good thing! Suppose the wall would have fallen on a child, you will be blessed for your kind deed.” Then he said to me, “Mister all I want is to take a shower”.

I said to him, “Oh I can help you with that”…he looked so surprised! “Yes, I volunteer at the HOLY REDEEMER church on Wednesdays which is three blocks up the street. Go there now and someone should be in the office. The church can set you up with meals and once a week they have portable shower trucks come in for the homeless to shower and shave.” I couldn’t believe how fast he got up and started walking up the street towards the church!

So you see IDC family the RV our redemption has already occurred before 800 numbers have been posted. Jesus opened his bank to me and that small gift of $40 blessed me and three of my Brothers in a span of about ten minutes! Abundance and Blessings Are Flooding The Planet!

Sending You All The LOVE You Can Handle!




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