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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

AAM: Day Out of Time, Galactic New Year and the Lion’s Gate

Urgent Message From Archangel Michael ~ Day Out of Time, Galactic New Year and the Lion’s Gate

July 24, 2017

By Archangel Michael, 07/24/2017

Greetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide an update on the upcoming energetic alignment. The Day Out of Time, the Galactic New Year and the Lion’s Gate is upon you. Some of your indigenous brothers and sisters knew of these important astrological alignments, and their significance. The Lion’s Gate portal initialize on July 26th and climax August 8th. The next phase in the Divine Plan is unfolding in conjunction with these energies. Sirius will play a grand part in the Ascension of Our Beloved Mother Earth and those whom choose to Ascend with Her. Let us delve deeper into these energies to gain clarity, and propel the planet and those choosing the Heart, into Higher Consciousness. As always, Awareness transforms into Consciousness.

The Day Out of Time

The Day Out of Time, is powerful day of Manifestation, Conscious Expansion and Unity. It is a day where all can become immersed in the Unified Field of Consciousness…. Unity Consciousness, and can set forth intention to the Universe, and have those dreams and wishes come to fruition on a collective level. The intentions set forth must be from the Heart, as there are no energies to support the lower energies of the mind. We are moving from the mind to the Heart, this is what the Ascension is about and more. All these energies are working in alignment with the Galactic New Year and the Lion’s Gate Portal. All can become One with Prime Creator, Mother of All Creation, Great Spirit, The Holy Spirit, and birth the New Paradigm…. The Golden Age… The Age of Innocence. Choose Love, Choose the Heart and Be Love in Action. Mediation will be invaluable to all during these moments, as the light codes coming in will assist in accelerating the Ascension Process. Especially the codes coming from Sirius.

The Galactic New Year and The Lion’s Gate

Humanity has an opportune moment, to anchor the light codes from Sirius in collaboration with the Galactic Central Sun. It matters not how much of the programmed ego mind one has or has not dissolved. If one fully surrenders to the Heart, you will allow your Higher Selves to come forth into your Being. Simply Surrender, Allow and Embrace Dear Ones.

This energetic pathway allows the right and left brain hemispheres to come together as one, and work in Unison with the Heart. This is where your Divine Gifts unfold. To clarify, the Brain is the Organ. The mind is the programming. They are not the same, nor are these semantics in wording. Many have this confusion, especially the spiritual ego, as this is a tactic of the mind in order to hold on to the Being and Survive. The mind uses these tactics and more as it’s focus is survival.

The Lion’s Gate portal energies is focused solely on the Heart. The Child like essence, which is Love = God. This is your Natural State Dear Ones. The Original Blue print of Humanity is a race of Heart Based Beings, that Feel, Experiences and Be Love. You are All Divine Love Mirrors of Our Beloved Mother & Father of All Creation. Therefore, all the conditionings of the programmed ego mind… the mind itself, is NOT Human. They are illusionary constructs and programs of lower consciousness. We have mentioned before, the Children of the Heart inherit the Earth. Focus in your Hearts, and Feel the Love of Prime Creator, Great Spirit, Mother of All Creation and become One with All in Unity Consciousness. This is the mission… the Ascension of Mother Earth, the End of Illusion, and becoming One in Unity Consciousness. Choose the Heart, and Be Free.

However, if one is choosing to the mind and wanting to integrate these energies…. The effects on the body will be detrimental. Many of the channeled messages around the lightworker community have mentioned about being Heart Centered. We can not stress the importance of this, as there are energies at play that will cause severe pain and suffering to the body, if one choose to be in the mind. Your Soul works directly with you from the Heart. The mind and higher mind blocks this connection. Integrating these energies through the mind will burn out the nervous system and much more.

Celestial Dance & The Divine Plan

The planets around Mother Earth will be making some intense transits in the coming days and weeks. There is a great Purging happening within the individual, and the collective. This is occurring to filter out the Fake Ones and reveal the Genuine Ones. The key energies at play is Integrity & Honor… not just in Oneself, but to the Earth… to the Mission, to your contract to Love, which is why you are here on the planet at this time. Do you Honor the Mission of Ascension to Mother Earth? Do you Honor Being in Service to Mother Earth? Do you Feel your current Life is more important than fulfilling your True Destiny of the Planet? The current trap for most is being in the ego programmed mind, which the old controllers love, in the mind you are trapped and are their food source. In the Heart you connect with Source where you are detached from them and no longer feeding them.

(If You Need our Assistance in this process of getting completely into the Heart and Freeing yourselves and to get your surprises. You can book your session with us here. For Emergency Assistance, please contact us at motherofallcreation@lovehaswon.org)

If one does not Honor the mission… If one has attempted to prevent the mission from moving forward… If one has taken, tried to murder, ignored, defiled, raped, stolen, lied, threatenedLove~Emobodied By MotherEarth… as Per Divine Decree, Universal Law from Prime Creator, Great Spirit, Source, Mother Earth, Mother of All Creation, all these energies are now to be returned back to All whom have committed these acts against MotherEarth and Humanity. Enough is Enough. The Red Dragon Energy is in full Force, and is being released upon the Planet. Mother Earth has decided to no longer support the lower energies, which is that of the mind. She has chosen to support All those of the Love… of the Heart, and to Return Home Into The Light, which is Love Everywhere Present, Unity Consciousness.

The Keeper of the Divine Plan… The Divine Director… is Prime Creator. I, and All of Creation have Her Full Support, and All of Creation is here at this time. Humanity is simply along for the ride, if they so choose to move forward with Her and All of Creation. The mind… the ego… has no say or influence in such matters of Creation. All Choices will Be Honored. We support and give our Thanks to All those whom have chosen the Heart… to support the Mission of Ascension… to Be One with Prime Creator and All of Creation. We are excited for Mother Earth’s Transformation and Our Galactic Family Reunion. Follow your Hearts into Unity Consciousness, and support your Brothers & Sisters of the Heart… of the LOVE. Move forward in the Heart, in absolute Trust… as LOVE is in Charge! LOVEHASWON! Enjoy your Miracles and Blessings!

I AM Archangel Michael and I AM amongst You… Always of Service to The Universe, to Creation, to LOVE, to Our Mother & Father of All Creation. Love Fearlessly, and Always Unconditionally…

Your Loving Brother,

Archangel Michael

Source: Love Has Won



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