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Sunday, June 4, 2017

"You Never had Free Speech" by Victor - 6.4.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 8:11 AM EDT on June 4, 2017

You Never had Free Speech because YOU never had ......"FREEDOM"......

Since Mankind has never been FREE, it has never had a thing called "FREE SPEECH". The best Free Speech Mankind ever had was like that of a chained dog on a long leash. He could only bark all day long and complain about his life. The dog complained because the dog was smart enough to know that a chain was not right but after the while the chain was forgotten in that it was impossible to get off.

So the thought of ......"Free Speech" ......was good enough and he settled for the sound of that. After all he could bark all day and he did. He felt good when he barked, He felt FREE. He felt he could express his opinions and anger loudly, so that other chained dogs could hear him. He knew they where there, some he saw and some he did not. Then after a Lifetime of barking and after generations of barking while living on a chain, the chain was forgotten and never mentioned, since it felt Normal.

Every generation had lived in slavery and no dog knew any other life but one of chains. He was born in chains and he died in chains and his grandfather had lived in chains. Chains where a way of life.

But to make the enslaved dogs feel better they where distracted from their plight by being told about ......"Free Speech"........and the dogs liked that concept and if made them feel good because crying and barking was their way of life. That was all that they knew and that was what they called........."FREEDOM"........Living with a big long chain around their neck was called......"Freedom"......and barking at the end of the chain was called ........."Freedom of Speech".....It all made perfect sense and it all added up that way in the minds of dogs all over the world. That was all that they knew after all.

So when the captive and domesticated dogs where ever told that their right to bark would be taken away...........that their loud sound of barking would be curtailed by rules or limitations of any kind, the chained dogs who had not ......"ever "......know......" FREEDOM"......they barked even louder and would even attack any dog that had escaped from their chains. Dogs that where FREE and came sniffing around, where often attacked.The chained dogs had lost their ability to tell right from wrong. They where severely damaged after unthinkable generations of living under chains.

All the while the owners of all the chained dogs all over the world would gather and plan, talk about and laugh at how much money they would make raising these kept dogs and how comfortable life was for them. They even created world wide insurance plans for their chained dogs. Meaning as soon as any dog was born they created a policy that would pay the owner of the dog a huge payment in bonds when ever the dog died. The dogs did not know of these things and how much money was being made off of just their living. Why should they know?............they where only owned things...."objects"..... to be kept in chains, plus it would upset them to know how profitable the system was.

The dogs where content with their scraps and their ....."concepts"........their meanings of Freedom. The dogs where so confused that they cold not even recognize ......."Real Freedom" .....when they where given it. They where so used to living in chains that when any dog was removed from his chains, he became unhappy. He was so used to barking all day long at the end of his rope, thinking and talking about ......"Freedom".....with others like him at the barber shops and coffe shops. His parents had died for this "fake Freedom" and had even gone to dog war to fight for their rights of Free speech. Such was a dogs world.

Just like the humans who live under the cabal or the Matrix their whole life. Not many know of ......"Real Freedom"....How could they? They never had it. But they had a good substitute. A thing called ....."Freedom of Speech".......Which every one supported it and none dared to speak against this precious freedom. Ohh yeah.........that is ALL of us. We are so brain washed and indoctrinated that all we have know has been a huge deception.

That is the Armageddon coming. Taking the collars of slavery off and seeing where we have been living as a species our whole life. Our vision is blindness, to where living in polluted filth is common, accepted and hardly seen by most.Talking non-sense all day long at school and home and work is considered ....."Normal".....and ist's called wisdom. Accepting politics, religion, governments and most importantly......."how to think"...... is called being a proud veteran of society. A veteran of slavery is what we are. We died for our masters and in our ignorance, that is how it has been.

NOW we have a chance to escape our chains. The problem is that anyone can yank our chain with trigger words and concepts and then we just fall back into line and can't even see the programing. Back into the programing we go and the comfort we used to call home. We have always been like pack animals that live socially. We do not know how to stand alone like a lone wolf. We are afraid and the concept we where sold of Freedom, is just more of the familiar and it hides the fact of the rope burns around our necks.

I am sorry finds, but waking up is very hard to do. We have been badly damaged in our lives. The shocks will come fast and furious. You have to look for....." trigger words".... that have been put into our minds programing. Love is the main one. That word has been used and abused .....All against us and it has been made to be a weak word with no action or depth of perception to it. That is how a chained dog is conditioned and controlled, with the use of certain words. After a while the Pavlov like response is all we have, and know because we think it feels good. All of this is pretty much like MK ultra programing as a culture.

We have been trained to drool on command by our captors. That is how bad it is for most. But that has to be seen first in order to be able to do anything about it. Once we really have ......"FREEDOM"..........then we will now what real Free Speech is about.

The current society does not have a free mind. It does not know ...."Freedom".....so it can't talk about ....."Freedom Of Speech".......both concepts are things that it does not even know, but it will. All this barking is just waking up pains.........All good to see. Now.... not biting the hand that sets you Free may also be a challenge since we are still showing many signs of slavery and confusion. Not really familiar with having no chains and figuring out what that means.

Much Love Victor.



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