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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"Whose your Daddy Questions about Obama" by Reallucky1 - 6.21.17

Entry Submitted by Reallucky1 at 11:19 AM EDT on June 21, 2017

Obama Looks Like Satan in TV Show

That is a picture from a TV show Satan, the image looks just like Obama, so who is your daddy Obama?

I have heard several conflicting stories about Obama and Biden on one hand they were removed from office by the Pope and replaced with Paul Ryan in October 2015; and on the other Obama is the Sirian Commander. Then yesterday Neil Kennan called the man Tinkerbell, because of the way the East views the man. I am conflicted because why if Obama is a commander for the Sirians, would the Pope remove him from office and place Paul Ryan into office. Does that make sense to anyone? If he is so powerful, and such a fine leader to be in charge of the GCR, why did it not go through on his two terms? You have to question these many conflicting stories, because I personally am going to go with the Neil Kennan version instead of the Master Commander, which makes sense why Duerte basically called Obama out on his foreign trip "A son of a whore". Also, remember the red carpet was not laid out for Obama, because he was no longer the sitting US President, he had been removed. Does that sound like something that would happen to a Master Ascendant? Maybe they are trying to correct the legacy of the man now that its post presidency, even Cindy Kay Currier has tried to explain he is a good guy. Basically, I would never listen cause if that is true, why did he never get the RV released?

Dreams from My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception

Is his real father Frank Marshall Davis? Is his real father the Sobud leader picture below? Or is his real father Obama Sr, like he portrays, but has been proven many times over it is not true. His own mother, supposedly, Ann Dunham, worked with the Ford Foundation, and she was a direct ascendant of the CIA, under cover prostitute, lesbian, or was she actually Loretta Fuddy, until the airplane crashed with the only living person that could identify the long form birth certificate that came out of the Hawaii Vital Statistic Bureau?

Instead of listening to the many gurus tell us what they think, you have to use your own judgment, as none of the Sirian Commander stuff makes sense. If the man is so powerful, why is this being kept from public knowledge? The man was an unknown, basically I have heard three different backgrounds on Obama, and his birth certificate and background was all made up. Obama's social security number belonged to a dead man that was housed near the Sandy Hook incident mental institution, also the home him and Michelle lived in belonged to the man. Harrison J Bounel, was his name. Is he a Kenyan? Is he the son of Jim Parks, or is he the Subud son either way he was placed into office as a relatively unknown with zero vetting and a CIA background to boot. Remember the USA, inc has been bankrupt since 2012, so while this has been used against President Trump, it must also be used against Obama and Biden, and the whole Congress. If the USA inc., was bankrupt, none of this stuff is relevant. It has been used against our sitting US President, so it must also be used against ex President Obama, as his entire second term, was illegitimate and then he was removed completely and was held in office for appearances only. A Sirian Commander would have plenty of power, and hence, more powerful than the Pope? So many questions, and with the short film about the ipetgoat ii, it has been rumored that he is a clone of George Bush Sr, the black version.

SHOCKER! Loretta Fuddy - The Cult of Subud - Barack Obama and His REAL FATHER?

So many unanswered questions that lead to more questions. I will attach some links so you can see and judge for yourself, what version you want to go with, I personally trust Neil Kennan, he is fighting hard to win freedom for us.

SO WHO IS YOUR DADDY, the truth could set us all free.

Dreams From My Real Father: The Intimate Ann Dunham - Frank Marshall Davis Relationship

Does this look like something a Sirian Commander would have in their background? So, whatever you believe know that there is so much confusion surrounding this ex President, that you could fill an encyclopedia with the information, but you must use your own judgement, I am going with he is the President the legacy must be corrected, because along with many rumors, it is rumored that Michelle Obama is truly Michael LaVaugn Robinson, and she is actually a he, and the children were borrowed from friends to give it a nice American appearance.

Michelle or Michael?

So while you try and tell me he is a Sirian Commander, I sure as hell do not buy that he is a good guy, trying to get the RV going for world peace. Obama had 8 years to get this done, why are we still waiting. Personally, I wish they would remove him and get a true leader with proven background and not some joke of an ex President with more bullet holes in the story that keeps getting larger everyday. Then they are going to tell us this was for our own good? Yea lying to cover up and create new lies, is always the way I want the country run, NOT. So please save your Sirian Commander story for someone that believes it, cause I call BULLSHIT on all that crap. Along with the fact, there are Crimes Against Humanity listed on Cindy Kay Curriers site Rise Together, so if he is such a good man, and working to get this accomplished for us, why are there warrants out, and why has this not been completed? I have seen more done to finish the RV in the 5 months of President Trump then the 8 years with Obama. So once again, use your own judgement, because I just have heard and researched and do not believe anything said about this man, because there are too many stories to pick from. There are proven Wikileaks between Hillary Clinton and Obama about him bringing children into the White House, and she thought he was asking for trouble, and wanted the children to be brought to the agreed upon locations. Which is a smoking gun, there is also photos of the children playing ping pong inside the White House, so not only was Obama guilty of lying and fraud, he is also guilty of pedophilia. Would a Master Ascendant be playing with children inside the White House and have Crimes Against Humanity and Pedophilia warrants? There is not one thing about the ex President that is proven true. So WHO IS HIS REAL FATHER? Yes I do realize the Presidents are all hand picked, and yes I realize that cloning is not only in use, that it is used more than we realize. For proof that Barrack Obama is listed with an arrest warrant under Natural Law, Courtofages.com, it is under the Universal link and its the second page I could not get a usuable link to copy. You can search the drive for his name and you will find the arrest warrant for Ritual Satanic Abuse and Pedophilia, so for any woman that lists this on her site, to openly say that he is one of the good guys, and a Sirian Commander, I once again call bullshit. Hypocricy at its finest, the real problem with our so called government, that is defunct and no longer even an issue, so while we wait on all these delays and to get a sitting Congress seated, as we were told this morning, its for a bankrupt USA, inc. So what gives, when do we get to know the many answers that have built up over the years?http://www.courtofages.com/

None of this is making sense anymore, the conflicting going from one type of law to another, for a bankrupt USA, Inc., the whole story is riddled with untruths, and until the new system is in place, little will be done to change any of the information. http://neilkeenan.com/neil-keenan-update-the-dismantling-of-the-cabal/

I have researched and studied this information, and as far as I can tell, I believe that the truth is in the history and the stories of Frank Marshall Davis and Ann Dunham's long term affair, but then again there are links that Ann Dunham is not actually Obama's mother. So you see, its almost impossible to prove as truth, because any one with any proven information is either dead, or missing. Like the mysterious plane crash that Loretta Fuddy, died in 2011, I believe. Good luck, but while we are stretching the truth, remember that Obama was never qualified to be a US President, both parents must be Naturalized US citizens, and Obama's father was not, and every one in Congress acted brain dead, and no one has ever vetted this man as his education is all lies. Yes I believe he was placed in office, to show us that if we do not pay attention to our criminal government, the country will head in a terrible direction, and then the Democrats, are claiming that President Trump is the bad guy, when all I see is ex President Obama, being the bad guy, its all in the eyes of the reader. Until we get rid of the party system, this ridiculous two sides to every story will continue. The funniest part, about the division, it is by there very design to keep us from being unified. Because that is what scares the cabal elite criminals, the country coming together as ONE, to rid the true evil from the nation, the cabal, not the other side of the coin in politics. The whole Republican vs Democrat mentality is what has kept this country from truly prospering. It is a must, but the opinions are so divided, by design, its a no win situation. The truth lies in the Gesara act, which is we are all ONE, and no one is the leader. Meaning NO ONE but WE THE PEOPLE are in charge of this great nation, we have just been too busy fighting the other side to see the truth. I have had a really hard time with the extreme examples like the Women's march, where the Democrats dressed as vaginas in a public forum in front of children, and having Ashley Judd, make her insane menstrual blood speech that caused me to question her sanity. Or how about the men in the Women's restroom, and the examples of stores like Target saying its great come on in I am sure the customers will accept all this.

That bird has gone a little mad with his left and right wings in such opposition, I doubt he can soar or fly, with the extreme different opinions on each side. I pray we can find some common ground, to get this nation headed into the right direction.





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