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Sunday, June 18, 2017

"What is the Definition of Division" by Victor - 6.18.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 12:47 PM EDT on June 18, 2017

Patrick: I have to ask you this. What is the definition of...."Division"..?...What does that mean?....

On the surface it may appear as a good intended policy to try to please.... "everyone".....but can you really do that? Achieve no division, really how? They way I see it and feel this is that it is a mistake. I did not really see anything wrong in the way you ran this site. I thought it was an ...."Extremely rare".... place. It was a beacon of Light I thought and it uplifted many people, including myself. It gave me a voice to speak out against the Cabal, which run everything everywhere. There are very few places where you can speak the Truth, I thought this was one of those.

The way I see it, the Cabal have been defining the concept of "Division" for us and doing that for a long time. They put extreme pressure on everyone. Telling society that we must get along, all they while they manifest all the wars and eat all the children they want, while society.........."Just gets along".... under the cover of no more ......"Division"...allowed publicly in a politically correct mantra of ...."control"..... But in reality the Cabal definition of ....."Division".......is a control method. It stops all opposition against them when this principle is put into use. Because now, anyone who wants to speak up no longer can, since he will simple be accused of causing ....."division"....

That is the apparent liberal, loving, open, progressive and the right way to operate, so as to not upset anyone any more. Gosh.....it sounds like Heaven, but I think it is a very devious trick that sounds great but had a ...."Hidden agenda".....and achieves a dark goal of suppressing any opposition to those in control.

This ....'NO Division".....is the point of view of where we put all the races, all the religions, all the noodles in one soup bowl so that everyone is happy and the end result is that....." no one is happy."....It lowers everyones Frequency when you can no speak the Truth. You can clearly see how in Europe this principle of no ...."Division"....has been implemented and it has caused nothing but suffering and the destruction any Truth based culture, or the Christian culture there. It takes away the rights of many.It is a Cabal tool of control and destruction. It has been used to hurt many. YOU can see it did not work on a larger scale, so why would it work here? Please don't let this in you house here. Favor Truth.... Put Truth first.

So ? .....NO more division in the individual and no more division in society and .......now no more Division in IDC? Can we really get there? I see this as a camel that has snuck its head into the tent. A pretty Loving Camel with big brown eyes with extremely long lashes that just intoxicate the viewer. Because pretty soon.....from now on.... ALL the Light Workers will be out of the tent and the camel will be happily sleeping in your IDC bed. Something has gone wrong here! Because you are letting a Cabal tactic enter and rule the house now ......IMO.

You can't put oil and water and mix it all up by shaking it and say get along? Don't you separate any more, oil and water ....."Don't Divide"......and don't express what your nature and don't be what you are. It is impossible to keep this un-natural state going. To keep this forced state you have to keep agitation going. You have to constantly shake up the salad dressing and force it to mix so as to not be ...."Divided"....This agitation, requires a great deal of force and energy to try to stop the attributes of different levels of consciousness from being what they are. Every one will float to their own level. This natural process of returning to Source, or Ascension......will always cause ....."DIVISION".

This huge GAME called Life is all about .....DIVISION.....that is the contrast and the way Source wanted it. There is a huge Galactic war going on. If getting along and ......"NO DIVISION" ....could have been implemented by a simple rule........Well, we would not be here now in this huge fight. This fight in NOW clearly on the door steps of IDC.

Trying to eliminate ...."Division".....It will never work so that it will serve TRUTH, since it is an artificial creation. It is a creation that caters to the lowest common denominator where the one person who now wines the loudest gets all the the Control. The loudest whiner gets all the rights and TRUTH.......has to STFU. All the cabal now have to do is accuse anyone of hurting their darn precious feelings or of being prejudiced or of not covering their face, or of not praying to Allah at the right time of day or or not saying the pledge of allegiance or saying the pledge of allegiance, or being offended by Christmas or being offended by the image of Christ of or wearing their hair to long or or listening to their music too loud of of drinking bear on Sunday or of calling a Liar a liar or having an manger in the town square.

This will be like trying to paint a beautiful picture in only Black and White. It will support the monochromatic world of the Cabal. It will eliminate all color or contrast. Now if you can NOT DIVIDE....."YOU CAN NO LONGER"......."TELL THE TRUTH"......because Truth is divisive when it speak. Truth....it can not be itself if It can not speak and not cause shocks. If there are no shocks, everyone stays asleep and never evolves.

TRUTH is going to be supper offensives supper DIVISIVE to some people. Christ was so offensives that WE killed him and Crucified him and everyone did what?........."THEY WHERE NOT DIVISIVE"......They did not want to offend the Roman's. Once you can no longer speak up for "FEAR "of causing ..."Division".....then you have effectively removed ....."All Free Speech".....by shutting down the ability to speak the Truth.

How can any argument be properly told if it does not offend or Divide those in ignorance? Any argument has to have Division or we would all be ONE. We would be God, no argument but perfect Truth. We would be the Singularity called Source. We would then be in the 8th dimension going through a black hole an on to another Creation ........" Duality is the definition of Division "........Sobeit.......We are after all in duality and need division to be able to find our way back home.

Without Division.......we would be blind and not be able to find our own way back to Source. If we had to accept...." no division"......we would be lost without a compass to tell us what feels like JOY and what does not. That is why the Cabal want to get rid of ....."Division"......because without it. YOU can not see the Cabal and the contrast that Truth is. You can not see the Truth then.

Learning, seeing something new, will always be a shock and be offensive and divide. How can you avoid that? This is the ploy of the Cabal and how they have abused this point to suppress people and the whole planet. Now with a ..."no division" allowed rule, you can not speak your mind because it may be ...."Divisive".....therefore a no Division rule will in fact be the ......"Most Divisive".....thing you could do.

What does division mean? ..Who will define it.? Who will decide what is right and how now we will all have to ....."Obey".... this artificial creation. How will we....."Not Speak Up"...... against falsehood? I saw all kinds of attacks by both sides of the argument. So what?.....Why is that a problem? It does not hurt readership does it? I would imagine it would increase it.

So the Cabal wins this round with this new rule. NOW.....What if this post does not ever get posted.? Is that the new Truth now? But if it does not get posted because it is divisive.........then the Cabal have won. This is a policy in which only the Darkness wins and promotes its point of view. The Cabal does not want Division to expose it, Of course not. It wants all the little guinea pigs to be happy in their cages and obey. NOW how will any guinea pig in a cage have a voice to speak of their abusive plight? They will not. As soon as the guinea pig speaks out he will be accused of the crime of......."Division"......and the voice of the slaves is never be heard in this way.

Division........sedition....all terms of the controllers of this world. Every oppressive government in the world uses this tactic of..... " not allowing division"..... among the people or the masses. Let them sleep quietly and let them not be disturbed.....or "divided".... A light worker can not be who they are under such false restrictions. You can not tell the Truth any more, if you have to fear you will offend someone. You will offend and you will ......."Divide"........That is the only voice Truth has to shine the light in those dark places.

The presence of Division does not bring the level of the ...."Group Down".....Telling the Truth is very uplifting and feels good. Telling the Truth is postive. It only feels like Division to those exposed of doing wrong by the Ligth. So now Wrongness has won every argument in the future and Deception has complete immunity if this policy is implemented here.

This is an intellectual policy that is flawed and one sided. It is just completely open for abuse since ......"Division"....can not really be defined. How much Division is Division? The definition of Division will be what ever the lowest common denominator person says it is. Any criminal can now scream ........."Division".....and all action against the criminal has to now cease. NO one can speak up and then there is no trial possible or discussion possible. As Soon as the ...."Division card"...is played. All conversations have to end. A no Division rule kills all discussions.

So this is a misguided understanding that will cause and promote what?..........only one thing exactly........"DIVISION"....itself. Because now All Light Workers are completely cut off from speaking the Truth and they are divided and separated and the voice of Unity and a group will be shut down. Only the Dark side wins with when this policy of...." no Division Allowed"....if this is implemented real ....Free Speech....no longer has a format or venue to talk on. Then where will Truth go?

Much Love Victor



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