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Friday, June 16, 2017

"Visions for my Moment of our Sovereign Blessings" by Strongheart - 6.16.17

Entry Submitted by Strongheart at 3:56 PM EDT on June 16, 2017

This is the moment, that I've waited for for years. Now, I have the time to reflect on. What a moment that stood still in time.

My dear sweet Dragonfly, called me at the oddest time once again. "Hello, this is Dragonfly, guess what my friend. After years, months, hours, days, hours to hours, moment by moments we finally got the numbers to go and do our exchanges. I know you are ready my friend as am I. Here's the number #1800-ItsFinallyTime" wow I couldn't believe the time was now. We went through everything one last time. To make sure I had everything together and ready. My sweet friend has been my rock, and such a support throughout these years. Her friendship is endless, and the knowing she my sister, and best friend from another mother. She has been my strength and support no matter how many questions and how many calls, emails, late nights we shared together. Never, was I not amazed as to what she had me listen to, or the visions we shared for ourselves, our families, and our planet. How we discussed the craziest things and the history of this world. Our hearts broken knowing what we have learned and yet the beautiful people we've met and heard on many a late night call or these chat rooms in order to see, hear, and learn how we will handle this blessing that has been Divinely given to many of us that have been years in the making. It still saddens me to think this wasn't for everyone in this planet, as she explained, "to why" so many years ago. Yet my thankful heart still to this day when I learned of the attorney who fought for us to even have learned about this blessing when it wasn't even to be known only to a select group of people. So many conversations, so much waiting, so many losses, deaths, changes that has occurred. I look how it even took me two years to buy my first currency and to keep following her advice to invest in other currencies. How I value my sweet friends advice, logic, and knowledge she has gained through the years. When things where confusing or didn't make sense she was always there to answer my questions and concerns. I have never doubted this was going to happen, but like many it was the matter of when. Yet, through the learning more of what has happened, to humanity for so many lifetimes and the real history of humanity it has saddened me so many times. The pain and unknowing of what has occurred for what I see as senseless. All I know is how I've prayed what could I do as one person to make changes that so desperately has to be changed for the betterment of all humanity. How she and so many with no faces and made up names how they have blessed be on this crazy journey. So now the moment has come, the call that I've been waiting as so many have for so long. Wow! Being so excited I really had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I sat for a moment to reflect on all that I've heard, learned, read and talked about through these years. For her guidance has been amazing I thought I pray and hope I can be to many others as my Dragonfly has guided and lead me through all these years. In that moment I was envisioning what all those that I have on levels become friends with picturing their faces of excitement, relief, and wondered if anyone fainted, cried, gasped, and was experiencing what I have been at that moment.

Through all the preparation the moment came to call that #800 number. It was time to call in, but I had to stop and as always give thanks and praise to my source and all whom have gotten me to this point. I invited my Creator, unseen angels, the master, and guides whom head my foundation of my inner chambers to help me be guided with the right words and calmness I have been visioninng all this time. A calmness came of me and a voice that said "no worries we got your back and we are with you every step of the way." The warmth and love I felt at that moment was overwhelming and how at peace I felt. Thank you all. I call the number and a voice came over the phone. I said I'm calling to set my appointment for my sovereign exchange, can you help me? The person ask what I had, I replied and listed all my currencies starting with the Zim. He then gave me another number and preceded to tell me what to do. I thanked him and said, this is the greatest moment in the history of this planet. I am here to be the change the world has longed waited for and you my friend are the first on this new journey by your voice and smile. Thank you and enjoy your journey. He thanked me for my voice of excitement and said enjoy your journey and all your going to do. I Called the next number, to receive my instructions and to learn where to go for this Sovereign exchange. My outfit was ready, my container that I have carried numerous times thinking it was going to take place on numerous occasions. That container has gotten a lot of miles to say the least. I got to the exchange center. Amazed at what I saw, the organization to the detail. No stone left unturned to say the least. The smiles, handshakes and feeling on top of the world. All the introductions done and down to businesses and the Blessings I was receiving through each person whom made me feel so comfortable every step of the way. I made sure I had my "Chair for God" beside me. Took a deep breath and shared my visions and goals for humanity and the causes that have been close to my heart. I gave them my presentation and copies of my and Gods intent for generations to come. The smiles on all their faces made me feel so calm and relaxed. How excited they where when I told them we are a team and we are here to be one and work together on our dreams and visions for humanity and Mother Earth. The minutes seemed like hours but each and every step was smooth and easier than I had ever imagined. I told them I was grateful for what they have learned and had to deal with until I was finally able to be at this moment with each of them. It came time to talk about sovereign rate for each of these currencies. I took a moment and asked God what is it that is your desire me me to receive and wouldn't you know it was exactly what was intended "Oh Yah!" The process was smooth sailing and I signed all the paper work that I needed to sign. Not forgetting to sign "All Rights Reserved" above my name. Everything fell into place. They gave my the cashier checks I asked for and told me of the perks I had now that I'm at this level of wealth. We set up the skeleton trust and I shared what I had already accomplished. With smiles they gave me the black card, cash and said let's set up your next meeting with a new team to start your new life. Once everything was done. Everyone got a hug, thanks yous, and a handshake. What a moment in time, what a blessed event. Everything was absolutely perfect in every way. I walked out with smiles and in the knowing all my questions where answered and new friends made at that moment. What a day, what a gift. It was until after I got in my truck, and on the road did I pull over, took a deep breath, and scream in joy and happiness to God thank all that I ask to be present for their gift to me of having all gone to well. But through this moment I sat and cried for all those that had sacrificed all that they had done for each of us to get here at this moment. Wow! what a moment that will be forever in my heart and memory. To my children, family, friends, and chat rooms thank you all for supporting this moment and this journey.




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