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Thursday, June 8, 2017

"Using the Violet Flame" by GoldDragonStar - 6.8.17

Entry Submitted by GoldDragonStar at 2:48 PM EDT on June 8, 2017

Greetings to All my Sisters and Brothers!! Much needed fabulous news and events are starting to ramp up as We get closer to the weekend. Where We hope the very thing We have been striving to achieve on so many physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual levels, will soon be set Free. This call for freedom has drawn many to its light. Beings from other planets, galaxies, Universes and dimensions to witness and some to help us with the miracle about to unfold. To All, We Humans are extremely grateful that You have come at this time. Though you may think you have contributed nothing to the cause in this you are mistaken. You have given Us with your gift of attention, Energy.

Like most things in the Universe, Energy is neutral unless it has been directed by some source, either positive or negative. One very important characteristic of energy You hopefully came away with from Science class in School was; Energy cannot be created or destroyed only changed from one form to another. The Law of Conversation of Energy. Once We move into the 5th or 6th dimension this Law will still be in effect. In fact much more so because Our physical bodies will have converted a portion of Our mass into a Energy. We will become less dense in matter the higher you go up in dimensions.

This is very Important to know, why? Well think about it. As I go higher in dimensions I AM becoming more Energy and less in Matter. It is also very important to understand at this point that in any given dimensions I can also control my mass and energy. I can be a very heavy 3rd dimensional person or a lighter one and we are not just talking about your Physical body. Your energy can be very very heavy. A good example of what I'm saying and came be explained and hopefully understood is the colour spectrum. The visible spectrum of light is actually very tiny in the Energy spectrum World. Very small frequency change between the lowest energy colour Red and the highest colour Violet. In between are the rest of the colours. The most important thing I what you to take from this is Violet has the greatest energy frequency at the top end of visible colour spectrum.

Now knowing a little more about energy we can focus in on using the Violet Flame for transmuting the release of negative, stagnant and unneeded energies to further your healing and of course aiding your ascension process here on the beautiful stone we call Earth.(Gaia) What you might not beware of is that the Violet Flame has a consciousness. Like asking your Angels or Jesus or many of the other deities for help with a difficult piece of your healing process. The Violet Flame is just waiting for your call of help. " I AM present to be of service whenever you think of me, call me, express an intention for healing or letting go of limiting and separate energies." You see as a potent and intense energy the Violet Flame burns up energies, thoughts, believes and fears within you that hinder your connection with the Creator. Along with the Violet Flame of Transmutation when called upon, Angels from the 7th Ray of light are also present to anchor angelic Love into your entire being as you are releasing the no longer needed energies. When those unwanted energies are released from your body and auric fields it leaves a space and naturally all spaces get filled. So this is where the Angels fill that space with Love to continue the healing process. If you are consciously aware of when that energy is transmuted, you can mentally fill that space with a joyous memory from your past. Something that made a positive vibration soar within you! An experience that made you grin, smile, laugh uncontrollably for hours or even minutes. These are the high vibrations that will help poll vault you to the 6th dimension.

The awesome part of doing this cleansing and clearing of all your bodies and fields is the raising of Your vibration. And when you do the work on yourself, you are also contributing in raising the vibration of everyone else. As you do your work of cleansing you raise the vibration of the whole. This is why a small group of Light Workers (Warriors) have raised and held the vibration to the point that Ascension for Humanity can take place. As more and more start to clear the cobwebs, and begin working on raising their vibrations, it starts to get easier for the Pathfinders as the load is spread out among more souls. This is also true for the power of the Violet Flame. The greater the presence used of the Violet Flame, the greater the co-creation within to the Creator. Connectivity within your being and with the Creator is one of your intentions within your Ascension processes, whether you consciously realize this or not. So using the Violet Flame more often starts to create a better understanding of the inner light being that you are and the connection to your God self. So in short after increased usage of the Violet Flame of Transmutation it will trigger an activation within you encouraging you to recognize yourself as whole and united, rather than separate, incomplete and imperfect.

Using the Violet Flame of Transmutation can be as easy as learning these two sentences that you can chant as your mantra when walking or driving your car. The mantra is

"I AM a being of Violet Fire
I AM the purity God desires"

While working on yourself with some type of healing techniques or on another person you can say:



" I AM, I AM, I AM the fullness of God's Plan fulfilled right now and forever!!"
Repeat this at least 3X. You can do 6X or 9X all depends on you.

These are quick and fast phrases to use whenever you feel the need to. These phrases although small in stature pack a powerful punch of Healing Energy. The more that you use these the more your healing energies will be magnified.

When calling upon The Violet Flame energy you can still hold the same intention as before for healing, cleansing and purification, however, so much more will take place as I have explained. If you do call upon my presence with the intention of promoting your self-healing, experiencing a greater connectivity and wholeness within your being or a greater unity with the Creator, then I will co-create this with you in the most appropriate and magical way. It is your choosing as to whether you wish to retain your original focus or expand your mind to consciously explore the co-creation we can achieve together.

Co-Creating with the Violet Flame

During meditation or quiet time, call upon my energy to be present with you:

‘Violet Flame of Transmutation and Connectivity, I call upon your presence to draw forth, surround me and co-creating with me. I welcome your energies, consciousness and activations to be of service to my ascension in ways that I can understand as well as ways guided by my soul which I may not need to acknowledge. As your energy fills my entire being, I share with you my intention and reason for calling upon your assistance and service.

(Please state your intention in your own words from your heart.)

I now surrender to your co-creation of my intention within my being and reality, knowing that my soul and higher aspects will oversee all transitions and shifts activated within my being. Violet Flame of Transmutation and Connectivity I now receive your energy. Thanks and gratitude is expressed from my heart.’

Imagine, sense or acknowledge that you exist within a Violet Flame, which completely surrounds your body and energetic bodies. Stay within my energy observing your entire being or allowing yourself to recognise any areas which require healing or any transformations which take place.

Imagine from the base of my energy, the Violet Flame which surrounds you, a pale violet light spirals moving up through the centre of your being, reaching out beyond your crown chakra. This is my energy merging the connectivity frequency of my energy, activating a frequency of wholeness within your being which blossoms into all aspects of your being. Simply focus upon the pale violet spiral continuously flowing from below you, up through the centre of your being and beyond.

Bring your attention to your higher heart chakra, your own sacred energy and self-healing vibrations will begin to awaken, overflowing to fill your entire being. Qualities of unity, truth, oneness and self-love may be recognised within the sacred energy now filling your being. You may notice that you feel your inner energy expanding consciously, connecting with aspects of the Creator. This will support an acceleration of your ascension while downloading new Creator energy into your being.

Much will occur which may be beyond your recognition; it is important to remain in meditation until you feel my energy withdraw as then you will be certain that my co-creation with you is complete. If the energy becomes too intense, please make a direct request to me to decrease the speed of my vibration until it becomes more comfortable for you. Finally, it is appropriate to know and understand that as my energy withdraws so, the Angels of the 7th Ray of Light will draw forth and channel angelic love into your being to assist further and to complete the process.

In Light and Love intentions for your ascension,




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