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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"Understanding My Supposed Attack on Dr. W.C." - One Who Knows - 6.13.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 2:32 PM EDT on June 13, 2017

Understanding My Supposed Attack on Dr. W.C.

My friends, after many questions and emails wondering why Dr. W.C. would say that I "Attacked" her and Fisher, I thought it was time you should know "The Real Truth!" I am quite certain that you will find this very "Illuminating" as to her motives and a bit revolting as well.

Note: While I am quite certain that she is NO form of a Doctor, I will address her as Dr. W.C. as that is how she likes to portray herself, kind of like Dr. Clark, I suppose.

For Reference

For reference this comment that she made to COBRA, Aka Sandra, Aka TPAO, Aka AreLian (Are Lying), was a little past the 85 minute mark (01:25:00) on her June 6, 2017 recording (Links Below). While clearly referring to me, she told COBRA that I attacked her and Fisher about a year ago when her "Chat Room" was still open. Obviously she has not liked me, maybe even hated me ever since.

After receiving many emails and questions about what I "Did" to Dr. W.C., I have decided to explain it here for both your understanding and enjoyment as well. I am quite sure you will find this tale a bit sad, but entertaining as well.

To Set The Scene

Back then, about a year ago, Yosef had just come on the scene and was giving us some very valuable and important information and intel. Remember, he was the first one to tell us that NO zeros would be removed from the Zim and that it was in fact a Bond and quite valuable.

Yosef had come on the The Real Truth Call several times if I recall, and began giving Dr. W.C. intel and information on what was going on, like we get from him still to this day, except back then it was Ground Breaking and POWERFUL information that we had never heard from anyone else before. To say it was valuable information would have been an understatement.

The Issue With Dr. W.C.

She had just started a "Chat Room" during this time when Yosef was giving her Intel to pass on. But instead of saying it on the nightly calls, she would post it in her private Chat Room for their eyes only. She would tell people that if they wanted to get the latest intel from Yosef, they would have to become a member of her chat room and abide by her rules.

I remember back in those days, if she would grace us with a short reading of Yosef's intel on the live call we were lucky. I could tell that she didn't want to do that. I later put the pieces together in my mind of what was going on.

She had rules that any and all information that was given to her chat room was NOT permitted to be shared outside of the Chat room and that anyone caught sharing the intel, would be banned from her chat room and prevented from gritting any more intel. However, if she gave the intel on the live call, she had no control of that intel after that.

She seemed to enjoy having the exclusive Yosef Intel and she jealously guarded it from being shared publicly. I know that I heard of many who were kicked out of the chat room for violating the cardinal rule "Thou Shall NOT take intel out of the room!" I found this attitude of her's to be beyond controlling, and more like "Service To Self" type behavior. After all, why would she be so insistent that NO ONE except her people would get to have that intel? Her position on the matter could be summed up as "If you want this intel, you have to join my group, abide by my rules, and do NOT share it outside our group, or else get banned!"

I Thought That Was Selfish of Dr. W.C.

At that time I was posting on Intel Dinar Chronicles and I knew plenty of people who would love to get this amazing new intel about rates and what was really going on. Since Dr. W.C. seemed to have a death grip on the intel for herself and her use only, I decided to make a plea to Yosef to give us the intel as well. Clearly Dr. W.C. was not about to share it with anyone, and Horded it for herself exclusively. Christian?

So I wrote an "Open Letter" to Yosef asking him to consider giving us the information that Dr. W.C. was so unwilling to share. I explained the situation of people being afraid to share his intel for fear of reprisal from Dr. W.C. which frankly was very real. She booted plenty of people from her chat room for daring to share the intel with other "Outsiders."

Yosef Recognized The "Problem"

Yosef, then began to post the same intel he was giving Dr. W.C. on Intel Dinar Chronicles as well. I was so pleased as was everyone else. Clearly he could see that Dr. W.C. was NOT going to share with others and so he gave it to us directly as well. To make a long story short, that is how Yosef started making regular posts here because we appreciated him for it, and also because it was obvious that giving it to Dr. W.C. alone was not working out.

The Chat Room Failed

Once she no longer had the exclusive control over Yosef's intel, people stopped going to her chat room to get Yosef intel as they no longer needed to. It was free on Intel Dinar Chronicles and there was no rules they had to follow to get it. She had No more control over the intel or who would get to see it.

The number of people who were active members in the Chat room, started to drop drastically. The only thing they had left was Fisher intel which was interesting at times, but nothing compared to Yosef intel... NEVER has been. However, soon even he was telling people that they were permitted to share his intel on the net and with the World. Again, another reason that kept people from the Chat room because by then, even Fisher intel was available outside the chat room.

While I am not sure about this, I think the chat room is dead now. No more exclusive and no more reason to be there.

Dr. W.C. & Fisher Blame Me

Obviously, Dr. W.C. and Fisher blame me for ruining their "Good Thing" by getting Yosef, to post on Intel Dinar Chronicles taking away her exclusive. No more being able to horde and control intel. No more forcing people to jump through her hoops to get the intel. This is what she is referring to on the 6-6-2017 RTC @ 85 minutes, when she says that he {Meaning me} "Attacked" Fisher and I. What that really means, is that I took away her power and control over intel and others by getting Yosef to give us the intel as well. That is how I "Attacked" her.

Sadly, over a year later she is still mad at me for taking away her power, that she conspired with this slimy snake Cobra, (Sandra, 410, TPAO, AreLian), and Fisher to try to discredit me on her call. How pathetic.

However, for the record, and for the fun of it, I am including the entire post that I wrote to Yosef. This post below, is the "ATTACK" that she hates me for. I called it a "Change of Venue Request."


************ Start Post (The Attack) ************

"Open Letter To Yosef" - Guest Post by One Who Believes

6/23/2016 11:47:00 AM

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 10:27 AM EDT on June 23, 2016

Open Letter To Yosef,

Re: Change of Venue Request

We live in strange times, somewhere between the old Service to Self as epitomized by the Cabal, and Service to Others as epitomized by Jesus and the other ascended Masters like him. You clearly show us the way of Love and Light, as a fine example of one who serves Others. Your giving of your time and valuable Intel seems to be endless and is loved by those of us who have ears to hear your Heart.

While Intel is not an exact science, (No One Has Got It Right Yet) you still give it your best effort to uncover everything you can and unselfishly share what you have found with the rest of us who so desire it. You have fearlessly and courageously shared your findings with us, despite those who would condemn you. We should all send them Love for they don't know what they don't know, for all of us will know the Truth soon enough.

Request For Change of Venue:

This letter is a special request for a change of Venue, for your valuable Intel. Some Intel calls and sites are clearly skewed to disinformation and hate and these venues are rightfully avoided altogether. Others who are open to your message and Intel, still are not ideal because they are heavily governed by limitations as to what is allowed to be shared and what is not.

However, there is one venue which at first seemed to be ideal because you were free to speak the real, whole truth, with all the wonderful details and insight, without being chastised or censored. But, in the end, even this seemingly ideal Venue has succumbed to a Service to Self, Ego driven agenda. While this assessment may seem harsh at first, the point was clearly driven home to me the other day.

I was speaking with a fellow Dinarian and asked if they had heard any new Intel and their response spoke volumes. They said "It is Yosef Intel, and I don’t dare send it to you because I might get in trouble. No one else is supposed to get this Intel. It is for our room only. So, I will instead have to read it to you over the phone, but don't tell anyone where you heard it." The fear of reprisal was both palpable, and telling. It was both sad and disturbing. This site was claiming your Intel as some special privilege given only to them for their use only. In essence they were saying "No one else gets to have this information... It is ours... go get your own." Can you imagine Jesus telling the Apostles, this enlightenment and Intel that I say to you is only for you. Do not take it outside our circle. Do not write it down or pass it on to anyone else. If that were the case, we certainly wouldn't have a bible. That is not the way of Light and Love.

I know that is not your intention when you give Intel, and yet they jealously guard and horde your Intel as their own, and do their best to prevent anyone else from having access to it. There are literally threats of banishment for anyone who dares to share it with anyone else. It is the old story of the few hundred who have and the 20 million who have not.

My open request to you Yosef, is to please share your Intel with us, in a place where no one has the power to decide who shall have it and who shall not. A place like Dinar Chronicles, where no one may censor it, or prevent others from accessing it. A place where people can share it without threats of reprisal.

As you have said many times, the very reason that the Chinese and the Elders did not give the money to the banks and corporations is because they would keep it for themselves (Service To Self) and not share it with those who needed and wanted it. The intent of the Elders, for giving us the money is NOT for us to horde it and keep it ourselves (Service To Self), but instead, to share it with others who are in need of it (Service To Others). Likewise, I ask that you please share your Intel with us directly and not through those who would selfishly keep it only for themselves, while preventing others from benefiting from it.

Signed: One Who Believes

************ End of Post (The Attack) ************

************** Call Details **************

Real Truth Call 6-6-2017

@ (01:21:00) 81 min

"Sandra" Female caller calls (Area Code 410) (COBRA)

@ (01:25:00) 85 minutes

W.C. Accused Me of "Attacking" Her & Fisher and her "chat room"

@ (04:13:00) 253 min

Fisher & COBRA (Area Code 410) Bashing One Who Knows




May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows


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