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Thursday, June 8, 2017

"Two Big Things" - Thurs. AM KTFA Thoughts/News


TpNoble » June 8th, 2017

Hmmm. Boeing 737 air planes have a price range of approximately 51-85 million USD. Have they partnered with a private company, are they just going to put it on their new Master Card, pay with gold, raise their exchange rate soon? Is their credit that good, now ? 10-15 jets would be equal to the amount the IMF is offering in August? Very curious Grasshopper very curious? Third world counties with no money can't buy 737's ! We'll just have to wait for more details?

Samson » June 8th, 2017

For the first time .. Transportation confirms: Iraqi pilots will drive new aircraft from the factory to Baghdad

13:43 - 08/06/2017

The Ministry of Transport, on Thursday that the Iraqi pilots will drive the new aircraft contracted by the ministry from its factories to Baghdad airport "for the first time in the history of Iraq," noting that the Ministry of Finance will pay for the new aircraft amounts without reference to the bank.

According to a statement issued by the ministry's media and received / information / copy of it, "the new Boeing aircraft contracted by the General Company of Iraqi Airways from the new generation will arrive on 07.24.2017 and will arrive after the second meal on 11.08.2017."

He added that "This achievement is the first in the history of Iraq, Iraqi pilots will be led by the new aircraft from factories to Baghdad," noting that "these aircraft will be organized so to the Iraqi Airways fleet," he said, adding that "the aircraft of 737 type can accommodate 162 passengers and extents up to 5440 kilometers. "

"The Iraqi Airways for the first time in its history will pay financial new aircraft amounts without reference to the bank," stressing that "the experiences of Iraq and energies owned by Iraqi Airways is able to assume its responsibility in order to improve the rate of services offered to passengers, which is located we have great tasks in order to develop and modernize the Iraqi air fleet. "


AnimatedRock » June 8th, 2017

This says two big things to me

#1 - Iraq is not POCKETING this money and saying "mine now" they are investigating it. Which IMO is HUGE!!

#2 - With Qatar - The truth behind things begins to unfold
Just what I see

Walkingstick » June 8th, 2017

Abadi: Central Bank funds are being held in the country and achieve legal entry to Iraq

Prime Minister, "Haider al-Abadi," said the Central Bank of Iraq holds hundreds of millions of dollars and other European currencies that entered the country on board a Qatari plane landed in Baghdad last April, and achieved legal entry.

And extracted the money from a Qatari plane at Baghdad airport, after it was prepared to pay as part of a deal Alaraj Qatari fishermen kidnapped in Iraq.

He added, "Abadi" during the meeting with journalists and academics in his office in Baghdad on Wednesday evening, attended by "Iraqi position" (June 7, 2017), "Baghdad verify the source of the money, worth 250 million euros and 50 million dollars," adding that it "held the Central Bank of Iraq."

He continued, "There is a specialized team investigating the entry of these funds into Iraqi territory with the participation of a representative from the State of Qatar."

He explained, "Abadi", that "the money recovered from the bags under the supervision of representatives of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Iraqi intelligence services as well as from a party representing the country side and experts from the Central Bank of Iraq to put them under legal follow-up."

The Gulf media said this week that the money that prompted Riyadh to accuse Qatar funding of some factions of the popular crowd forces in Iraq.

The group of Qataris were on a fishing trip inside Iraqi territory and kidnapped in December 2015 by a group that includes dozens of militants in the desert adjacent to Saudi Arabia, before they are released in the last April.

The newspaper "Financial Times", said in a report yesterday, that the establishment of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain to cut off diplomatic relations with Qatar, and the closure of the land borders and the suspension of flights with them, was caused by "a ransom of $ billion provided by Qatar for the Liberation of members of the royal family were on a trip for hunting falcons were kidnapped earlier in southern Iraq. "

The report added, quoting a source is relevant, "What angered Saudi Arabia and its allies is the Doha so the large amount of money to Al Qaeda-linked group fighting in Syria, as well as Iranian security men," pointing out that the parties involved in the deal to release the abductees, was including government officials and three leaders of the Iraqi Shiite militia soldiers in the Syrian opposition factions and leaders.

The report also said that " the amount of $ 700 million payment to Iranian figures and factions of Iraq backed by Iran to liberate Qataris 26 kidnapped in Iraq, and Doha paid about $ 300 million to a group (Fatah al - Sham) opposition in Syria , which is affiliated to al - Qaeda in exchange for the release of 50 Shi'ite militants were prisoners of their "

returning to the issue of the abduction of Qatari fishermen,

The newspaper reported that the crisis "began with Hezbollah Brigades in Iraq abducted Qataris in the month of December 2015, where a number of their leaders confirmed that the hostages were taken to Iran."

According to diplomats, the reason behind the kidnapping of Qatari was to give Hezbollah and Iran as a pretext to negotiate for the release of Shi'ite fighters being held by the "Fatah al-Sham" group in Syria, which included a deal to release the kidnappers later a separate agreement to facilitate the evacuation of the towns of "Kefraya and insipidity" Shia, which is encircled by opposition militants Syrian versus other besieged by gunmen loyal to the Syrian government.


Upstart » June 8th, 2017

Past 1pm in Baghdad and no CBI auction post today.

Likewise, the s/s has not been updated since the entry made on June 4th.

So, as it stands, today's auction was done yesterday and we wait

LINK: cbi.iq CurrencyAuctions

Samson » June 8th, 2017

Trade: Construction achieved sales of over 277 million dinars during last May

08.06.2017 at 11:05 (Baghdad time)

General Company for the trade of construction materials in the Ministry of Commerce, on Thursday, announced sales of more than 277 million dinars during the month of May.

The general director of the company's agency Sabah al-Saadi Flaih in a ministry statement received / scales News / copy of it, "the company's branches in Baghdad and the provinces have achieved financial sales during the month of May amounted to materials 277 512 546 handled by the company."

Saadi added that "the Baghdad branch came in the list provided sales through sums of money to achieve an estimated (70.713 million)," persisting "The company's branch in Anbar has achieved sales of (46.9635 million) and a branch of Babylon (40.70101 million)."

The Director General of the company, that "the Baghdad branch achieved a financial increase in sales of the month of May from the previous month by (9.15395 million), and sales of the month of May has made remarkable in the sale of construction materials increased" .anthy LInk

Sc1 » June 8th, 2017

Thank you Samson for posting this article!

So, at a program rate of 1200 dinar to one dollar, or going with the market rate of 1166 dinar to one dollar: that amount of 277 million dinar is about $238,000 for the month, or an average of about $7,933 per day.

Sales increase was about 9.15 million dinar... at 1166 dinar to 1 dollar, that amount is about a $7,850 increase for the month, or an average of about $262 dollars per day.... .. Is that a 'remarkable increase' ???

Is concrete that inexpensive in Iraq?? - OR - Are they speaking of a much more valuable dinar??

Don961 » June 8th, 2017

Iran Moving Toward Downsizing and Free Market Economy

The Majlis speaker says plans to revive the ailing economy should top the agenda of all branches of government

President Hassan Rouhani, who was reelected last month, reaffirmed his reform plans to develop a climate conducive to a free and competitive economy.

“Politics should be withdrawn from the economic landscape to make room for the private sector. The government should give up [control of] the economy. Neither the government, nor our dear military personnel are good business managers,” the president was quoted as saying Tuesday by his official website.

“We need to hand over the reins of the economy to the people and help create a competitive environment.”

Rouhani was addressing a gathering of lawmakers in a feast of Iftar to break the Ramadan fast in Tehran.

The moderate cleric fought a strong conservative challenge for reelection in the May 19 presidential vote by winning 57% of the ballots cast.

Rouhani first came to office in 2013 on a moderate platform to revive Iran’s foreign policy and revive the struggling economy saddled with years of international sanctions.

He oversaw negotiations that led to the 2015 landmark agreement to end the protracted conflict with the West over the nuclear energy program.

It has been in place since January 2016 to remove the shackles of global restrictions on the economy in return for temporary curbs on its nuclear program.

The nuclear accord, widely seen as Rouhani’s signature achievement, and his economic performance have been the main targets of conservative critics and the focus of their presidential election campaign.

His rivals took every opportunity to highlight grievances that tangible benefits from the pact have not trickled down to the masses, especially those at the lower-end of the economic ladder.

Indispensible Opening

The opponents have railed against his policy of open trade with the outside world in the wake of the sanctions relief on concerns that it could leave the Islamic Republic vulnerable to hostile western governments.

Rouhani has often argued that a limited opening to the West is indispensable if the economy is to weather the prolonged slump and move forward.

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani told the meeting that plans to revive the ailing economy should top the agenda of the three branches of government.

He renewed a call to Rouhani to appoint capable people to his Cabinet on the basis of merit and regardless of their political leanings.

“What is important is that competent and qualified people run the country’s affairs,” the lawmaker said.


DLR » June 8th, 2017

If you don't like the way things look, change the way you look at them. Chris Brady

Iggy » June 8th, 2017

" Keep in mind that neither success nor failure is ever final. "

FrostTheSnowman » June 8th, 2017

Visualize!!! It's Coming!



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