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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

TruthCall Chat Room Highlights for Wed. PM 6-21-17

TruthCall Chat Room

clay: rumor ISIS blew up mosque suicide time will tell

FreddyFudpucker: sounds like something they wold do JERKS

clay: its done
clay: being confirmed

Meatball: you called it

clay: #BREAKING #ISIS have blown up Al-Nuri mosque and completely destroyed its minaret in #Mosul Old city. #Iraq

clay: suicide...does that mean no Virgins for you


clay: look at mosque blown up
clay: meatball lol (mooning)

Meatball: its breaking on the news now

clay: is it I'm at work

Meatball: just came across

clay: thanks

The Crisco Kid: Morning All .....

clay: evening

The Crisco Kid: Yea That Too ....

clay: lol

Meatball: hey Kid
Meatball: hey Kid

The Crisco Kid: I Hear Somebody Blowen Stuff Up !!

clay: yep ISIS committed suicide and blew up their mosque in Mosul
clay: its done

The Crisco Kid: let The Good Times Rolll

clay: Mosul has been fully liberated

clay: now lets RV

The Crisco Kid: Step In The Right Direction .....

clay: 4 sure

FreddyFudpucker: ̧ lets go RV!!.. Clap Clap lets go RV!!..Clap Clap lets go RV..Clap Clap lets go RV!!..Clap Clap

FreddyFudpucker: ♥♥♥ Stupid RV anyhow ♥♥♥

ElmerFudd: So, does this mean that the fight for Mosul is over?

The Crisco Kid: Said That I Want People To Die So I Can Become Rich.... But I'll Live With IT ....

Meatball: we didn't start there war

clay: elmer yes

clay: Haidar Sumeri‏ @IraqiSecurityFollowMoreFor the first time in 3 years, #Iraq's armed forces are walking through the streets of the old city's centre in #Mosul ??Godspeed, warriors.

ElmerFudd: Cool!

FreddyFudpucker: get er dun IRaq
FreddyFudpucker: I wonder how long now??

clay: FF me too

Meatball: not gonna comment ...lol

The Crisco Kid: XXXX You Can't Do That In Chicago

FreddyFudpucker: good boy Meat :P

Meatball: lol

clay: lol

FreddyFudpucker: now I feel the RV itch
FreddyFudpucker: we have waited long enough we being the whole world including Iraq

Meatball: they have cremes for that lol

FreddyFudpucker: last creme I used took teh skin off
FreddyFudpucker: of course it was supposed to lol

Meatball: lol

clay: RV itch is that like crabs
clay: LOL

FreddyFudpucker: worse Clay they know how U get crabs

clay: LOL

The Crisco Kid: I Had The Seven Itch One, Got Rid Of Her ....

Meatball: hope nobody has crabs this long

clay: LOL

ElmerFudd: Am I reading right that Iraq can purchase weapons and if that is the case, wouldn't that mean that they are no longer considered a terrorist state?

clay: really 7 years would be a long time

The Crisco Kid: Sounds That Way To me.....

clay: one would think

FreddyFudpucker: it would seem elmer
FreddyFudpucker: whats 4 supper Clay?
FreddyFudpucker: bbq pork N cole slaw here

The Crisco Kid: I'll Bring The Wine ...

JitterJo: About 4 years. Tony was my first experience. I knew he was a con man right away. So I made my way to today. Not sure if this is a scam, but taking a chance.

​Meatball: it has potential... its a speculative thing at best

JitterJo: I agree.

Meatball: no body knows for sure when or if

The Crisco Kid: If WE Dont Take A Chance Once In Awhile WE Never Get Out Of Bed

Meatball: anything can happen... good or bad

JitterJo: Lol

Meatball: trying to take mine to work lol

JitterJo: I am just tired of the gurus. They mess with people.

Meatball: yes they do

The Crisco Kid: THis Just A Investment Some Work Some Don't But I Got This Feel Were ON The Right Track, Just A Matter Of Time .....

JitterJo: I will be back. Dinner time. Thanks for the welcome.

Meatball: I hope so KID

The Crisco Kid: Me Too Meat
The Crisco Kid: Anymore News About Something That Was Blowen Up Today ???
The Crisco Kid: Long Ride XXXX I'm Saddle Sore .....

Meatball: Its Iraq.... something blows up every hour
Meatball: hello Sunrise

The Crisco Kid: Thats True Kind Of Like Chicago ....

Meatball: lol... I lived in both

The Crisco Kid: Howdy Sunrise

TWW: WOW this room is now coming alive with chatters, GREAT...this will keep Zig bizy lolololol

Sunrise: Hello Crisco Kid, just signed up today !!

The Crisco Kid: Good Choice

Meatball: Sunrise.. welcome

TWW: @Sunrise Welcvome & enjoy
TWW: @Sunrise opps, typo...Welcome

Sunrise: Hello Meatball!

The Crisco Kid: I Can Read It Dont Worry The One One That Coplanins Is Zig ....

Sunrise: Thanks for the welcome TWW !

Meatball: so where are you from Sunrise?

Sunrise: West Coast State of California ..

TWW: @Sunrise Where abouts in Cali

The Crisco Kid: I Li ved In Huntington Beach And Newhall .....

TWW: @Sunrise Newhall Circle K ranch??

Sunrise: Near San Francisco, Ca
Sunrise: Hunting Beach Southern Cal?

The Crisco Kid: Del Parado Lyons Ave
The Crisco Kid: Yes Newport Area

TWW: @Sunrise HB was the first beach area I saw sidewalks that close to a beach. Not from my home area.

Sunrise : Temp here 102°

Meatball: keep it out there lol

The Crisco Kid: Keep It Got Buddy In AZ 110 ....

Sunrise: Lol

Meatball: how long have you been in all this Sunrise?

The Crisco Kid: Back IN A Few Have To Check Noises In the Barn......

Sunrise : AZ, just about the hottest

Sunrise: about 2 years

Meatball: nice to have you here

Sunrise : It's been quite an experience of s life time and exciting!!
Sunrise: Thanks much!!

Meatball: it has been a long ride
Meatball: I have seen a lot of nonsense over the years

Sunrise : Yes it has!

[pm]Zig: If I knew that I would be on "Recaps" I would have started putting makeup on in here....... :P

TWW: @Zig ooooooooooo makeup...did u ever finish bleaching ur hair or just waiting for the sun to do it??

Meatball: Surprising there posting some of the comments

[pm]Zig: Welcome to those of you that have found our link at Recaps!...I think you will enjoy the freedom here!!

Meatball: Anyone see the new Kurdish currency?

TWW: @Meatball I have searched &searches but cant find anything. Have you?? I kno the dinar is in both languages

Meatball: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTHiI9ETqcE

Meatball: I believe it was started / printed or designed a few years back. Looks like there bringing it out for the Sept meeting

TWW: @Meatball nice lookin currency...cant wait til itz available, thanx MB

Meatball: be curious how this will effect things.... so called stability

SkyMan: Can someone explain...if the Kurdistan breaks away from Iraq and form their own country, they have the oil, so wouldn't an RV of the Dinar be devastated?

The Crisco Kid: I Don't Even Pretend To have A Answer For That One ....

Meatball: that is the question
Meatball: Abadi is totally against the Kurds breaking off

TWW: @SkyMan I too have no answer, beautiful currency thanx to MB's link

Meatball: I can think of a few questions myself about this subject

TWW: @Meatball itz the black gold, Texas T...

Meatball: a big factor

TWW: @Meatball HUGE

Meatball: always believed the Kurds had the upper hand

The Crisco Kid: Oil Doesn't have The Value It Once Had Because Of Fracking .....

Meatball: its whats keeping the lights on over there

The Crisco Kid: But For How Much Longer ?

Meatball: they were told over and over to get there private sector going
Meatball: not to rely on just oil
Meatball: look at Saudi how that worked out for them

SkyMan: Oil will have value and be needed for a long time to come. It won't be as valuable as it was a year or so ago. But oil is still desperately needed and therefor will have value. They are selling and counting on volume currently as the prices has dropped.

The Crisco Kid: But Old Habits Are Hard To Change....

Meatball: once the market is flooded the ppb will drop

TWW: @Meatball they dont listen to anyone, just dont

SkyMan: Already has

Meatball: time will tell

TWW: @Meatball sounds like what rayren says all the time lololol.
TWW: @Meatball oil today is 42.59usd




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