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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

TruthCall Chat Room Highlights for Wed. AM 6-21-17

TruthCall Chat Room

​ElmerFudd: Morning all, so what is the cheesy excuse for the day?
ElmerFudd: Hey Clay.

clay: @ElmerFudd hey wish I knew who everyone was lol

ElmerFudd: All new names in here.
clay: oh lol

Brow: Maybe a New Window will open at the End of Year or Beginning of 2018-But Not Until Then

ElmerFudd: Wish I had more of an english map of Mosul. They are reporting more of what sections that they have liberated, but all the maps I see are mostly in Arabic.

clay: supposently they are about to overtake the mosque then its over

ElmerFudd: They are close.

Meatball: Hey Brow

Brow: @Meatball - Good Morning

clay: http://www.dijlah.tv/index.php?page=article&id=197293

ElmerFudd: Does anyone know of a detailed Mosul map in English?
ElmerFudd: These news sites publish battle maps on occasion, but they are typically way out of date.

Brow: @Meatball - Hadn't posted -just been reading all the other post

ElmerFudd: HUmmm, there's a detailed report showing how the Iraq forces broke through the ISIS lines on Sunday, fought 93 battles since then and won each. The surviving ISIS soldiers have been forced back to the Mosque as their defences are not holding.

clay: bet ISIS blows the mosque
clay: their last defiant stand

ElmerFudd: I've been wondering that myself.

Meatball: not surprising

ElmerFudd: If they broke through their lines on Sunday and we're only just hearing about it today, I wonder what else has been going on?

Meatball: its slow going... there on foot through most of the streets
clay: time for flame throwers

clay: just sayin
Meatball: close quarters in that region

ElmerFudd: Hear they are down to 300 fighters and most of their leadership is dead.
Meatball: 300 to many

clay: much less than that
clay: that was 2 weeks ago
clay: @ElmerFudd post RV find me some land up there to hunt :)

ElmerFudd: May be fewer. They have been conscripting women to go out and fight and use exploding belts to kill people.
ElmerFudd: Land up where?
clay: TN

ElmerFudd: TN? I don't know of any land in TN, though it is a pretty place.

Meatball: I am in Tn

clay: @ElmerFudd sorry thought you were from there
clay: must be meatball lol

Meatball: plenty of places to hunt around here

Zig: Please feel free to bring any news articles into the chat......We lost a couple of good "Newshounds" and could use another one or two...some people like articles while others do not...up to you of course... :)

Brow: @Zig - You Didn't a Couple of good "Newshounds" I'm still Here !!!! All Truth & Honesty

Zig: To New Members: People are free to speak their mind in here...lol...you may not be used to seeing that if you were at DU Chat...so debate if you wish...nothing much is ever censored here...some people will rub you the wrong way...that's just the way it goes in here...lol

Brow: Notice I got Delete For telling The Truth-Go Figure That one Out

mod: @Brow Refrain from bashing and name calling, Respect gets Respect. Thank you

Brow: @mod - OK Boss

Meatball: Brow... looking like were a dying breed in here

Brow: @Zig -You're Ok-Didn't Think You Did It-I've always taking you at Your Word

Zig: Come on!...the mod leaves 99% of what is posted alone...
Zig: Better than any chat out there IMO...

Brow: @Meatball - Your Right - Honesty
Brow: @Meatball - Still the Best Chat room in Town ?

Meatball: only one I am on....

Zig: Yes...IMO this is the best chat room in the Dinar Community...but nothing is perfect....

Brow: @Meatball - Me Too !

Meatball: not gonna waste time on hearing any day now nonsense

Brow: @Meatball - Ditto

Meatball: if some folks want to attach them selves to that bs that is up to them, been hearing the same bs from the same folks over the years

Zig: The increased activity is great...hope it continues...
Zig: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion...so please do not be intimidated to speak out in here...that's what this chat is for... :)

Meatball: track records speak for themselves

Brow: I rather hear the truth & Be Disappointed or a shame for being a Fool Then Waking around Being a Fool & Deceiver living in a LIE

Meatball: yep!

Zig: I think that we sometimes forget how we were when we first heard about this...and forget that new people are coming into this every week...perhaps a friend told them about it recently and told them to listen to RayRen and/or Bruce...so new people today are like we were years ago...

I used to listen to and believe many so-called "Gurus"...I bet I listened to more calls than most of you did...Wow was I gullible!...so IMO we need to be more patient with some new people who may wander into this chat...just my two cents... :)

Zig: "Subby"...are you out there?...If so, how come you don't post?...maybe you don't like this chat...if so, please post and tell us why...in fact, in general, if you are someone who does not like this chat, we would love to have you post and tell us why...Thanks... :)

Zig: @mod : "No Annoying Zone?"...I guess that means I have to leave...LOL!... :P

Zig: Re. "196 users online" (when I typed this) above your name space...that is not the number of people viewing the chat...it is the total number of people on the pages where the chat box is placed...on iqdcalls.com the chat box is on many pages including the "RayRen" TNT page...so when the TNT call is ongoing many people will be on that page, etc so that number will soar...no way of knowing how many are ever viewing the chat....

Zig: "OZ"...I guess I will have to agree with your criticism after all...LOL...so from now on I will not announce what I plan to do here, etc...will just play it by ear...day to day...whatever... :P

Meatball: Gullibility?... all the more reason to be honest with people, especially newer folks. May save them a lot of what some have gone through

Zig: Of course be honest...perhaps a bit more "gentle"...lol...hey just my opinion...

Meatball: we are all adults here
Meatball: like I said track records speak for themselves.....
Meatball: the Dinar is not something folks should cling to as a lifeline
Meatball: nothing is a guanentee in this

clay: currency is currency no reason it shouldnt go back to where it was,never has a country that was imposed an artificial rate like Germany and Japan not gone to whaqt it once was

Meatball: not saying it wont, what I am saying is that nothing is certain

clay: got ya
clay: only taxes and death

Meatball: been in this for 12 years and did my time over there, i am hoping it does

clay: me too me too
clay: only in it for 7 but many friends for 14

Meatball: most likely heading back over there for work when its feasibly

clay: well I wish you the best

Meatball: thank you ... appreciate it
Meatball: thank god i was high for the first 7 lol

clay: were you always meatball LOL
clay: me too lol

Meatball: been called meatball since i was a kid

clay: oh ok thought I may have passed ya in past years chats

Meatball: hockey coach could not pronounce my last name as a kid
Meatball: it stuck

clay: thats funny
clay: where were ya from

Meatball: South Philadelphia orig

clay: ok me from NY/NJ back then

Meatball: been in Tn for the last 8 yrs

clay: which part I'm in Asheville NC

Meatball: i am in west tn

clay: got ya
clay: post RV whenever that is I want hunting land there also for state tax reasons

Meatball: i am a Yankee in the hills here lol

clay: lol me too
clay: many yankees here

Meatball: plenty of places out here for hunting
clay: I've seen
Meatball: no state taxes out here

clay: nope and thats good

Meatball: very good

FreddyFudpucker: anybody home?

Meatball: no.... lol

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