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Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of May 20 2018 Compiled 20 May 12:04 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recov...

Thursday, June 22, 2017

TruthCall Chat Highlights w/ tman23 for Thurs. AM 6-22-17

TruthCall Chat Room

txbrand: People talking a about Mosul on Fox News ... talking about blowing up mosque ...said soon no Dash in Iraq,,,only in Syria

tman23: Check out Mosque blowing up video.....


The Crisco Kid: No Way To Prove IT Was A Mosque, Only Time Will Tell ....

txbrand: Well they said it was a 800 year old mosque on Fox Crisco

txbrand: ty Tman

txbrand: this is a good one ...came on after that video

txbrand: clay clay clay

clay: tx tx tx lol

Heron: Good morning. Has everybody seen that the CBI has a brand new site look this morning? This just went live in the last couple of hours. The English section isn't running yet, but the bottom of the home page has same old rates in numeric form -- but with no date referenced to them. Hmmmm.

txbrand: cool Heron
clay: heron no but thanks

The Crisco Kid: The Emergency Broadcast System Went Live For A Test Without Out Advanced Warning...

Heron: @Crisco huh? Where?

The Crisco Kid: Judy Byington

Heron: @txbrand Thanks. Great video.

Heron: Very interesting things going on.

txbrand: I just finished it too... Heron... thought strange firing in the air at the end... and 2 of them getting killed by friendly fire....sad

txbrand: hard to train them im sure

Meatball: 2 mile shot kills isis members

clay: nice shot

Meatball: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/report-record-2-mile-sniper-shot-kills-isis-militant-in-iraq/ar-BBD1Qjl?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp


Meatball: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/endgame-in-mosul/ss-BBCTpH5?ocid=spartanntp#image=29

Heron: @txbrand It's eye opening to see what they're going through in Mosul. I also watched the video about ISIS wives. When you see the bigger picture, the desire for ISIS to be defeated isn't all about the dinar RV. It's about ending a sick ideology.

Heron: Here's the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SU24LRsEv8U

Meatball: sad part is it cant be ended

The Crisco Kid: I Don't Believe The Fighting Over There Will Ever Stop ...

Meatball: agreed
Meatball: its a different mentality

txbrand: Your right Meatball... its not compatible with US values

Meatball: thousands of years of ideas built up

clay: any western values

clay: thats y trump says if cant assimilate to our culture dont come here

The Crisco Kid: They Been Fighting There For Thousand s Of Yes, Why Would Anyone In Their Right Mind Believe It Will Stop Now So The World Can R/V ??

Meatball: time we took care of our own

The Crisco Kid: Here Here Start With Our Vets ...

Meatball: 100 percent

The Crisco Kid: Then Build That Wall High Wide & Long ....

clay: yep

Meatball: if I had my way Vets would not have to pay for a thing

txbrand: I am watching Heron....I can NOT imagine having to wear that hot cloth over my face in 100 degree weather

Heron: Well -- the control of ISIS can end in Mosul. That's more what I meant. To end the ideology completely would be like ending human hatred in general. ISIS is just an extreme form. There are other forms that prevail everywhere.

The Crisco Kid: Well Said ....

Meatball: it always comes back in another form one way or another
Meatball: bin laden s teen kid is already threatening the US

Meatball: saying he will continue his pos fathers work

txbrand: That's is up for debate...because their end goal is to rule the world... they believe that there will be no peace for Mohammad to return to earth until everyone is a Muslim

Meatball: screw mohammad

The Crisco Kid: You Said That Right

txbrand: and to kill unbelievers is their duty

Heron: @txbrand I can't imagine what those women go through. They must be hard to keep going. They endure against incredible hardship.

The Crisco Kid: I'm Sure Its Not Easy On There Goats Either ...

Meatball: lol.... why there always smiling lol

tman23: CBI site looks like a real central bank site now......and notice they placed the picture of the new CBI headquarters to come that was approved when Shabibi was governor

The Crisco Kid: I Here They Have Blow Up Rubber Goats For The Front Lines...

Heron: @tman23 It's a promising sign that things are changing inside the CBI

Meatball: its a morale boost KID lol

The Crisco Kid: Where Can I Check Out Thus CBI Site ??

Meatball: https://cbi.iq/

txbrand: I guess too many want to see it ----------> Service Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Meatball: wonder how many dinar holders are sitting on it hitting refresh lol

Heron: WOW -- the English home page of the CBI is now working! Thatnks, Meatball. That is new in the last 20 minutes.

Heron: https://cbi.iq/

tman23: Just waiting until Sunday night our time to see if Abadi makes an announcement before the end of Ramadan celebration

The Crisco Kid: Thanks, I Think These Auction Remittances Look A Couple Days Old I'll Bookmark And Keep A Blind Eye On It ....

The Crisco Kid: Don't Hold Your Breath For Anything That Guy Does ...

txbrand: what do you click on to get it in English ?
Meatball: agreed

Heron: https://cbi.iq/

txbrand: I found it

The Crisco Kid: Thats What I Did At The Top

Heron: that is the English link

tman23: Ya know July 1st the CBI is official in Erbil........Run by CBI.....

clay: thanks tman didnt know that

Heron: Clicking through some of the links at the site -- there's in depth content. They've been working on this awhile and it just went live. VERY cool.

Heron: Hey -- changing topic -- do you think the new CBI site be a communication tool for financial institutions?
Heron: I was wondering.

Meatball: don't really know.... seems like they are under change

Heron: The timing is really weird. I also wonder if the posted rates are now live and no longer a static table on the site.

Heron: I did a screen dump to test this later today with non-U.S. rates (since they already change)

Meatball: hard to get any kind of factual info.... most of it comes from guru types

Heron: Yeah. But the CBI site is factual, so it's a good new development.

Meatball: not to many do the research on there own

Meatball: for years it is the only thing I paid attention to..... rest is just noise

Heron: I think the only way to do it right would be to read and understand Arabic.

Meatball: some things get lost in translation

Heron: What we get in translated form isn't solid ---- exactly

FreddyFudpucker: well put a dunce cap on em I don't understand all their grunts

FreddyFudpucker: Me ↑

Meatball: make it 2 caps lol

FreddyFudpucker: but there is only ONE stool

Heron: make it 3
Heron: bummer




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