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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"Tonight's Word: In For A Penny In For A Pound" - Heisenberg - 6.13.17

Entry Submitted by Heisenberg at 7:45 PM EDT on June 13, 2017

Used to express someone's intention to complete an enterprise once it has been undertaken, however much time, effort, or money this entails. -Oxford Dictionary

I'm sort of in for a penny, in for a pound with Star Trek, It's my life at this point. To deny it would just be foolish. -Jonathan Frakes

And that brings us to tonight's word: IN FOR A PENNY IN FOR A POUND

It looks like the torches and pitchforks finally came out. Patience in dinarland has run its course. Mine included. Praise God?

I say this because I'm torn. I can sympathize with those light workers among us who found Ultimatum distasteful as well as those light workers pushed to the limits with broken promises. But we only want to love and be loved, right? Is that too much to ask, universe? Is it too much to ask that you keep your pirates in check so we don't have to suffer for it? Or is the entire universe just one octagon free-for-all spectator sport of good versus evil? I just want to know so I can pack accordingly. "Honey do you think I'll need my Armorlite rifle for the weekend in the Poconos? Maybe you should pack it just in case, schmoopy." But that was then this is now. So I'll deal with it.

Ever heard the time paradox of baby Hitler? It goes like this: if you could go back in time and kill Hitler as a baby to save 6 million people, would you? Sounds pretty harsh right? And I sure don't like that word "baby" in there. At first I thought this is the same as Ultimatum. But after thinking about it, it is not. Not even close. Killing a baby is not allowing the baby free will, is it? That baby has no idea of its destiny. It just wants to stay warm and get some mothers milk (don't we all?). Besides at that point in time the baby is not violating "do no harm". Hardly an apple to apple comparison.

So I guess it kinda boils down to the fact that the cabal are sore losers. Plain and simple. They won five times in a row in different times killing us with each ring of the victory bell, but hey, let bygones be bygones, I says. We were very good losers, btw. Like gold medal good. We got used to losing. And then of course they've had their way with the slaves and prisoners, for 13 millennia was it? I'm not gonna get into it but we know what they did. (Anyone watching Keepers on Netflix?). So.... they lost fair and square. But are they coming out to shake our hands? No. Are they leaving the court to let the winners take a bow to the audience? No. Are they slicing the tires on our bus? Yes. Are they stealing our mascot? Of course they are. They can't stand losing, probably because they never lost. Well, they lost this time and somebody needs to show them the door. I guess these guys never played ball at the YMCA and learned good sportsmanship.

So for those who happen to think that Ultimatum is a little harsh, please keep in mind the term "free will". The sheriff nailed post in the Times Square so all from here to Timbuktu knows the score. Almost 24 hours later, I'm sure word of this has spread across the globe. So let it be no surprise that if you're not gonna get on that bus to go home, somebody's gonna break your leg and throw you on the bus. Your choice. Harsh? Inhumane? Maybe. But we've got a victory bon fire to get to and house slitheren is not invited. And if news of this hurts your ears, maybe it's time to turn off the radio. It's understandable that some don't like to watch the sausage getting made. They lose their appetites. Thank God we have brave men women and others who are willing to do this work for us. Fish gotta swim. Birds gotta eat. And we gotta ascend. Are we so in love with defeat? Hey now...is that what it is? In for a penny...in for a pound.

But if we must take a side, I will stand with the majority of Paddys. I say majority because it would be more 50/50 of the trolls were still here (Could you imagine if they were here? They would be spitting mad). I also stand with the elders, Grandfather and whomever authorized this warning. But mostly, I stand with those who are out in the field who have their fingers on the trigger. I stand with you all. I stand with you because in a fair world you should not be put in this position for the sake of my species survival. And because I stand with you, the blood that's on your hands is also on mine. Sobeit.

Yosef's post today carries much weight with me. Holy Joe Hondo Chavez till the end. His post Torus reminds me of Morgan Jones on The Walking Dead who has a personal code to not kill human beings. Still a question how many human beings we're talking about with Ultimatum but that's not the point. I love that Yosef refuses to check his humanity in at the RV coat room. Respect.

Maybe someday, years from now, we won't have to make this decision to kill anyone. Maybe killing will just be a footnote in our history. But what if by not killing someone holding up the RV and our blessings, through those actions you're killing humans who are dying of cancer, starvation and hotshot drug overdoses? Either way, someone is getting killed. Things that make you go hmmmm.

Now ole Heisenberg is just a simple country blogger and he's not too up on the ways of ascension for humanity. Other than what is picked up here and there the last year. But it sounds like a nice place. Sounds like somewhere I might want to live someday. And to get there, they're going to give me a quintillion dollars? Yes please. Again I ask what's the catch? What's that you say? The only catch is Kabal members standing in the path? Well let's get rid of them. Whatcha waiting for? What do you say? A Kindergartner could've put that one together. In for a penny...in for a pound.

Now on to something that's been bothering me personally. TPAO and rtc. I heard her voice and I believe she's called in at least once every time I tuned into the real truth call. She's got a very soft-spoken voice which is unmistakable. Is she Canada girl? Doesn't matter. But I'd really like to hear her response to Ultimatum.


I just want to say that I like all gurus. I like anyone is willing to get out in front and try to help us through this crazy time. And all gurus have to stand behind our their words and their actions. Fair trade.

For the sake of this guru chat, let's take Richard. I believe wholeheartedly that he's a nice guy. We've exchanged a few emails and he's been nothing but a gentleman. I believe he never took a pop shot that wasn't called for. And he's shown he will defend himself. I believe that when he says he took out the trash, he took out the trash. Brigantine was posting in real truth chatter and IDC for over year, and he's gone. Poof! Total surprise because I didn't think he was deviant, just grumpy. But he is gone, and so is ubidy. So in my little brain, the credibility of OWKO keeps rising. And his responsibilities seem to be rising with it. These storylines and track records are all we have to go on in dinarland. It's the game. And I'm keeping score. Are you?

One of the reasons I left RTC was the disdain they had for Zorra (this was B.C. OWKO, for me at least). Not that I was a big Zorra fan at the time. Nor Cobra for that matter. But the picture given from WC, Eduardo and awaken was if you even listen to Zorra you are stupid. Paraphrase. And I remember being annoyed at the time to this point of view. Am I not a grown ass man able to listen to who I want to? Free will, right? If I want to know if it's raining outside, I will find out. I can handle the truth. If Zim has an end value of $125,000, I can handle the truth. But I picked up there was a deeper history that I wasn't privy to because of the obvious animosity. And today I know.

They even brought it onto the call that night and out came the dirt again. Laughing at "free will" when it comes to listening to Zorra. That was a bit of a red flag moment at the time and stuck with me to this day so I guess it meant something. I now listen to Zorra and RTC. and Bruce. I find pearls wherever I roam and I save them close to my heart for moments just as this. Now I don't have to believe every single word said by every single person in dinarland. It would take an extremely unique individual to believe everything in dinarland at first reading. I'm not sure such person exists. But nobody will tell me who I can and cannot listen to. No one will tell me what I can and can't decide for myself. And that should go for you as well, dear family.

"It's my life. All I have is my life." -Bob Marley

But I digress.

Whether we agree with Ultimatum or not, it appears the decision has been made much higher up the ladder. So there is that. Gauntlet has been thrown. Let us not forget that as love turns our world, only money and power turns theirs. Let us not forget, this cabal would kill you and your family and sleep like a baby. Let us not forget that we are still a case study for other planets. Maybe by watching this action, they'll come to the conclusion earlier rather than later that trying to negotiate with a wall will get them nowhere. Tear down the wall. (Maybe if they were actually humans, we could bargain). Maybe lives will be saved because later on of our suffering now. Maybe because lives were lost here on our Earth due to our patience and mercy, lives will be saved elsewhere because they're gonna have a guy like our sheriff post an Ultimatum on the gallows far earlier than we did. Don't be afraid to win. Isn't that ending on a nice note? An upending?

I guess Tony was right, it did get crazy at the end.

In for a penny … In for a pound.

And that's the word


Much love, Hope Ranger.
Vaya con Dios, Cowboy







"Every Breaking Wave"

Every breaking wave on the shore
Tells the next one there’ll be one more
And every gambler knows that to lose
Is what you’re really there for
Summer I was fearless
Now I speak into an answer phone
Like every falling leaf on the breeze
Winter wouldn’t leave it alone

If you go?
If you go your way and I go mine
Are we so?
Are we so helpless against the tide?
Baby every dog on the street
Knows that we’re in love with defeat
Are we ready to be swept off our feet
And stop chasing
Every breaking wave

Every sailor knows that the sea
Is a friend made enemy
And every shipwrecked soul, knows what it is
To live without intimacy
I thought I heard the captain’s voice
It’s hard to listen while you preach
Like every broken wave on the shore
This is as far as I could reach

If you go?
If you go your way and I go mine
Are we so?
Are we so helpless against the tide?
Baby every dog on the street
Knows that we’re in love with defeat
Are we ready to be swept off our feet
And stop chasing
Every breaking wave?

The sea knows where are the rocks
And drowning is no sin
You know where my heart is
The same place that yours has been
We know that we fear to win
And so we end before we begin
Before we begin

If you go?
If you go your way and I go mine
Are we so?
Are we so helpless against the tide?
Baby every dog on the street
Knows that we’re in love with defeat
Are we ready to be swept off our feet
And stop chasing
Every breaking wave



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