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Friday, June 30, 2017

"Tonight's Word: Dog Shaming" - Heisenberg - 6.30.17

Entry Submitted by Heisenberg at 7:02 PM EDT on June 30, 2017

Ain't that a shame?
my tears fell like rain.
Ain't that a shame?
you're the one to blame
Oh well, goodbye
although I'll cry.
Ain't that a shame...? - Fats Domino

No time left now for shame
Horizon behind me, no more pain
Windswept stars blink and smile
Another song, another mile - Black Crowes

SHAME..SHAME..SHAME - Game Of Thrones

And that brings us to tonight's word: DOG SHAMING

Dogs do the strangest things. And thank God we now have the internet to share the hijinx. And their shame. Look at that face. She's so sorry. Please forgive her. She thanks you. She loves you.

I guess a healthy dose of shame is not a bad thing every now and then. Especially when one starts to think they're hot shit. Or that their poop doesn't stink. Let's take em down just a notch. They're flying a little to high. And I guess now that we're walking across home plate off the grand slam bat of our clean up slugger, it's tempting to do a little dance over home plate. Tempting to forget about all the hard work and sacrifice that got us to this walk off grand slam. Tempting to forget all the rat bastard shenanigans. Tempting to forget we let it happen on our watch. So maybe a little shame reminder is good for the soul. You know what you did.

There are two Americas. The first America we all know and love. The land of hope and dreams. The land of milk and honey (just don't tell the Mexicans and the Haitians that). The land of the Grand Canyon and the natural disaster responders around the world. It's the America we all pray that we are. It's a place where we can get a job, raise a family and someday retire. Work 5 days a week, bbq with friends and family on the weekends, maybe go to the lake. Conscience clean, soul satisfied, ready to meet our makers.

And then there's AmeriKa with a K. The AmeriKa that creates wars in the world. That destabilizes countries. The grows and floods drugs all over the world. That hypnotizes its people. That assasinates leaders. That puts thugs into the seats of power. That has the cops collecting for the cons. You know the ones.

The definition of Amerika is an alternative spelling for the name America (referring specifically to the United States of America) intending to portray the country as fascist and oppressive and culturally inferior. - Yourdictionary.com

I guess pretty soon we'll all be walking around with black cards and $100 haircuts. Maybe racing in the streets in that Maserati. Here comes the ugly American. And I'll probably be one of them. Ever been to Europe? When I went to London, someone told me that the older generation loves the Americans. They love us because the US soldiers helped defeat Hitler in World War II. It was true. A little old lady walked 3 blocks out of here way to show us the restaurant we were looking for. It was something I'll never forget. Now would a New Yorker do that? I keed. I keed. Not funny, bro.

But guess what? That generation is dying off and the younger generations have no love for AmeriKa. Or America. All they see is sanctions and misery and puppet regimes carrying out AmeriKa's warped world order. So here come the chosen ones touching down in third world fresh from Nordstroms. Got the new watch..got the new duds...obviously doing well for ourselves (with a little help). Speaking english like only Americans do. Just a little heads up, be prepared to answer for your country's actions. Cause they do things differently there. They'll call you out and see if you stand behind your countries ideals. It's not the isolationism like it is here. And from the conversations here, there are some here that will stand behind their country's actions come hell or high water (although be it from the safety of their own home). Anonymous. But it's going to be a different story when you're face-to-face with another human asking you where you stand. Maybe at a restaurant, or a pub, or a concert or at the world cup. What say you? Shame?

Will you walk away? Will you say, "Oh no, I didn't vote for him. I'm innocent. It wasn't me, Pierre."? Will you say, "Screw you. Who the hell are you to tell me about my country?"? Or will you say "I had no idea what was going on. I was just trying to survive paycheck to paycheck."? Or will you say " I'm sorry. I know my country f****ed up. And I did nothing. I turned a blind eye to what my country was doing to the world. I didn't protest in the least." Pono.

Ever see band of Brothers? There's a part where the US soldiers find the concentration camps. General Walker called the local town folk to come up and make them see for themselves the corpses and survivors. One US soldier says "You must've known!! You can smell the stench! Don't tell me you didn't know." So...just be prepared when European millennials step up to you in the street and call you out. Unless you never want to leave the US then you'll be fine. Shame.


Over a year ago, I was really drawn to what was being taught here. Kinda lost interest in religion and politics over the years...something just Pope Francis just creeped me out. Those red shoes, gross. So all this tin foil hat stuff was just fascinating. I entered with an open-mind and an objective heart as I started to wander around Zimland. It wasn't easy to swallow those jagged little pills. And the grapes?...sour. Some things went down easy. Others, had to get my Heimlich on. So here's the hard questions: Did I care to know how bad it was? Did I use the great excuse of "I'm just trying to get by, man"? Did I turn a blind eye? Could I have put up a better fight for my Mexican, Vietnamese, Filipino brothers and sisters? Questions I asked myself over year ago when Yosef first hit the scene. And perhaps it's a great reminder now for the vets or a great first lesson for all the new human cannonball Zim owners. Maybe...try not to act like you're all that. Try not to act like you're Gods gift to humanity. That would be the ZIM, remember? The ZIM is God's gift to humanity. Might not be so easy, though, with that shiny new passport, new digs, arm candy and all. Tough lessons. Running out of time. I think the word I'm looking for is "humility".

My family, if you're like me and you been around the block more than a couple times, this is the part of the movie where the slave reaches his hand up and catches that stick mid swing going straight for his head. He stands up, takes that stick in his hands and cracks it in two over his knee and says "No more." I love that part. However, we know we drove America into a ditch. What happened was wrong, but we're here to fix it. Invasion of our planet by pirates was wrong, but we're here to fix it. I'm not too proud to apologize for being asleep at the wheel, but we're here to fix it."

As for that poor pug that knows he did his business all over your Persian rug, let's give him a pass. I think he's learned his lesson. Besides, we don't want to dog shame him into a complex do we?

And that's the word







"Wiser Time"

No time left now for shame
Horizon behind me, no more pain
Windswept stars blink and smile
Another song, another mile

You read the line every time
Ask me about crime in my mind
Ask me why another road song
Funny but I bet you never left home

On a good day, it's not every day
We can part the sea
And on a bad day, it's not every day
Glory beyond our reach

Fourteen seconds till' sunrise
Tired but wiser for the time
Lightning 30 miles away
Three thousand more in two days

On a good day, it's not every day
We can part the sea
And on a bad day, it's not every day
Glory beyond our reach



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