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Saturday, June 24, 2017

"To Reallucky1" by BB136 - 6.24.17

Entry Submitted by BB136 at 3:49 AM EDT on June 24, 2017


I've been reading your posts of late and I've come to the conclusion that though you may not know it, you are furthering the cabal and deep state agenda.

While Yosef presents what we need to believe is true, you argue against it. No one knows the truth though, that will unfold in time.

You are fanning flames of uncertainty and fear, using divide and conquer, posting negative rants on beloved posters, and generally leading the ignorant away from believing what in fact, WE ALL ON IDC NEED TO BE TRUE and TO BELIEVE.

You essentially, unwittingly perhaps, write to debunk the beliefs of probably 90% of the people/light-workers/chosen-ones on this site.

You do it by presenting plausible arguments with "facts" and information, but that are all put out there by the MSM and fake news sites for sheeple consumption; and then your conclusions are based on several big lies. E.g. Yes we should respect the office of the presidency, but not of the United States Corporation. (Read a little Anna Von Reitz to understand what I'm trying to tell you. She has about 500 really informative writings on her site. ). You will learn that the workings of the US Corporation are a farce.

As an example, you put forth some wonderful "facts" about a veteran's bill Trump signed. Seriously, do you think he would have signed it unless he had been told to do so by the Republic leadership and the Elders? Do the research: 100% of billionaires are scumbag elites, and you will find that true for this billionaire too.

As examples, here are two big lies, that you seem to believe are true:

Lie number 1: that the United States Corporation and its governmental structure and process using "elected" senators, representatives and executive branch members is a legitimate entity representing "We the People." (Sorry, but it is not, and the true Republic has laid dormant since 1787 until just recently)

Lie #2: that presidents of the US Corporation have any power. (they have been nothing more than just puppets of the cabal)

But Reallucky1, you know all this I'll bet, just like you know that all courts are Admiralty and many other secrets we deeply researched folks know. So I really wonder what your agenda is.

See, we the majority here on IDC love Yosef and OWK because they not only teach us to surrender and embrace our benevolence and prepare for the awesome and burdensome philanthropic journey that comes with the infinite wealth, but they have also had our back in presenting the only real logical truth as to how we can take back our sovereignty and experience this blessing.

And that truth cannot happen with a cabal president (be it Trump, Clinton, the prior evil Obama, Bush, etc). WE ON IDC NEED TO BELIEVE: that the Elders exist and have the gold and are benevolent; that the BRICS nations formed the parallel financial system to supplant the cabal system, for peace and for the good of all humanity; that the White hats formed in 1979 or so to fix this fu@#ed up USA system and enlisted and infiltrated the top levels of our military and are nearly done; the 209 nations who signed the Paris Climate Accord did not do it to address climate change, but instead for the implementation of NESARA/GESARA; and the restored Republic and our Galactic friends are all operating in unison for world peace and the good of all humanity.

This is all as Yosef has laid out for us based upon real Intel and a lot of heavy duty research, knowledge and analysis. The goal is to restore our Republic and military, take down the bad guys, and usher in 1,000 years of peace and tranquility using a new financial structure with a GCR/RV at the forefront. Again, this is a huge puzzle that Yosef has done a yeoman's job piecing together in the two years he has been around. I've been in this since 2010 and no other guru has been able to come close to logically explaining how the RV could logically happen; Yosef has nearly completed the puzzle, logically showing us how this blessing could "indeed" actually happen. No other guru previously would dare mention the forbidden Elders, the Galactics and a restored Republic in a Dinarland call, until Yosef not only mentioned the forbidden conspiracy topics, but explained them. And he also gave us the truth about the ZIM.

Unfortunately for some of you newbies, you need to do the research on elites, the cabal, and on Donald Trump, et al., which will reveal to you that Trump is still a puppet. But thankfully now he is the Elder's puppet, acting in a theatre of the US Corporation. Sign up for twitter and read his tweets. Do some off MSM research and read about what is really going on in the white house and with his staff and appointees. Trump simply knows he is not long for this office. And the Deep state and cabal minions are still playing a role in the theatre. It is chaos. But it's still theatre. WE MUST BELIEVE. Otherwise I'm afraid our world would really be lost soon with so many hurting.

Take the time to analyze Yosef's Intel, he lays it all out for us.

If you analyze your recent posts, you simply cannot logically tell us how this GCR/RV is going to happen with Trump at the helm. All of your arguments assume that the restored Republic does not exist, that the Elders are not the directors of the play and that Trump is somehow the first president of the US Corporation that is not a puppet of someone. That is simply not possible if you really believe the IQD is going to RV at plus $1.00.

Thus all you're love love for Trump is misplaced. I grant you that it's a tough pill to swallow that the former cabal agent Obama is now a benevolent star child or galactic and is in charge, but Yosef gets no benefit from lying about that. In fact it was not easy for Yosef to believe it either.

I have a lot more to say on this but I hope I made a few of my points. My main point is stop posting negative rants that you cannot prove either and that go against what most of us Chosen Ones have to believe. I know you will respond again trying plausible arguments, but your belief in the lies will always be a part of your conclusion.

I leave you with this:

"Lyrics from Brainless by Eminem:

"Mama always said 'If you had a brain, you'd be dangerous
A brain you'd be dangerous' (Mama could be wrong)
Mama, Ima grow a name and be famous
And I'mma be a pain in the anus…"

Reallucky1, I don't know your story, your experience or your education, but I have a pretty good idea. IMHO you are one of those people that has just enough brain to be dangerous.

And Victor, I am very disappointed in you. OWK singled you out as a good soul but you have to know that OWK loves Yosef and brought him to IDC and believes Trump will be gone too.





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