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Sunday, June 4, 2017

"To AreLian: Prophets, False Prophets" by (Anonymous) - 6.3.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 8:57 PM EDT on June 3, 2017

"On Prophets, Disgust, and Traps" by AreLian - 6.3.17

Thank You for being brave enough to stand up since this Fear game the cabal has used on the world has been working for certain ones in here. They always play the same game. i wanted to just add to what u wrote.....As a psychic and BlueRay1 being from Sirius I have a wonderful gift of being able to spot a LIAR or one who is being used by an attachment entity, or operates from darkness. I have watched the EGO driven fingerpointing, shaming, stone throwing just long enough to already be disgusted. I believe in the old "to each their own" but there is some knowledge that needs to be passed on to the newly awakened or those who have not been on the path more than a couple years. Anyone who is a First wave Lightworker is beyond the ego now, we are of the highest Light of Humanity now and we do NOT act with EGO or cause others to be shamed, blamed or called names or be chastised by others. No Judgement is used, only love is sent and all are allowed to have their own opinion and follow their path. Of the highest Light WE know to let it go even if we are called names because we know even the darkness (Cabal) have a part to play in our learning and Ascension. All are of the Light when not in this matrix. We are in a play! Anyone associated by channel or psychic connection to the true Ascended Masters like Jesus Christ, knows this. In fact these are words channeled by Jesus from a well known Author/Spiritual Teacher (Kim Michaels) about False Prophets (so those who follow anyone, may u open your eyes and SEE your truth)

False Prophets words will be convincing and appealing. He will be able to move the masses to believe his messages, believing they come from higher beings of power when in fact, most are take from ANOTHER or given to them by one pretending to be the Light when they are ANYTHING BUT, by because the prophet does not test (or know how to test) those incoming messages EACH time, the Dark can pretend to be the Light. False Prophets deceive with false hopes, stealing others energy by having them see him as a Higher Being or Authority of the Light. (No TRUE Master wishes to be worshipped or followed to the point the people can not or will not try to use their own discernment to find their own answers)

Here is the MOST IMPORTANT LESSON HERE: (Per Jesus' teachings) No False Prophet will tolerate being questioned or called out on his words or actions, and his EGO will lash out at those who do, threatening them and calling them names, the evil or dark which is REALLY WHAT HE IS BATTLING WITHIN HIMSELF. False Prophets will also call others who are of the Light evil or dark ones so his followers only follow his advice (which is usually another's words rewritten or spoken in such a way it sounds new, and with very little research can be found to be true)

False prophets unfortunately usually have lied so well they get in a seat of power thru another and divides the other from true friends, family and community until this person has nothing left of higher energy and can no longer see the truth in front of him. If someone who TRULY wants to be serving others thru the Light and realizes he has been duped by the dark he will come clean about it to his followers and learn from the lesson, regaining respect lost by those of higher light who saw the Truth and reached out to help. A True Dark one will NOT be able to handle any contradiction such as this message and will lash out with the Ego and anger. As a psychic I SEE the truth in this but it is up to each one to use discernment, do research on all messages, compare them to other info given right before, you will usually find the info was already out there. To be a TRUE Master one must act as one always, No EGO will be left once you have reached a higher light. No Cabal or dark one can act without Ego at some point and they can NOT go into the NEW 5D World. U will see many losing their minds now, reacting in ego, resentment and anger, violence even, for they can not handle these higher waves coming in, clearing all false lies so we may see the TRUTH. False prophets can't handle the Truth about them exposed and they will lash out every time to take the light off of themselves. Also I confirmed thru other psychics and channelers of the Masters that although we are ALL telepathic and can channel, NO human on Earth at this time can telepathically channel another living human. Also these Galactic beings here do not JUDGE anyone and will not intrude into our lives to punish anyone who has their own opinion. The leaders of the Cabal will be dealt with but by beings of light incarnated or " as a walk in" are humans. They are not here to Police us, they are here to help us Ascend thru love, unconditional love that a true Master of Light always shows and gives to ALL as Jesus did. All can reach the info and beings in the etheric realm if they raise their consciousness to that level, of course Purity of consciousness and motives/intentions play a major part in whether that info or being is correct or useful. I wish all here only the best, complete unconditional love and light, with prayers that your dreams really do come true!!



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