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Monday, June 12, 2017

TNT Showtime CC w/ RayRen98 Notes by Adept1 6-12-17

(Notes by Adept1):

TNT Call notes 12-June-2017

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Marvelous Monday, June 12, 2017, with RayRen98 at the controls. Let’s get into today’s session, for what little it will be, and enjoy our Monday.

From the weekend update I sent you, Iraqi television showed troops celebrating privately, and there should be public celebrations today. Military leaders are claiming there are only two miles left for Mosul to be fully liberated. Today there are 1.5 districts left, supposedly, with a total of 1,000 terrorists in the old city. These were supposedly ‘end of war’ celebrations. The military is preparing for the last stand fight at the mosque, with 750 ISIL and 250 foreign fighters bunkered down. It’s the final stage, and Iraq is still calling for ‘national reconciliation’ after Ramadan.

A caller asked on Friday when the end of Ramadan is, and I got so many text messages saying that it is the 24, 25, 26, and even the 27th. Four different answers, with the last one from other there. I don’t know for sure; sooner or later it will be the end of Ramadan, and we should see national reconciliation and the public RV. We do know people will transact business prior to that.

We’ve had information from our banks that they don’t want us to talk about. We are compiling a list of banks that are now saying Yes to the IQD once they are informed about the situation. It didn’t come out on Monday as I expected, but it has picked up, and we are accumulating that bank information. The point is that some banks that were saying Nay are now saying Yea. We still need to do some catch-up on that, so see if they have had a policy change, and some have. I guess they are dragging this out to the end of Ramadan, for reasons I don’t understand. Just like everyone else, I am getting ready, being ready, for when this goes public.

Members: Hitdoc was in a car accident, on his motorcycle; he is now home, getting better. DGCoach got a shattered kneecap while traveling, and is now recuperating.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: When the international rate come out will the rate in the U.S. banks show the higher rate that the U.S. is getting or are we going to have to ask for it. In other words the ones in the know will be aware of it to ask?

A: If you want higher than what is on the screen, then you will have to negotiate that. The international rates will be the ones on the screen.

Q: I am usually VERY quiet so please is this is a dumb and rhetorical be gentle with me though you are always gracious. I know you require to not be asked of others “Intel” but a member came in chat Saturday saying that he went to a tire shop where Iraqis are and Iraqi TV, and from that gathered that there was news of celebrations or increase to dinar. At least that’s how I interpreted it. Needless to say that put a damper on the room. Can you share your thoughts on why you feel that at this juncture there is still conflict with what you are hearing? In my opinion it seems the news should be more consistent.
A: The celebrations too part, consistent with my reports. I don’t understand how if there are still bad guys to eliminate, and all in one area. Over here, we celebrate something when it is DONE, but anyway…

Q: We have been that the cards have rates between $1 and $3.71. We have been told of price reductions and billing transformations on cellphone and internet costs. the US there have been exchanges going in banks at what rates? So my question is why are we still waiting for a rate? Why do we appear to be waiting for Mosul? [RR: What we are waiting for the full public release; anything else at the bank is a private transaction.] Something is not right. We think that we are waiting for Mosul to complete for what? A rate? They already have rates: ask your bank connections. I hope you do have the answers; the only answers I have you might think ridiculous. Like there will not be a public exchange until the republic is announced. Won’t happen until Trump is out. Is this the missing to the puzzle, Ray?
A: You listen to too much stuff – to me it seems preposterous that we won’t get the RV until our president resigns.

Q: My question on the zim is, if the xe saying a million zim is worth over 2,700 dollars, why can no one exchange their Zim currency in America or where I’ve been? They won’t take the zim.
A: That’s because xe.com is wrong, or they are not listening to xe.com.

Q: It was just reported on local radio that Pres. Trump said he would have more to say about ISIS in a couple of weeks. Wonder if we have to wait that long for our part.
A: I don’t think it will take that long.

Live Q and A

684/404: So if they are celebrating in Iraq, could something still happen today?

RayRen: I was giving the weekend updates first, which said private celebrations took place on Sunday with public celebrations today, and they did have ‘end of war’ celebrations, not reconciliation or liberation.

Caller: Another date that surfaced recently was the three-year anniversary of the fatwa – is that relevant?

RayRen: If that is relevant, they are not making it known. They are focused now on the end of Ramadan, in terms of what we are looking for, whatever date that happens.

716 caller: After Mosul is done, what’s the next catch?

RayRen: This is supposed to be it! I don’t see anything on the horizon, but you never can tell.

480 caller: [chitchat] Some of the banks will have a black light for verification, and some will have the Delarue machine. Remember the person who had her currency counted by three people, and then they sent it off, and then the bank claimed some was not right and took that money back out of her account. How can we establish the currency’s validity? If they want it to go somewhere else, I want to carry it there so that it can go through a Delarue machine.

RayRen: That is why you want the currency to be verified on the site. It doesn’t matter if it goes through the Delarue machine, and they could still send it out and say you are missing ten pieces. Before you relinquish the currency, have the bank sign off on it, and give you a receipt verifying the amount and its validity. That is what I intend to stand on, and you all should do the same thing. If they don’t do that, go to another bank. They need to cater to the customer, and if they don’t – and if enough of us stand firm on this issue – then you go somewhere.

610 caller: Please send your donations by mail to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City NC 27822; that address is also on www.tntsuperfantastic.com, on the donation page. Please do that today because mail takes longer, to keep the lines and site open.

312 caller: I just got back from Kenya, and they were in the middle of Ramadan; however, business was going on as usual. I know people were concerned that the RV couldn’t happen during Ramadan, but in Kenya everything was operating, even banks. They were fasting during the day, but breaking the fast at sundown. Otherwise, it was like normal, everyday living. All the shops were operating. So this could happen at any time. They may choose to wait until the end of Ramadan, but everything was working. Also, I have little update on Zim. I was talking to an official with business in Zimbabwe, and he told me the new currency is out, with the new denominations equal to $1; however, the old currency will be exchanged for people outside the country. He said it should already have happened, and it will happen any day.

214 caller: I read an article that was still going on about Chapter VII – why are they still talking about that? I thought that was done. I saw an article saying Iraq moved out of Chapter VII in 2013!

RayRen: Iraq is not talking about that; they are talking about Mosul and reconciliation.

RayRen: One of my sources said that they saw on Iraqi television that they are still have celebrations on 12/13th, so… who knows?

216 caller: I moved from NYC to a small town in Washington, where I have a part-time job; I was chatting with someone there and mentioned currency investments. He asked if I had heard of dinar; he said years ago someone sold him two million dinar for $400 – did I think it might be worth something? A few days later, he came running in and told me this story: he went to a bank on Whidbey Island, and asked if they exchange dinar. The teller told her manager, who invited him into the back office. The manager said, “The banks going to take a chance on it, and will give you $250,000 for 500,000 dinar.” He realized that it must be worth even more, so said he’d wait, and came to tell me, going on about how he was ready to throw the IQD away! So he asked if there might be anywhere he could get more before this goes, because if this small bank was willing to offer 250K for a portion was a very, very good sign. This was last week. He is beyond himself now, it’s all he can talk about although I told him to keep it to himself. So it’s clearly happening.

Also, I was watching MSNBC; the reporter said she went to Mosul last month. She said it was still a mess, with people being slaughtered. We’re hearing they are almost complete and celebrating, but this only four days ago. She was talking about terrible places around the world, but she put it on television that they are still in a mess.

RayRen: Well, a lot can happen in four days, in just one area where this is taking place. It would be different if it were taking place all over the region or country. We’ll just have to see what happens as this unfolds.

801 caller: This deal about the conclusion of Ramadan – it is one lunar month, and it starts when astronomers can see the faintest new moon. This year it concludes on the evening of 24. June. It was good to hear that information about the Zim – that has been my worry because I had a whole bunch of dinar on reserve at Sterling, and when their holdings were seized, that kicked that in the head, and I bought Zim. I’m flying out of Salt Lake on the 26th, returning on the following Monday, 1. July. If you were me, would you take that currency with you?

RayRen: Are you going after contract rates?

Caller: With Zim, you don’t anticipate contract rates, right?

RayRen: In that case, I would exchange when you get home. However, if what you have will fit in your inner jacket pocket, take it with you, sure. So far as I know, WF is still the main bank; if not, we will find out who is and let you know.

410 caller: You said that the Iraqi people are changing the dates and times. Then you said that it wasn’t going to be the 12th, but the 13th.

RayRen: That’s what I was told, with the supposed RV on that date as well. We only have 24 hours to wait and see.

Caller: Who is saying this won’t happen until after Ramadan?

RayRen: That’s what they are saying in Iraq on television. Our banks say ‘any day’.

Next 410 caller: In terms of celebrating, etc., we are not hearing anything here. Let’s be aware of propaganda, and it might be all negative in the United States. Be at ease – you wouldn’t belief some of the things the media is saying (or not).

801 caller: I was just curious about the gentleman whose friend was offered 250K; is there a reason he wouldn’t have taken that and bought five other currencies?

RayRen: Everyone doesn’t think the same way. They don’t necessarily see the same opportunities.

Caller: If he’s still listening, he should invest 50K in five other currencies.

TX caller: Are the US banks still excited, on alert? We’ve been all focused on Iraq.

RayRen: Yes, and Yes. The banks have done all they can do with it at the moment, so there is a hush over the banking community so we don’t know the details. WE know they are ready, and getting more of their staff ready. They are doing what we’re telling our members: BE ready so you don’t have to get ready.

Caller: In terms of memos, I wonder if more banks are now coming on board and informing their staff at the lower levels, across the board. We may start hearing more people becoming aware of this.

Closing Statement

We await more information about the celebrations – if it’s just the end of war, or if there are other things. They seem to have stretched out the celebrations. There are rumors of lower denominations. However, Iraq is telling the citizens that everything is being resolved at the end of Ramadan, which should be the 24th, although I’ve heard up to the 27th. That is the expected time for the full public release and everything. I believe some things may trickle out between now and then.

If anything happens, we will get the information to you, and be in the position to take advantage of it. When it shows up, we will know what to do.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA



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