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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

"The Seven Faces of the GCR" by Victor - 6.7.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 10:46 PM EDT on June 7, 2017

"The Seven Faces Of Dr Lao" was a great movie of my childhood. Made in 1964. It had Barbara Eden of ( I Dream Of Genie) and Tony Randal from (The Odd Couple) both great actors of the time. What I remember the most of the movie was the magic that Dr. Lao was. He was never seen as the same person. He transformed himself into the perfect creation that any particular person needed him to be. He was like a Benevolent mirror for all, in Service to the ALL. For a small child he was one thing and for a villain he was another.

All exactly like this GCR. The GCR is our Dr. Lao.........It transmute itself for our Benevolent experience as it serves us and as Source Serves itself. It becomes Just what we need and just what we have created for ourselves by choice. This means we can't become lost or give up our large goal because of......" details"....... or always looking for "one persons" predictions of the GCR to come true or even close to what our....." Own RV"...... will be like.

Because no two GCR will be the same for any of us. What my experience of DR Lao (GCR) is like will not be what your experience will be like. What makes Yosef happy will not be what makes me happy. In one GCR old orange sides will take one road of sorrow and in another he will be the Hero. It is this way because what would make me happy may not be what makes Yosef happy.....of make......."Source" happy thorugh that particular individuation.

Yosef is telling us about ....."his reality"..... what he wants to manifest and what is the most exciting and relevant and has the most meaning for ...."Him"....... Now........if I did not have the very same view points or life themes as he does........( and no one does).......I would not be in his time line. I will be in my own time line where Trump stays and he is a Hero for example. Many people would want that collective time line and many would want one more like Josef's time line and others would want some other combination. All combinations exist and are possible to be experienced by the consciousness that we are.

This is........"NO Problem and No Conflict"..... in an Infinite Universe where everything already exists and everything is possible. Since none of us are copies or duplicates of each others in our Life Themes, since there is no redundancy in Life. None of us will have the same life experience. Yes.......we may see other shadows of other people in our time line if it is relevant to our life theme. We will experience similar collectives but we will be on our own unique trip.

For example Yosef may stay in mine and get more prominent or he may just fade away. Who decided that?........I do and he does. How could we all become happy and experience not lack, if I had to be stuck in your time line which I did not like? It is like the many noodles in one soup bowl story. You may like rice noodles and may like wheat noodles. So how could the Universe please us ALL if there was only one time line?......It could not.....It would be to limited in options and too boring. So there are an Infinite number of time lines available.. We are always in one always choosing and always creating and jumping around.

In this way every one gets their own Fortune Cookie so that is it is the most valuable and in their own highest good. Source set it up so..... "IT"........so Source itself could look at every angle in life from each Holographic illusion and know itself. So each ......."Illusion"......has to have its own form of ......"Heaven".......or its own ...."GCR"......for manifested Duality too work out. For your life to work out as you want it. For you to have many options and feel excited and good. Source Did not Short change itself and all of its own individuation's.

This means that ......."Details".........they do not really matter in your manifestation trip, not really. Details do not tell you you can not reach your goal. What this means is that you can have things...."Details"..... not work out as you might think details should work out for your GCR goal. When this happens, it is a safety valve in the manifestation process. These details are just asking you what you really want once more and to check your commitment to your goal. It is like checking your.........."TOLERANCE"......which is the word of the week . Tolerance for what does not resonate with you or what does resonate with you. Do trolls resonate with you on your trip or not?

So in checking your......"Tolerance"......for details (Trolls for example), the universe wants you to decide what to manifest next. Which way do you want to go? Which GCR realty or which ......"Time Line"...do you want to experience? That is the test or fork in the road. A benevolent test so that you get the most joy or the most meaningful life that you want. Because Yosef life is so different than mine, that if I was stuck living in his shoes I would not like it and they would not fit. He would not fit and be happy in my life. So it is for each and everyone of us. We are not all stuck on one time line because we are each unique.

We are all that special since we are each getting our own reality and our own GCR. The means that even the cemetery Trolls get their most perfect reality and each other person here, gets their own. All for maximum efficiency for each unique special person. Why?......because that is just how LOVE operates, with No limits and NO real Lack, because Lack does not exist. Only the illusion of lack may appear to exist for those that have a fancy life theme that needs a grave stone for example. Even the Trolls will live in a field of LOVE where they get their own ......."GCR lacking reality".........how special is that?

So the details will align some times and others they will not. Those are tolerance checking course corrections. Then you make a choice according to your ...."Tolerance"..... to your theme and then you go on in your own journey. That is why Vibration is everything if you want to have a good trip. Yet of course we are loved so much that even bad trips are allowed. All during these times of ......"details" ......we will segregate and chose the levels of consciousness that we also resonate with, so as to be on the path for Our Highest Good..

As these forks in the road happen and we choose, even our pasts will change and our memories will change and we may even be able to spot when we have made some leaps in time lines as when we have memories of what is now termed the ........"Mandela Effect".....where we can still be close enough to see our old time lines and where we made a leap, in where both options are still in our memories and general collective. As we walk farther down the road we will not be able to recall and the time lines become more certain and committed as we have experienced here during the last week.

All of this is always going on as we chose our ....."Tolerances"......to our own special life theme and experiences what we want. So we each gets to see (give meaning) to......."Dr Lao".....as we need to see him or as we project him (the GCR) to be. So none of us can do this wrong at all and ......"Everything is working out Everyday, in Every way, always"......

Our GCR goal will be reached or we would not be on this path, the daily....." details".......and the choice we make, will determine our own unique journey though our Free Will.

Much Love Victor



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