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Thursday, June 15, 2017

"The Invasion Of The Body Snatchers" by Victor - 6.15.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 3:04 PM EDT on June 15, 2017


" THEY ARE HERE ALREADY!.....YOU ARE NEXT!".............That is the final line of this great movie. It disclosed everything back in 1956. I was just one year old at the time and this is the world I chose to be born in.........Sobeit........ A world where the body snatchers live and are trying to take me over. Yeayyy!.........

To this day that battle is still going on....... "They are here"...... most certainly here in IDC and trying to get into every person on the planet and infect them. Put then to sleep and not let " US Create". The battle is for our minds and for our attention and for your most important ....."Creative Power."

If our power to manifest and be co-creators of our reality was not of ......"supreme importance",..... none of this battle for minds would be happening here in IDC. That is what this battle is for. If this was not true, the body snatchers would not be here at IDC. The Trolls would not be trying to infect you with sleep.

If the GCR was not so true and so real and you so powerful, all the infiltrations, all the double agents, all the handlers and all the fake replicas would not be here. Here is the battle ground because here is the leading edge of change. All the change for the whole world comes down to infecting your mind. To make you fall asleep. Like in the movie, when you fall asleep then the transformation takes place.

When you fall asleep and believe in lies and falsehoods you are ....."Taken Over"..... and made powerless. You become part of the body snatchers. I know all of this is way too hard to believe. That reality is like a science fiction movie. But the proof that this is a real battle and that it is the actual Truth of the situation we are in, are the Troll themselves. That is why the two timing trolls are here to make sure you fall asleep with false information. They are treasonous to mankind. There is no way to sugar coat the facts with love.

Today I saw a post by the supposed ....."Quan Yin"........Now is that a true post or is it a body snatching pod place in IDC to infect us with sleep??? That post contained ....."The Sleep"......of the complete opposite intel that Yosef has been putting out. So.....who is right and who is wrong? That is the difficult position we are thrown in. We each have to decide that take what resonates for us.

You May not believe that there is a real world wide and galactic battle of huge implications going on for you mind? Yet......Just look at that post. Extremely well done and extremely sophisticated, ALL to produce...." Doubt"..... and question everything you have heard so far. What a cunning attack.That post is trying to infect just like a pod place in your home in the movie.

Like the Trojan horse, they are arriving each and every day here, the new names, the new attacks and the old trusted people....... the ones you trusted turning out to be infected by the ......."Body Snatchers".......Yes....now they are only replicas. Copies in a way of the original person you once knew. The ...."good"..... has been replaced by the bad. Like a clone in a way they look the same on the outside, but then lack the Love Light that was once there. So it is.......this war.

I have been reading Yosef for over a year now. Many parts I like and many parts I just have a hard time accepting. Because my own compass is constantly being challenged as we all are here every day. I tend to just see the things that do not resonate with me and keep that in the ....."neutral" .....part of myself. I store conflicting information away in a ...."safe place"..... a neutral space for latter discernment, since I often do not have a clue of what is right and what is wrong. I do this, because I have been fooled many times as the body snatchers do their work. So this is how I protect myself. I differ commitment until I know.

Now this ...."Quan Yin"....Post shows up. Bam!........ it seems to be the complete opposite of what Yosef is saying for over a year. Hmmmm?.......Where did it come from? I notice that it triggers my own doubts and crossed frequency view points in myself, since I am also tired and am tempted to fall asleep like the best of us. Sleep sure feels like the easy way out at times. That is the temptation and the power of the body snatchers.That is how they work and that is how this post works.

So I see this inner conflict in my personal ....."compass".....In this world this is often hard to reconcile. That compass has to work all the time to keep us safe. Since we all have our areas where we are infected with lies and deceptions of past programing, so the needed often does not point right. IMO..... none are going to escape without some big ass shocks. We have not lived here for so long as to avoid the Body Snatcher fungus. We are all vulnerable with many forces fighting to sway our minds.

So at first this ...."Quan Yin"....post I find interesting, since it works on my doubts, I see that. Yet.....I notice that the end result of reading it All I feel confused. It brings me no Joy..... and yet it has hit on some of my trigger points. It hits my ...."weaknesses"..... So I have to look again at what is going on here because we are under a strong relentless attack. Is this another Trojan Horse? I have to use what discernment I have and give it a good look over.

You see my weakness is that I always thought Obama was the trany in this game, Him and Micheal. That is my bias and have a hard time believing that Trump is the Trany in this game. As silly as it sounds..........those little detail poison pills in our belief system work to make us fall asleep. That shit works on me. After all, Yosef keeps on bringing it up.......its his fault.........hee.....heee.

Putting people into ....."conflict"...is the goal of that Post. I am a victim of it. Who is not? Since conflict is uncomfortable and no one wants to stay there, most will just give in to the body snatcher pods and fall asleep, rather than fight to stay awake. Just like in the matrix movie, many will sell out for a good steak and a memory wipe to get it over with. Don't do it.

So the poison pills introduced in the......" Quan Yin"..... post are:
Trump impeachment will not usher in RV.---- Grandfather is ashamed.----Thus far ALL have been a disappointment and not one of them has passed any tests.----as each one fails Grandfather blocks the contract........etc.......etc......etc.

All of this is an attack on the ones in charge and it feels bad. It is that simple analyze. It contains ....."Lots of details to confuse"..... and twisting the Truth. That is a tell. End result and my conclusion is that this pod is to make us ...."Doubt"......So we can not manifest the RV. That is the goal of this Trojan horse poison pill created by the......."Body Snatchers"........A Pod, place in our IDC home so as to make us all fall asleep and infect. Once we are infected we can not manifest the RV because lack has replaced a positive meaning, what we say the RV is for US.

They certainly are ........"HERE ALREADY"......... Many are infected and the shocks will be coming fast and furious now. Great!........exciting!.......we are near the end since the battle is heating up and they are being exposed now since we can take it now.

Much Love Victor



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