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Saturday, June 24, 2017

"The Hidding of Wolves" by Victor - 6.24.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 5:02 PM EDT on June 24, 2017

How do you hide a Wolf.......In a pack of Sheep? You put a sheep's hide on the Wolf and he pretends to bleep the loudest and be the most loving sheep in the flock, that is how.

YOU say no way!..........Sheep are not that stupid. YES.......they are. They are completely gullible and blind since they only look down all the time, by force of habit and focus about 4 inches in front of their noses. Since they eat the same thing every day, they do not have to think or take self responsibility, .....since they live in a flock after all. (safety in numbers) The do not have stereo vision and can not see far away and have no depth perception. So in order to feel safe, they assemble in flocks like the little altruistic blind critters that they are. They do not have X-Ray vision........sheep.

Sheep are working the law of averages. By living in a flock mind set, they think that they have a good chance of surviving. They hope that when a wolf does show up, he will just settle for a weak brother/sister, one along the edge of the flock and in that way the ...."Group"...or the spices of sheep can survive.

That is the lovingness of sheep. Acceptable losses are just part of the sheep way. They bleep about love in order to convince themselves that the ....."Big Bad Wolf" .....is not really going to get ...."THEM"..... It makes them feel good, all the loving bleeps at night. Just before the wolf time. Plus they have to convince their buddies who are along the edge that all is OK for them and what they are All doing is the best thing for ALL.

Now if the sheep where honest little buggers to begin with, they would know that all that...." love talk"...... is covering up a very weak condition of vulnerability that they are living under. The fact is that they know that they do not stand a chance in a head to head fight against the Big Bad Wolf pack. So in order to keep the flock together and keep the hive mentality alive (and save the individual).........This is the great Loving Altruistic Survival Plan of sheep.

Sheep have to preach....." much Love".... to everyone......especially other sheep. Because if they sheep don't buy the love story, then the whole group flock thing that sheep have created for safety will break down and then the little myopic sheep will have to go into life all alone and not in a flock.

So there is a presumed safety and compromise in being in a........ "group mind set"........So the last person to give the show away will be a sheep. The sheep know if their flock breaks up they really stand less of a chance of survival than in a group. That is how sheep have gotten be..."What".... they are today............a pretty easy bunch to control and manipulate.

Can you wake a sheep up?.......Good question. I dont' know the answer since I am a sheep herder, I look out and only see more of the same. Yes.......the sheep can "Bleep" a good god line and they are sure good looking and good from behind.......Yeah......they are good for that. So the Big Bad wolves...........they know all of this. Sheep are easy pickings. They work in groups and they don't just want one sheep.......they want them all.

So they send the best and smartest wolf into the flock and throw on an old lanolin covered skin on him and he is good to go. Good enough for blind sheep, since they don't see to well and are not to discerning, since that was never asked of them before. In fact, most of them will walk right over the darn cliff, just to stay with their own false story of safety. They will be loving and gullible, all the way to the edge of the cliff as they step off......all the while ignoring the odds that it might be them, as the one who gets picked off or that their protection scheme is completely dated and useless for a new 4d world.

So can a sheep recognize a Big Bad Wolf in sheep's clothing?.....Hmmmm?....Being in sheepherder you can see how the wolves operate. They go right into the middle of the flock, because sheep are always looking and focusing only at the edges. They are inherently a nervous bunch, they are always trying to get to the most safe place in the middle of the flock, because they know all their loving friends will get eaten first at the edges. All in theory will be eaten, before themselves.......so each sheep thinks.

So when a wolf wants the confidence of the sheep he goes right in the middle and the most prominent spot of power for the sheep. But he now has to get the convince all the sheep that he is one of them. He has to do it in a way that he can eventually drive the whole flock over the edge of the cliff, so that all the other wolves can have an easy meal on the smashed mutton.

So the Big Bad Wolf starts to talk and the sheep listen and they ask?......Who is that New sheep? He is different? He dares to take charge and speak very loud and he sure is loving. He is a man of God.....Wow.........they all said. He will be our new leader and protect us. We will now be safe for ever. We will not have to think and never be afraid again. So the wolf tells many loving stories over time at first to get their confidence. Confidence takes time.

This is easy for the wolf since that is what wolves do. The sheep just bleep in unison on how loving this new leader is..........."safe at last"......"safe at last"..........they all say. We are Saved. God himself sent a saviour for us..........Bahhhh.......bahhhh........blahhhh......is what rocks them to sleep over time and they ignore that the new leader of the flock looks and smells funny.

Then the new leader of the flock started to change his story some what. It started slowly, some things felt bad. But the sheep ignored the ...."little bad"....and continued to graze. Then the bad became 50/50.......but the sheep did not change their believes. NO......they said. Our new leader is a man of God, he would not deceive us. Plus don't ask us to think and ask hard questions. We are going to be rich. Can't you just be more loving like us.......since we are all ......."ONE"?

Then one day a something startled the sheep and they started to run some, the speed increased as they headed for the steep white cliffs. In the frantic gallop no one dare to stop or change course. It was too late and no one knew how to think any more and it would have been so much work in such a hurried frantic pace........They where full off Love and Glowing Trust and you could hear their bleeps of surprise as they stepped off the edge in mass. They never thought it would be them.

That is how you hide a Wolf in sheep's clothing.....right among them.




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