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Friday, June 2, 2017

"The Everending Story" by Dragon Wolf - 6.2.17

Entry Submitted by Dragon Wolf at 3:57 AM EDT on June 2, 2017


I have memories of the past that are eerily familiar of the world that we live in now. America has similar parallels of Atlantis, right before the COLLAPSE. Sexual perversion with animals/children/hybrids. The blurred lines and dismantling of the Divine Masculine and Feminine attributes in society. The corruption of spirituality by the Atlantean (MIND-BASED Intellectual Technology) artificial modifications and genetic engineering that felt it was superior to the Lemurian (SPIRITUAL/HEART-BASED) love frequencies of the tribes at the time. The GREAT SPLIT of and trauma of what occurred when the collapse happened. ​

The cellular memory of that trauma is still present in the fields of those that are still in lower level 3D fear/separation consciousness. The furthest memory that I have of this trauma being initiated goes back further than Atlantis though. Thank you, ONE WHO KNOWS, for jogging my memory of the planet Maldek and Cabal vampiric desire of "POWER OVER OTHERS". That desire was so strong of an need it would rather destroy everyone and everything than see them be free and feel powerless.

All the souls that were "shocked" by the toplet bombs going off and the very soul of the planet that was disrupted and displaced from its physical body is the "collective trauma" of fear that has followed throughout our reincarnation "experience". The fear of gaining the world, but losing one's soul, has been a deep fear that has stunted the abundance in the collective for far too long. It is time to clear that old paradigm of dualistic separation consciousness from Gaia and the Souls of Terra. To not only heal Gaia, but this universe from all the separation consciousness it has ever experienced. Gaia is not separate from us! Our desire to clear up our planet is also our desire to clear up and heal ourselves.

Know that the cabal are part of the duality/separation consciousness distortion of the 3D/4D. They play their role very eloquently, precisely, and diabolically clever. If you have had "experiences" of lack, pain, sorrow, fear, and despair, in this lifetime or any other, know that you may be suffering unnecessarily in the "NOW" because of this. The FEAR of separation can be seen all throughout this 3D/4D Reality. It is quite astonishing to see how the cabal has used this fear against us.

Imagine a child that has only experienced FEAR, and separation in their reality. Imagine that this child is raised under the harshest of lives and is abused in every way imaginable. Imagine this child grows up thinking that it is separate from everyone else. It only knows pain and suffering. Now in order to feel important and to gain so kind of power and control of the life that it has had. The child grows up bitter, angry, and in DEEP FEAR of being USED and ABUSED. So in order to make sure that the child is never abused it decides to USE and ABUSE others before it they can abuse the child. The child plots its revenge on those who used and abused.

The child has now grown into an adult and has sought out and tortured all of it's abusers. Yet the sense of being powerful was not established. The adult does not feel justified. The adult is still afraid of being powerless from and under others. So the adult seeks to gain more power to deal with the FEAR. The fear slowly creeps up every time in this separation consciousness. The Adult is afraid of being used be others still, so it BLACKENS its heart by TAKING, ABUSING, AND USING others power that also are FEARFUL and FEEL powerless. The adult decides that everyone is out to take away its power so it must take everyone else's power away first. The adult learns the best way to do this is to manipulate the others into thinking that they are powerless and that the adult is in someway superior. The abuse continues through the adults lineage and all the of the family is raised with this darkness of FEAR IMPRINTED on their hearts! Once upon a time I was that child. Unlike those other lifetimes though, in this lifetime, I survived my abuse became an adult without ever using another's power or abusing my own. I just continually suffered under one "caretaker" to another that used and abused my light. No MORE DEAR ONES! NO MORE LIGHT WORKER. I stand in my power from within and the power within all and say proudly, I AM A LIGHT WARRIOR!

This is not a plea to all light warriors to feel sympathy for the dark workers. As One Who Knows, has stated, they killed his son. I cannot fathom the pain that he feels from the stinging pain of death. This also why I have been a lone wolf in this lifetime and chose not to have children in a 3D/4D matrix. I know I have made mistakes in past lifetimes and served self, but that karma is all cleaned up. I do not serve the dark no matter how badly they have tortured and tormented my mind, body and soul in this lifetime or any other. My conviction is clear and my values true. POWER FROM WITHIN yields connectedness and INTEGRATION and POWER OVER OTHERS only yields SEPARATION and DISINTEGRATION. DO NO HARM is the law of the land. I cannot do harm to another for it is only harming myself. There is no separation. Although this will not bring his son back, this is a statement, that what the dark workers have done to us can only strengthen our resolve. The pain that has been inflicted and trauma that has been wrought in the name of service to self narcissism must end, and that means that the dark ones must be removed once and for all. This means standing in our own power! When we take back our power from these thieves, the illusion is completely destroyed and they are left powerless. All that stand in the way of FREEDOM and TRUTH will be removed from this reality!!!

The dark ones believe that they must maintain power over others. They think with their superior ego that they must drain the life out of others to survive. This is why the illusion of their power and mind control had been so thick! The amazing thing is that they really only have the illusion of power when others believe that they are forced to give their powers to others. The REAL TRUTH is that are moment has come to realize we no longer need the dark, in fact they are the ones that need us. This is why they have have been continually using this fear to maintain the illusion that we need them. Without them we are still light. Without us they are blind.

You that are LIGHT WORKERS, no LIGHT WARRIORS! Do not think that you have always played the role of the "GOOD GUY" in all your lifetimes. You that have chosen the light, you have chosen because you have experienced the dark. You have experienced the power over others polarity. Even now do you not struggle with the shadow self of fear that seeks to convince you that it is real and perhaps your true self? Truth does not hide in the shadows! Can you feel the fear of not having the abundance that is rightfully yours as a child of GOD. It is your Divine Birthright/rite!

I know what it is to seek "POWER OVER OTHERS" and I know it doesn't work because I have felt the pain from childhood of those that have stood in this polarity consciousness. It is not a place to raise a child for it is full pain, abuse. suffering, anguish, and self hate. Yet, how many children are suffering unnecessarily from this abuse of power?

This power can only be given with consent, as it must be given by free will that one can try to obtain power over you. The only power that does not have karmic lessons and the need to continue in an earth school, is "POWER FROM WITHIN". However, there has been manipulation over this


As ,One Who Knows, had hinted at about different roles that we have played, perhaps even some of us were cabal during the destruction of Maldek. Maybe even, One Who Knows, is so protective of our house from cabal disinformation and propaganda agents, because one of his friends betrayed him on Maldek, and even told the Cabal where his true love was so they could grab collateral to get him to cease and desist the resistance. Perhaps this one sought to save their own skin and realized in the end that playing with the dark is a losing battle for all. For it ended in the destruction of the entire planet of Maldek. If this was me... If this was the story of the shadow distortion away from my true self, I have PAID in spades of karmic betrayal, abuse, and slavery. I have judged myself endlessly and fought against the merciless abuse that was bestowed upon me to have some kind of balance in my life. If this was me, then I say with an "OPEN HEART", I AM SORRY. PLEASE FORGIVE ME, THANK YOU, and I LOVE YOU! We are all one. So perhaps at one time we were all cabal at some point. Perhaps, if time only really exists on 3D/4D distortions, then maybe on another timeline in another dimension, we still are.

It is GO Time! The GCR/RV is underway and the segmented groups are currently exchanging, despite what others may say! Let us all ban together and ignite this (violet)flame!​ The time is now! If you ever wanted something so bad in your life and have been met with only struggle, now is the time to give this with everything you have got! It's time to have that childlike wonderment and faith! It's time to bestow on this planet the EMOTIONAL NOURISHMENT of ABUNDANCE and the SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT of the BLESSINGS of KNOWINGNESS!

Match my crown! Feel my vibration! This is everything you have ever wanted and dreamed! Here is where you finally get to silence the naysayers and doubters by the deafening cry of what you do by your actions! This is your BIRTHRIGHT/RITE! This is your right of passage! It is yours! Not just because you have earned it, but rather because you have moved out all the old energies of the past that stood in the way of your limitless abundance! Your old collective-induced/reminded BS (Belief Systems).

The cabal is on the run. The time of their lessons to find self worth are over! It has taken this long to wake up, but because of the 3D/4D mind control/hijacking and emotional frequency manipulation, it has caused a MASS AWAKENING! The dark ones/cabal (service to self polarity) has sought to prevent us from awakening for far too long! They had hijacked us through "FALSE CONTRACTS, MIND CONTROL, RELIGIONS (RE-LEGIONS), AND DISINFORMATION/MISINFORMATION! All to prevent us from awakening to our TRUE IDENTITY. All to prevent our discovery of our SOVEREIGNTY.

All of their efforts were in vain, for they have only prolonged the inevitable TRUTH. For they can never prevent our sovereignty, only masked our IDENTITY in false truths, disinformation, and illusions. All this time of suffering through separation consciousness of not being connected to source due to this interference has only led to more souls waking up, at a faster rate and on a massive global scale. That scale is building at such an alarming rate that it will soon reach critical mass. Once this is achieved NO ONE will question their IDENTITY ever again because the massive information being released through the sheer power of light through the collective will bring all together in and on this timeline as ONE. Gaia will be polarized completely to the LIGHT/SERVICE TO OTHERS(AS SELF) CONSCIOUSNESS and all illusions of darkness with be illuminated, absorbed, and integrated back to the light.

This is a Quantum Universe, so the dark polarity/service to self will be moved down into Gaia's lower astral plane and then completely removed from the Gaia and existence of the oneness/light consciousness. They will exist somewhere else in another dimension that is not our reality. Our reality is to be of CONNECTEDNESS, BELONGING, DISCOVERY, ABUNDANCE, and FREEDOM!

This is not a debate. This is not a discussion. If what I have to say does not resonate with you then it is well with my soul. If this does resonate with you, then it is well with my soul. When I say they, them, you, or our...know that I only mean I. I may only be talking to myself. Working this all out. I know that I deserve to be fed, clothed, and sheltered, just like everyone on the planet does. I am just honored be here in this"LIGHTHOUSE" called IDC and to have a means of healing my old wounds and spend my life taking care of and bestowing mass abundance to all the souls that I may have done horrible things to in past lives of what was done to me in this one.


May you wake up everyday to see the manifested paradise of the your soul's long journey.

Dragon Wolf



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