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Saturday, June 17, 2017

"The Different Discernment of Levels" by Victor - 6.17.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 1:02 PM EDT on June 17, 2017

ALL Levels of Consciousness see the Truth differently. That is one thing that we can all agree on, since it is self evident. On the extreme side the Cabal are negative oriented and on the other side the Light workers are positive oriented to serving others.....and there are infinite combination in between.

Those polarities are also self evident here in IDC. What resonates for one person, does not resonate with another. This means.......ALWAYS ....."Take what Resonates for You".....and leave the rest. And that is what we all do all the time anyways.. We do it here and we do it in our lives. Since we are the creators or our ...."Experience".......

We may not even understand the Law of Attraction and how we manifest our lives, yet on one level it does not matter to you. Since on many levels of Awareness of Consciousness it is a ......"Lesson to far".....It is a topic for another life time or latter. So it is always. We choose what we want to make WHAT is ....."REAL".... for ourselves.

All of this is great and all of it is positive if we step back far enough with our perspective and see that this Game is for the experiences......for the "Experiences". Source came here to experience the Cabal and the Light worker and all the shades of people in between. That is the game here.

When you take what Resonates for YOU. You are making Life Theme Choices of what to experience. Lots of this is beyond our awareness and on the level of our own Higher Self. So if for example you hear a story that Tank is no who you think he is......You might reject that information because it does not yet resonate with your Life Theme or what you want to experience.

Another person at a different level of awareness will be drawn to that story and believe it and see it an know it to be True. Now what resonates for that person is completely different than the other. So which person is right?........both persons are right. Asking what is right is almost silly in that there is NO One Reality that exist for all. So both are right by the mere fact that both people are living in a collective experience and actually having it. Yet both are seeing the outer Reality in a different way.

Both realities have different ......"Meanings"........those meanings are give by us to ourselves by taking what resonates with us and leaving the rest. That is ....."Good....That is great and that is what we each must do. Because if each person from different ..."levels"....or different life themes. If they would be forced to change and switch their experiences one for the other.........both would be more unhappy and out of resonance with what they came here to experience and to learn.

That is what it means to be LOVING, to be able to see the different levels and understand. Yet understanding does not Trump the Free Will of Light Workers by allowing the Cabal to do Harm. It is all about the learning here at IDC. In fact if this place thrives, or it goes down or it if it even changes drastically..........that is done by the Free Will choice of people of different levels. In fact there is more than one IDC message board in reality. There are infinite IDC boards or infinite time lines available. Which one are each of us going to energize for ourselves?

Well how can that be? Well, if it is possible for two people here to have two completely different life experiences of reality here, then it is possible for each person to have a different reality or a different timeline experience for themselves. That is what is happening.

NOW at certain points in any collective experience there has to be conflict. Conflict forces you to chose or commit to your resonate Theme. It forces you to "select" your theme or to not stick to the old one or too fine tune it. You can change the trip all along the way. It is like a free roaming tour. What do you want to experience next.? So at time we meet in conflict and that conflict will cause one IDC group or time line to be energized, so that a complete new different level of experiences appear to possible and to "make sense" to us on our individual trips.

Some of you may need a Troll thumping group energizing time line and a the same time another time line where it is all about the Love everyone with flowers is more important to those on their theme. This makes all time lines and All individual experiences in Life valid and approved of by Source itself. So may be for you is if Christ himself and religion that makes more sense and manifestation does not resonate. It is what ever you say it is for you. It has to be that way for us to have a believable experience with emotions in it.

We can not shove all of lives experiences and diverse options into one time line only. There would not be enough diversity to experience much, too small. In my time line for example I can See Trolls. For other people on their own theme, the trolls do not exist for them, they are not real. OWK is not real for them and they will take what ever resonates for them and go live their experience......"All Good".....in the larger Game level.

Now for me when the Trolls are let back into IDC, like now. I say that is not good. I don't like it and it is not for me in my story here. Others will rejoice in "Free speech" and all of that. They want to have a creation restricted world view. I want a larger view with more TRUTH options and choices. A troll wacker needs Trolls to wack if that is what resonates. Like a dog needs a bone. So in a way........we each put or do not put trolls in our world. Or we choose to put our head in the sand like an ostrich or not.

Does this mean that they do not exist?......NO they do and everything exists and everything is possible, since there are no limitations in experiences........unless we say that there are limitations in our experience. We create the boundaries and the open or close borders. To each his own.Yet.....I don't think in this timeline with the Cabal them in it, that you can not manifest the Troll experience. It is going to be there.

Getting people to see different levels of discernment, It is like trying to force someone to buy a Zim when it is not in their life story. You can't do it. You can't force someone to go to a different level or expereince different themes unless they want to and it resonates with them.

So each level of awareness has its own level of discernment or its own compass telling you what is right for you and what is wrong for you. It is your resonance guide that you follow according to the ...."Meanings"..........that you hold or manifest. So be it............be at your own level or not?

What is your story going to be? You discern and you see the trolls or you do not. All Free Will as consciousness or awareness plays the game of duality here on IDC.

Now one positive thing that came from a negative Tank post was seen in my Theme as a great positive and empowerment tool in manifestation. When everyone imagined their time line, they are energizing their creation. Now as that Tanks intent? Was it part of his penance?.....who knows?......but out of a Cabal post and new creation appeared that empowered the RV.......Everyone created, who would have thought of that?....Amazing. All came from a negative intent which I am sure many did not even see.

Much Love Victor



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