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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"The Ball is Back in our Proverbial Court" by PuffLori - 6.6.17

Entry Submitted by PuffLori at 4:29 PM EDT on June 6, 2017


Spoiler Alert: I’m joining Grandfather, Quan Yin, Sephora, Yosef, OWK’s and the legions of Beings not listed, but on our bright side of the Light. The question is: Will you join US, too???

On May 10, 2017, I wrote my very first post to Dinar Chronicles in response to One Who Knows’ Call to Light Workers, asking for our help. He told us at that time, that the RV was waiting on OUR vibrations to rise so fully, deliberately, and permanently that we would not continue to be distracted by the low and dark hooks of the cabal and trolls posting in Our HOUSE. (note to OWK: I LOVE that you have coined this community OUR HOUSE. It makes me feel included and an important member of this Lightworker Family —As we ALL are, whether we post or not. Thank You.)

Unfortunately, while the trolls’ posts continued to be allowed, my post never made it through the screening process. Despite its’ positive intent and content I had, unfortunately, entitled my former entry, Come Y’all Let’s Grow Some B**** — except I used the actual word, and used it repeatedly to make my point. (hint: it rhymes with Dolls).

Oops, My bad.

To Patrick’s credit, I guess it may have had a lewdness to its’ leaning —with my expressions (uncharacteristic of the stereotype of a typical New Age/Spiritual Being writings or PoV). Also, I DID note one swear word that missed my edits before I pushed send button. Dang!

And, admittingly, not every one gets my particular form of humor in this life: Lightworker disguised as girl-next-door, meets potty mouth, meets Master/Goddess of Love, Being of ONE— down here on her last earthly 3D mission/life.

Nonetheless, soon, I will exchange, set up my humanitarian projects, meet my mentors at the Gathering and then work towards Simultaneity.

Simultaneity? Yes. I will continue my mission down here—shepherding the second, third, fourth and firth waves of Ascension by my example…..WHILE AT THE SAME TIME closing the book on this 3D world and moving endlessly forward on Nova ONE as my ONE self (my unique compilations of ALL my incarnations in this and any other time space reality or dimension.) Cool, right? Many of you—most of you reading — will do the same.

But, enough of that…..let’s go to Richards’ most recent challenge. Are we going to take an actual stand, and ban the trolls and cabal from posting in our midst and lowering some of our members vibrations to the point that the RV is still pending??

First off, let’s call a spade a spade, shall we?

Calling someone a troll, in our community, or cabal or dark—in the larger First Wave of Ascension communities throughout the world—-is just, IMHO, the Lightworkers’ diplomatic, kind-hearted way of naming this group, and giving them way too much credit or power. Calling a spade a spade — the REAL, EASY, 3D term for the troll, cabal, mean-hearted, malintended, deliberately cruel, sneaky, possessing no conscious — individuals or groups is this: BULLY.

Plain and simple. Bully. And, I won’t even give them the honor of their more intimating, glamorous names of cabal or troll, from here on. They deserve the plain and underrated name of what they really are and choose to be: Bully. Nothing great sounding about that word or title. ..in any language or arena.

And you—LIGHTWORKER— you were/are most likely, a victim of one or more of those bullies in your lifetime— or your bright and beautiful child is/was. They can thrive even within your own family or parent(s), or at school, or online, or at work, or in your community etc. At the very least, you’ve at least “seen” one played on tv and the movies. As a young idealist, I used to watch those movies and think, naively, “That’s so exaggerated—is any one really, consciously —actually, like this in real life??”

Sadly, over the decades, as my own shade lifted on my childhood/ and adult life experiences, the answer came to me in a resounding: YES!!!

Bullies are real, and they know what they are doing. Even if they are un-evolved enough to be unaware that their bad behavior and treatment of others is hurtful (as are many Narsisitics, for example), that doesn’t make their actions and the resulting hurt and fallout for the Lightworker recipient any less painful or damaging.

Continuing on this defining of terms theme, even if you never knew, until recently, that you qualified as a Lightworker, a being of the Light —what does it mean, again—to be a Lightwkrker? What’s my definition of ONE?

As Light Worker, we are naturally open-minded, fair and constantly seeking the Truth. And, though that Truth, or point of view, may change over the years or decades, depending on our experience filaments and life lessons learned and/or exposed to….for the most part, we strive ALWAYS to “SEE” what isTRUE. And, from whatever perspective we hold as Truth, we aim to live our life’s cleanly, doing as little harm, to ourselves and others — as is humanly possible, in the process.

Definition of Lightworker(con’t)…..

This could be the universal bumper sticker on the Collective Lightworkers' car. Even if you’ve had a crappy childhood, or a crazy mean ex, or lost most your money, or poor health….if you’re a Lightworker, your Big Heart is most likely still Open, and always dreaming about how you can make this world a better place. Despite your possibly dire financial situation of late, you’ve got your Humanitarian Project List typed up and ready. You’re gonna use your post rv money…not only for yourself and family, but most probably to right the wrongs and help the people that crapped on you, even yesterday.

You’ve even agreed with Grandfather and his benevolent view of the cabal and it’s minions. And, though our human part/ego’s would like some good old- fashioned-what-goes-around-comes-around karma to bite those rascally bully orientated ones in the butt, and see them paraded down the street for at least a little walk of shame……

We, the LIGHTWORKERS — in the end, concede — precisely BECAUSE WE ARE SUCH SEE-THE- BIGGER- PICTURE- BEINGS. We acknowledge that underneath their bully suits, they actually have cores/essences. We give them the benefit of the doubt and conclude that they actually have Hearts that are One with ONE, as are WE ALL.

Question: Why is this important?? Why belabor the point and re-define the term Lightworker —as we’ve heard this all before—yada yada yada?

Ans. Because, the bullies are USING OUR INNATE NATURES (and our definition(s) of a Lightworker) AGAINST US!!! Thus far…their strategy has been brilliant…. and has worked!!!!

While we LIGHTWORKERS were busy this past month, doing what we’ve been doing our whole lives—and NOT calling a spade a spade…..

While we were busy doing what We DO So Well, they (the bullies) played us like a fiddle. They beat us at our own kind-heated, open-minded, spiritually evolved game. While we were treating the bullies by the Golden Rule, they mocked us to our faces (and behind our backs) and kept whittling away at our vibration.

They KNOW of our GOODNESS and Natural UNWILLINGNESS TO TURN OUR BACKS ON ANY BEING—no matter how undeserving. They USE this KNOWING OF US as their trump card. And, they kept right on blatantly, or subtly attempting to lord fear and control over us, as they have for millenium. They call us the stupid crackheads. They call us…sheeple or sheep, when we are ACTUALLY the Brothers, the Sisters, the peers of Yeshua himself. The kin of the ArchAngels. No kidding.

Kinda funny, if it weren’t such a tired, old story for us Lightworkers throughout Time here in 3D, eh?

So, what?
And, why is the Proverbial Ball in our Court now, fellow Lightworkers?

Well, as ONE WHO KNOWS initially addressed…..WE ARE THE ONES HOLDING THIS UP!!!

Even Grandfather, is now speaking up again and reminding us to take A Stand. They are repeating themselves and saying ONCE AGAIN: that they can’t do this for us — they can’t take The Stand for us.

Richard, and Yosef can’t do it for Us!!! Grandfather won’t.

Drat!! As, they are so good at it. It doesn’t make seem to make them flinch as it does us. It’s much easier to hide behind their wide, strong shoulders.

It’s the Same message as last month?? Holy Crap, the BALL IS STILL IN OUR COURT.??!! They are still waiting on US —since their beginning of May message.—and it’s now June 6th!! ??

Why? ? Why us? We Lightworkers have been duking out—long before the disappointment and no-show of the infamous 12/21/12 Ascension date. We’ve been busy these past decades, cleaning our internal houses—isn’t that enough?

Well, No. Actually. Apparently NOT.

Because even through this whole journey of the RV—which I’ve been riding for 5 1/2 years —has been one of paradoxical learnings and life lessons—it’s not over, YET.

And even though we’ve been so diligent: Learning to discern. Learning to go against our innate & trusting ways— which naturally sees the best in people, governments, religious authorities natures….We HAVE HAD TO realize—the hard way: That some people/entities—even those that have the hootspa to just flat-out lie to us about who they are, behind closed doors—- some beings just have bad intent.

That’s too bad. Pun, intended. It would be so much easier, if we all played this duality game with fairness and sportsmanship. If we all agreed to the rules and played by them. They can’t —it’s not their nature. But, they KNOW IT”S OURS.

And, even though we’ve been the meek becoming strong, the poor becoming the soon-to-be rich, the good-hearted, in-the- background soldiers working valiantly behind the scenes to polish our Light as Bright as we can make it, by doing our internal clearing and work….even though We’ve been The do-gooders preparing to stand up against the Giants, and MAKE THIS WORLD THE ONE WE”VE DREAMED of ALL ALONG…..

We’ve still been allowing them to continue to doop us. Even, as Richard says….in our OWN HOUSE!! It’s getting embarrassing. Though they’ve shown their cards every time, and been called out by Lightworkers such as OWK, Sephora, Grandfather and Yosef….. We’ve still chosen, collectively, to this point, to be and continue to act as the Spiritual Idealists that we were born as…AND, NOT TAKE A STAND OUT WHERE ALL CAN SEE US. We prefer to take our stands, privately and not cause any waves.

Even though they continue to laugh at us— or claim we are naive, pie-in-the-sky thinking, or freedom of speech deniers—we have continued to ALLOW them a voice…..all the while, still dreaming of the day we could STAND UP AND BE SEEN…John Lennon style, singing IMAGINE all the way.

Yeah, but, PuffLori, why must The New Peoples That Be ask us to step forward now—when we’re so close to the END?? Couldn’t we stay anonymously in the background, where we’re accustomed? Don’t they understand WE WOULD HAVE TO GO AGAINST OUR NATURE AS LIGHTWORKERS—-in order do so?? In order to get this RV done per their request??

Our Lightworker nature is to be fair, and give EVERYONE, even the bullies (formerly known as trolls and cabal) a chance to express their point of view. Our nature is to draw and extract the good from the posts, or opinions or intel and keep on singing with John.

But, maybe —and apparently, it’s not as easy for the remainder of Dinarland (as it is for us born idealists on Dinarchronicles) to hear the radar-warning bells going off in their hearts — when reading an antagonizing or fear inducing, it’s-never-going-to happen posts and videos. Maybe they are still bamboozled by the tricks of some bully planting fears, uncertainties and doubts under a pseudonyms.

Maybe it’s too much to ask of us —to do as Grandfather, Zorra, Yosef or OWK’s does-- and go head to head with a cyber bully, or their own dinar guru or group leader….

For the above mentioned leaders, they can take it. But apparently we average Joe/Joan Lightworkers are still hesitating. Maybe, for some of us, we are still are more vulnerable, and/or have not yet broken the ingrained conditioning to be the peace-maker, the diplomat, the kind, the understanding ONES. The ONES who hold their tongues, so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings. Even the bullies’ feelings. At the expense of their own feelings, or dreams.

Maybe it’s not so easy for us as a Collective to hold steady — in the KNOWING THAT ALL IS WELL…..and EVERYTHING IS WORKING FOR OUR GOOD. But…MAYBE now that we are under ONE HOUSE for this project…we could gather our courage and draw our line in the sand—TOGETHER. How’s that for an-out-of-the-box concept?

Question: Could we dare go against our Lightworker nature, described above??

And, do it FOR THE COLLECTIVE GOOD of ALL on this planet? That is, after all what your heart of hearts' Lightworker natures dreams of. Saving the day, and standing up to the bullies, despite our pounding hearts.

Could we STOP BEING SO FAIR, and giving even the bullies a chance to Vent, and apparently lower our vibrations so much as a group and on other sites, that we ARE ALLOWING THEIR TACTICS TO FOIL OUR PLANS OF ONENESS, Mass ASCENSION and GOOD??

IT’s already been suggested, last month that we DECIDE to not even OPEN or respond those posts. That didn’t work…they kept posting. Some couldn’t help it, and kept on reading and or responding and taking the bullies bait.

Some members were wise enough, like me, to CHOOSE NOT TO EVEN read any posts other than the ONES authorized and KNOWN TO BE SOLID AND IN THE LIGHT OF ONE. But, not enough of us did that…because they kept posting.

We could do like the great post about bullies and not check the positive or negative box on their post. Not respond to them with posts of your own. As, the Bully hates to be ignored….they feed off your outrage. They laugh at your kind heart and diplomacy, cause they know they still “have” your energy.

But, that too didn’t work….as they are still posting. Still delaying our Blessing and Good Works.

OR, WE COULD GRAB OUR LIGHTWORKER SWORDS AND SHIELDS, and RAISE THEM UP TOGETHER IN UNITY!!!!! (Swords are not btw, only assigned to famous ArchAngels—you have one too, and the power of ALL BEINGS lies within YOU!!!)

Could we throw our shoulders back, lift our chins up and remember who we really ARE??? BEINGS OF ONE?? —made in the Image and likeness of our spiritual parents—whatever you choose to call them.

Could you decide — could we decide that as LIGHTWORKERS — that being so liberally broad-minded on principle, and without exception— is NOT WORKING FOR US….And, not in this case contributing positively towards our CAUSE OF GOOD FOR ALL??

Could we be REALLY BOLD and decide that…that WE THE LIGHTWORKERS—WE the NEW PEOPLES THAT BE…have decided to do like the Real Truth Call and BAN the trolls from posting??? Could we ALL give Patrick permission to draw the line and ONLY POST that which uplifts and ADDS TO THE GOOD ?? Could we cast our individual votes??

Giant Texas-sized Dolls, I know. How would you feel proudly and confidently holding your sword for the all the bully puppets and impotent minions to see?

After all, they’ve been counting on our kind-hearted ways to this point. How ‘bout showing them, we’re KIND, yes…..BUT, We’re NOT STUPID!!! If something is broken…..we’re smart enough to fix it.

Yes, even if the bullies claim we’re being unfair, and un-lighter-worker-ish!!

So Be It—So what? So the Cabal doesn’t see the GOOD OF US , AND our Beautiful Time-Tested Giant Hearts? Who Cares, at this point?

Can”t we just, stop being so politically correct for crying’ out loud …….and say, “NO MASS!! No More!! Not with US!! WE HAVE —literally, EARTH CHANGING AGENDAS TO FULFILL — ONES WE”VE BEEN WAITING LIFETIMES AND MILLENNIUM AND SUPER CYCLES TO DO!!”

Are we hear in OUR HOUSE gonna stop because of you—-you, plain-old-fashioned-bullies?? Really??

Can’t we Lightworkers stop being so predictable and playing right into their hands??

Their simple 101 bully strategies have been played on us throughout history, and on the micro and macro levels. And, if we Lightworkers ever dare to call them out on it—they divert the accusations and truth off of them —and, point their fingers on us—falsey accusing us, discrediting us, calling us crazy, delusional, unfair, unjust, unforgiving or not credible.

Did you know that in John Bradshaw’s classic book about Shame and incest he explains that most common game plan of the sexual perpetrator is one in which they do not violate all the children in the house? There is, most typically, only ONE type of child selected,per household, with whom they zoom in on to exploit.

Who’s most statistically their chosen victim? Is it random? No, according to Bradshaw. It’s the “Bright Light” of the family or house. The child with the heart of Gold. Why?

Because, these children are least likely to “tell”. For, it’s the young Light Being who innately have the most compassion for their wounded perpetrator. They are the least likely to speak up and say, no, not with me…and tell other adults of the crime. Their molestor counts on this choice of personal character, and most often gets away with it—if they chose the right child. The Bright Light of the house.

My POINT?? Well, we are the Bright Lights of the currency community and of the world at large and OF THE FIRST WAVE. And, these bullies throughout time, have crimed against us NOW and in our many incarnations.

Can’t we NOW, as a Collective, say by our actions, choices and words: “Here’s my Vote: Yes, I’m talking to You— You, with no scruples —- you bullies who hide-behind-the-scenes-—and you lying, cowardly-clones and minions…. I know, you’ve got a heart of Good underneath it all, but really…..do we have to keep inviting you to the birthday party at our house—even though you’ve taken wacks, directly or indirectly at many of us?

At most of us? And, Just because you smile and pretend you’re one of us and have our best interests at heart—can’t we finally, just call you out for WHO YOU ARE AT THIS POINT IN TIME??!!

Even though we may have sent you an invitation, and we’d like to include ALL…your behaviors and words do not align with ours. Just because you demand free speech and actions—do we have to allow you in the front door?? Do we have to keep pretending you are our friend, when you are clearly NOT? Can we tell you to your face, that we’ve changed our minds about you?

Must we still be the nice Mom who invites the entire class to her child’s kindergarten party? Even the one who’s bullied her child relentlessly? I Don’t think so. Least not with me. I’m casting my vote and drawing my line in the sand. I’ve done this to bullies right in the first row of my life —on a personal level on numerous occasions, especially in the past 5 years. But this is different. Now I’m doing it with the collective bullies—whatever you call yourself, no matter what form you try to disguise yourself as. No matter the proper words you might use, or how winning your smile.

Finals Questions: What if this VERY STAND WE ARE BEING ASKED TO TAKE with these collective bullies…is actually our walk down the Graduation aisle— to pick up our official FULLY CREDITED LIGHTWORKER DIPLOMA??


What if…. you DON”T ANSWER OWK’s & Grandfather’s call and take the Stand being asked of you today…. and, you don’t graduate??!!

What if Yosef and OWK are right, and if you don’t choose to stand up as a Lightwkrker individually, the Collective group of us Lightworkers won’t be allowed to go up and get our diplomas? That it actually IS…we ALL go, or No ONE goes?? Just like the RV countries and GCR??

What if everyone is waiting on me? On you? What if that’s how important you/we/me are to this RV occurring?

What if they need each ONE of US to take a stand, so we’ll be strong enough to deal with those remaining bullies and 3D stranglers in our midst, post exchange?

And, what if we can teach this by our first-hand example and experience, to those we will lead in subsequent Ascension Waves? What if we show them how to also say—even with their open HEARTS, “No. Sorry. Not with Me. Not with Us” ??

What if YOU, Lightworker, are the 100th Monkey needed to gently lean this RV/GCR/ASCENSION Tipping Point of GOOD/GOD towards completion, once and for ALL?

I sign off….With great anticipation of joining y’all— the Collective of US LIGHTWORKERS — on the right-hand side of the line WE ALL DRAW in the sand….
Imagine the bullies’ surprise?!?! They didn’t think we had it in US.
Big Bright Lights AND Big Dolls. …Imagine.




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