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Thursday, June 15, 2017

"The 18th" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


Mr.K » June 15th, 2017

Frank and Family, IMO

Just putting some thoughts out there but here's what I have so putting all these pieces together with last night's call which was awesome Frank.

1. If we have about 2 weeks left, Frank likes Sundays. Franks also likes the middle of the night.

2. There are only two Sundays left and I read that the celebrations will start the last week of Ramadan going into EID

3. Right now we have an Internet block from 7am to 8am how convenient.

4. The UN operational rates are posted on the 15th and the 1st of every month.

5. If the UN is going to declare the escrow on the 30th that day is out.

6. That leaves 2 Sundays the 18th and 25th.

7. The 25th is the start of EID also when ISX stops trading, but the article said celebrations starts the LAST WEEK of ramadan.

Which to me leaves only one conclusion it has to be the 18th in the morning between 7 and 8 which is the middle of the night for us and also past the extra 48 hr window the UN has to change rates either before or after the 15th.

Think about it if you wanted to have the most maximum time before the rest of the world will see a rate change it would be the 18th because then the next time would be the 1st. This 18th lines up with all our criteria.


SurfingWolf » June 15th, 2017

Now you'll have to correct me if I'm wrong... but I THINK the 18th is THIS Sunday...

Ring ring...

Allo... who dis?

Dis Sunday!

This Sunday?

"We like Sunday's"

I am still reeling from all we learned last night!

So fascinating to have a completely different understanding of everything since early May.

StephenMac » June 15th, 2017

Train of Thought…….If they dropped the first zero, and had to readjust contracts....and then drop the second zero....adjust contracts again.......seems to me that they have to keep readjusting contracts everytime they drop zeros.......they know the international world is watching.......what is the possibility of them also dropping the 3rd zero at the same time as the second.......why readjust contracts again?

Could it be possible that the third zero is already gone and the contracts be adjusted with evidence being seen in about two weeks? Because at the rate they are going, next zero drop could be scheduled for July 12.....they miss the first half of 2017.

12Pack » June 15th, 2017

random thoughts ...IMO, Maybe, just maybe ... they are adjusting the contracts, for the next "zero loss". Wouldn't you "adjust the contracts, with a specific date in mind", before the rate is adjusted, especially, if you knew it was coming?

AnimatedRock » June 15th, 2017


CBI - Black lists of International financial institutions at Central Bank of Iraq / updated version on 14.6.2017
NEWS - OPEC: Oil market to regain its balance at a slower rate and production organization rose - POST 85 - Samson (6-13)
NEWS - Contradictory reports on Ibadi's visit to KSA - POST 87 - Samson - (6-13)
NEWS - Iraq announces activation of advances for staff and publish their own controls - POST 111 - Samson - (6-13)
NEWS - Labor sets Thursday deadline for the launch of social aid - POST 125 - Samson - (6-13)
NEWS - Iraq opens provide citizens in dinars and the dollar account - POST 209 - Don961 - (6-13)
NEWS - Urgent .. Special Change: Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will visit Saudi Arabia next week - POST 225 - don961 - (6-13)
Internet Shut Down 7-8am

CBI - To / licensed banks and all financial transfer ( Results Announcement Day (2017 / 6 / 25)
CBI - Declaration / regarding contractors to start regardless of entitlements received from the Ministry of Finance ( Table province of Najaf )
NEWS - Abadi exposed to "large Saudi pressure" and sources confirm: will travel to Tehran after his visit to Riyadh - POST 104 - Don961 - (6-14)
NEWS - Labor launches social welfare for the salaries of more than 5000 people stopped their cards - POST 105 - Samson - (6-14)
NEWS - The central bank sells 3000 dollars for every citizen willing to travel - POST 109 - Samson - (6-14)
NEWS - The arrest of a network of private individuals to "falsifying smart cards" - POST 119 - Samson - (6-14)
NEWS - Deputy State law speaks of "insistence" to visit Saudi Abadi - POST 128 - Samson - (6-14)
NEWS - These reasons for the postponement of a visit to Saudi Arabia - POST 170 - Samson - (6-14)
Internet shut down 7-8am

Internet shut down 7-8am

Internet shut down 7-8am

Internet Shut Down 7-8am


NEWS - Last day for ESCROW funds to be released -

Internet is uninterrupted

Okay, so looking at all of this objectively, here is my summary thus far.

We have a LOT going on early this week, more Gold being sold to the banks for distribution on the 13th, as well as that ever elusive Budget meeting going on on the 13th. We now see the results of that budget meeting, it was delayed until the 12th of July, but it also states that the appeal was dismissed on those specific articles, so I am not sure what to make of this. Perhaps misinformation . . .

It looks like BOEING wins a bid to make some planes for Iraq, there's a good place they can spend some of those USDs they have.

They are now PAYING GENEL Energy

Abadi cancelled this week's trip to SA and then added that he will be traveling to Iran afterwards now, sometime next week. Also added that is due to "internal issues" hmmmm . . .
CBI posted a document talking about an "announcement day" that was signed on the 14th. Wonder what that's about . . . anybody read Arabic??

We see even more people being arrested for corruption for trying to falsify smart cards, good job Iraq!

The CBI has updated and published that list of banks that are blacklisted as of today June 14! That was quick!

We now have a Thur deadline that the department of Labour has set to begin social aid.

There were at least 2 articles SHOWING us that Mosul is getting along with daily life.

We have seen a small celebration with Abadi and his troops take place, and Abadi all but told his people that Mosul is theirs, And the director of the CBI makes a statement same day about the MR.

We also see now that there will be no trading between the 25th and 29th of June due to the Holidays

The dollar exchange rate also was sitting at 1242 yesterday, that is where we want it to be, or even a little less!

Doubled auctions are completed through the 18th. That is 13 full days of doubled auctions. Or 26 auctions in total. (if mycalculations are correct from the 29th forward)

The internet is going down for one full hour every morning before banking hours begin UNTIL the 22nd

Abadi seems to be taking a trip to Saudi Arabia AFTER the 13th. We have more confirming articles on this now. Even articles that are stating that he is NOT going there to discuss Qutar.

It looks like according to CBI they are going to be offering classes, training a bunch of new people starting July 2nd in the field of banking . . .

There are yet more contractors being told to go to work regardless of what the MOF says, add to that that they are starting an advertising campaign for CBI - This declaration was taken off CBI - replaced with highlighted on the 13th, but we have also already seen that they are putting out notices to begin paying them. But haven't given a date yet for when that payment actually begins.

We see that Abadi has been meeting with his military leaders, eating breakfast with some special forces people and congratulating lots of people on jobs well done, keeps saying that this is CLOSE.

Just a summary. I have taken out my personal thoughts on the matter because of the fact that they are ending up all over the place, with other people's names attached to them which IMO is not cool. My personal thoughts can be discussed in TC or you can contact me personally to discuss. IF you would like to have this document, to edit, add to and repost, please IM me and I will freely send it to you. I intend this as nothing but a collection of data and a study guide of the MR study of Iraq.




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