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Friday, June 23, 2017

"Supporting OWK and the Truth" by KW - 6.23.17

Entry Submitted by KW at 4:58 AM EDT on June 23, 2017

Dear IDC family,

I have always had 'spiritual' beliefs but over the last year I've been on a mind-blowing crash course regarding the true history of humanity and how we have been abused, manipulated and controlled for millennia by team dark and their evil deeds (9/11, wars etc) and on a positive note, Ascension, the RV/GCR, GESARA, our galactic family and friends, etc etc.

I cannot wait for the final pieces of this amazing puzzle to slot into place so that we can have world peace, an end to poverty and suffering and the abuses that have been inflicted upon the planet and all of her amazing flora and fauna.

I also cannot wait for full disclosure - for everyone to be told the whole truth about our existence over the centuries, for us all to learn and understand the level of cruelty, evil and lies that have been meted out to us, and for the perpetrators to be unmasked.

I want to hear about the light-heroes, the ones who have bravely and selflessly stood up against the dark, tried to thwart their plans, limit the damage, expose their deeds and intentions, and shown love, compassion and kindness in the face of adversity. I want them to be recognised, remembered and honoured for the part they have played (or are still playing) in stopping the dark and their evil agenda and enabling us to win the battle between light and dark so that we can now return to the light.

I don't want revenge against the evil-doers as I believe/know that they will, one day, have to truly acknowledge, accept and repent what they have done or caused to be done (or accept the consequences of not doing so) - and I would not want to be in their shoes for that process!

I do, however, want them to be unmasked, revealed and bought from their dark little hiding places into the light for all to see, so that they cannot continue to play their evil games and pull the strings in anonymity from their ivory towers or pedestals whilst publicly claiming to be good, caring, decent individuals who falsely claim to have our welfare at heart.


I firmly believe from everything I have read and experienced personally in my own life that LOVE and TRUTH are inextricably linked, that love cannot thrive without truth (and vice versa) and both must be present for any type of relationship to endure and grow.

I am a very loving, honest and truthful person, but I have found, to my cost, that being honest and truthful is not the easy path. I have experienced and witnessed several incidents throughout my life, and particularly in the last ten years, which have shocked and astounded me because people that I have cared for and valued have chosen to lie, or accepted another's lies, because that has been the easy option - it has been easier to lie, lie and lie again, or to accept lies, platitudes and two-faced back-stabbers than to be truthful or hear the truth. Because the truth can be uncomfortable.

I have often commented that it is a sad indictment on humanity and our society that some nasty little person who lies and deceives but smiles to your face whilst saying what you want to hear, is given greater respect, consideration and care than someone who has the courage to tell the truth who often ends up being vilified and ostracised .

Getting to the point.

This leads me on to why I am writing my first ever post to this or any website/blog as I feel that I need to stand up for OWK and for truth.

I am a daily visitor to IDC (amongst others) and I have learnt so much from many of the contributors but most particularly OWK. He has provided me with invaluable information and inspiration on so many different subjects, his posts are positive and informative and I believe that he genuinely has the best interests of all of us at heart and is doing his utmost to ensure that we are all protected from negativity and harm in these final days of the 'dark age'.

Like many others I have been honing my discernment skills as I've read negative, fear-mongering posts which triggered my 'red flag' instincts and made me feel uncomfortable as they didn't 'ring true'. I am aware that they caused a lot of concern and fear so I was pleased when OWK started to highlight these spurious posts and call out the authors (trolls). If fake, negative, damaging information is deliberately being posted to cause fear, harm and uncertainty then I want to know! I also want to know who those deceitful authors are!

Also like many others I was not comfortable with the recent vitriolic atmosphere on IDC after OWK called out the trolls - BUT I DO NOT blame OWK for that.

He called them out so that we could all be aware of who they are and what they were doing, he did this for our benefit, this was not the easy thing to do (and keep doing) but he did it anyway - for us!

It would've been much easier for him to sit back and keep that information to himself or just share it with his close friends and leave us in the dark - with the trolls and their negativity!

I DO blame the authors (trolls) and their buddies and controllers who launched an insidious counter-attack by posting loads of whinging and whining (mostly anonymous) posts condemning OWK and lightworkers, playing the victim, claiming their rights to free speech etc etc etc in sickly- sweet, 'loving' parlance designed to confuse, manipulate and divide.

Sadly, to a certain extent, they have succeeded - once again it seems that the many have rallied around the nasty little person who lies and deceives, plays the victim, says what they want to hear - and turned a deaf ear to the truth!

Because it is easier to do that than hear, understand and accept the truth which is unpalatable, uncomfortable, challenging and may even require some kind of effort and action.

On this occasion, as in so many others, the casualty has been the truth! Because now the truth is being censored on IDC and those of us who are not scared of the truth are being pushed back into the dark.

This is ridiculous!

Aren't we, as lightworkers, supposed to be illuminating the dark and bringing the truth to light!

Team dark, the cabal, illuminati, minions, trolls whatever you want to call them (other than their real names which we don't know because they don't reveal them) LOVE the dark, the hidden places where they can hide away and perpetuate their evil deeds on humanity and the planet. The dark has protected them for eons.

We should be placing an enormous, penetratingly bright spotlight of truth - truth-light - on them all - now - to prevent them from continuing their last desperate attempts at evil-doing, whether these deeds are pathetic but heartbreaking 'terror' attacks, attempts on lightworkers lives or negative, damaging posts on IDC.

Don't silence the messenger.

You may not agree that what OWK has bought to light in the troll-whacking/headstone/ultimatum posts is the truth. Or you may not like the way he says it.

That is your prerogative and I respect your choice on this - but if you don't like his posts or don't want to hear his truth then don't read the posts!

They should still be posted here on IDC so that the rest of us can read them.

It is also important to note that although OWK wrote those posts, called out the trolls and verbalised the ultimatum - he did so only after he had confirmed the identity and intentions of the trolls and was authorised to publish the posts.

He does not have the final say on the action that is (or isn't) taken. He did not decide on or authorise the STK policy, or authorise arrests or conduct surveillance and gather evidence on them. That was the responsibility of and done by the NPTB, the Galactics and the Angelic realms etc. The same ones who are trying to complete the RV/GCR, the new republic, GESARA, free energy etc that everyone here on IDC is waiting for.

So my 'bottom line' is'.......

It may feel uncomfortable to hear the truth especially if it is the truth about others dark hearts and deeds - but we have to get our heads out of the sand, hear the truth and accept it - SO THAT IT CAN BE ALTERED!!

Because ignoring it means NOTHING WILL CHANGE!

We cannot keep pretending that we live in a pink and fluffy world where everyone is loving and looking after each other because it hasn't been like that for millennia, it's not like that now in these dying days of the 'dark ages'!

It will only be possible for it to be like that once we have the courage to shine the light of love and truth on the darkness and expose it and them so that they can either change or go!

We have to eliminate the dark so that we can move from here (3D) into our loving and truthful light-filled golden age (5d+).

If we as lightworkers aren't able to hear the truth about a few cabal trolls without getting squeamish then how do we expect the unawakened public to accept all the other horrible dark truths about our planets history and about what our leaders and the 'great and good' have done to humanity, the planet and all of its inhabitants.

I am with OWK, I support his loving actions and intentions, I am grateful for the time and effort that he spends on all of his posts and answering all our questions and I admire his courage in calling out the dark. I am eternally grateful that he is so well protected and want to say a huge thank you to our galactic family and friends for keeping him safe.

Please let us all pull together as the lightworkers that we claim to be to finally illuminate and eliminate and these dark souls in our midst so that we can all receive all of the blessings that await us, peace, love, harmony and abundance!

With much love and light

KW xx



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