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Thursday, June 29, 2017

"Super Compute this" by GK - 6.29.17

Entry Submitted by GK at 4:09 PM EDT on June 29, 2017

To those saying Obama did a great job with the economy.

To say that shows you don't even understand why this investment exists.

First of all, in 2008 when the banker bailout was allowed to go through. It extended their right to print money and sustain the too big to fail mantra that gave us even further quantitative easing. (without it SSI, food stamps and government paychecks would have stopped)

Every single President for decades had the protection of the Federal Reserve printing up fiat money to the tune of tens of billions per month that were simply digits entered onto the books. These numbers paid government salaries, government costs, welfare and even military spending.

The only difference is when central banking decides to create a boom or a bust. It has nothing to do with the President. It has to do with the timing of when the central banks create recessions to consolidate further power by buying up everything that gets foreclosed on.

If that happens on a Bush watch or an Obama watch or even a Lyndon B Johnson watch, it has nothing to do with the President. These cycles are about criminal syndicates (banker monopolies) feeding and fasting.

The global currency reset as sold to us is the idea the central bankers will be prevented from playing that con game anymore because of the new CIPS, SDR, purging of "cabal" (hate the term because remaining controllers could have prevented all of it at anytime) Why would they interrupt the perfect con game unless forced to?

So to give Obama the credit of a great recovery of the economy on his watch is totally wrong. Not only was the economy simply walking a liitle faster as a result of more money being printed and more debts being written off, it was still riddled with the same cancers.

Obama had nothing to do with anything other than smiling on TV a lot. Like any President his decisions were made by the shadow elite, (mostly London) and as I wrote about in detail two days ago, it is part of the new world system no matter how many people insist it isn't.

Whether governments declare themselves sovereign or not (new repubic)) will not change the fact a world banking institution will take control because the coordination of trade worldwide electronically and tracking of resources and commerce has to have a central controller that "keeps" the numbers safe from hacking and all other forms of hijacking.

The difference is, better technology, more awareness by the masses to point at criminal organizations, and presumably the type of administrators who cannot have their ethics compromised for bribery, sex, or even threats on their lives.

We will still see more "financial crisis" when all the crypto currencies, and SDR regulated currencies are found to clash in many ways (unseen and yet known to some) and that will end up being remedied by a one world currency... and a one world tax. Remedied in their minds not ours.

I agree there are good guys who see nation sovereignty as firewalls between nations becoming superpowers or rogue entities but world trade has brought us to the traffic jam of money trying to trade money and products...However the term "good guys" is an extremely tenuous title because what happens throughout history is as time goes on, good guys get tired of fighting and take the payoff and retire, hoping someone else will pick up the slack. This leaves the number one banking syndicate to re-arrange chairs on the deck of the all new and improved titanic.

Commerce will need a central computer like air traffic control to keep collisions from happening. It is the nature of the beast from wooden ship to aircraft carriers, from horse and buggy to automobile...Our advancements in communication and moving around the Earth at sonic speed is what created the necessity.

We blame this thing called the cabal. People like Rockefeller gave us clues to their mindset when they said, "competition is sin" More on this at the end of this essay.

And we can believe fully that the monopolists are being dismantled, but to continue to miss the point of how wealth works is to be fooled again. For rich to exist there has to be a certain level of poor.

There can be a floor no human being slips under, while having a skys the limit understanding of opportunity and free enterprise which would be revolutionary in itself. For centuries the unsaid agenda about the poor by the elite was, let them die, they are useless. Which is the starting point of cybernetic transhumanism.

IF we achieve a real consensus that every life deserves to live and have free choice, as long as they DO NO HARM, that would be the real accomplishment despite conceding that a world controlling technology is a necessary evil to surrender to... or reluctantly accept.

It's the difference between a benevolent dictator and a psychopathic evil dictator.


Sorry to keep trying to tidy up the real world issues in play but I am not big on this Star Trekkian excuse to put fantasy before facts. Facts that have made themselves obvious for centuries and yet fantasy scenarios always try and defer these realities to cartoon characters like crazed warmongers waging mass murder. "I'm scared, save me government." Or something unseen like a dark force.

One thing I heard in the Kent Dunn/Drake call that perked up my ears was the idea that the super computer was being taught/programmed a new set of parameters for decency among people. Hopeful yes but...

That too can be frightening as to what is considered to be tolerant humanity. For example Hollywoods idea is sex change is beautiful and the conservative Republic is the natural patriarchy of procreation, male and female is beautiful and the natural order, God's order not to be messed with.

There are key things in humanities interpersonal relationships that need to be as black and white as the digital numbers that represent money. But likely will never be.

Where one collective says it is their right to change gender another collective might say, okay fine.... but do not make films where we think a woman is a woman when he is really a man, and don't tell us the first lady is a woman when she is really a man, and don't allow private schools to teach children that underage sex, or same sex is as natural as the streams from the mountain. Because that is opinion, not fact, and there are billions of people who do not want school teachers programming our children differently than our own values.

So these issues are just symptoms of the idea that certain characteristics and belief systems such as Allister Crowley's man as God, do as thou wilt should be the whole of the law and written into the artifical intelligence of a super computer.

Now if that super computer is programmed only as a massive calculator to track honest money and commerce, fine... but what if it is to be programmed with ideology. Some people say abortion is a choice, some people say it is taking life. Some people argue vaccines are modern miracles while others believe immunity is about nutrition. Will that super computer be programmed to the programmers belief and the freedoms to choose suddenly become punishable?

Humanity became mutated in this perverse anything goes manner over the last couple centuries, (all along really) and these belief systems are not what everyone would choose for themselves. The Talmud states the Jew is chosen and superior. What if the super computer is programmed to the Talmudic doctrine?

This is one of the reasons the Catholic Church was chosen as the umbrella for all religions as a one world religion headquarters. Is that plan still in motion or being dismantled?

Will one religion be declared the only fact worth believing? Or that "all" religion is the problem? Will secret societies that resent any detour from their belief systems be the impetus for secretly sabotaging any new order? Be a brand new reason for their creeping around working to sabotage?

The carbon tax is one focal point they have tried to put into an absolute necessity. Plants breathe carbon and give off oxygen and yet they have been teaching our children it is a poison.

Carbon monoxide is a poison, not carbon which is a natural element. One of the big three necessary for life on Earth.

A rain forest is a high carbon environment and thusly the thick vegetation breathes it in, releasing oxygen and flourishing because of it. Any wonder the "cabal" was burning the rain forests down?

And if indeed these Draco, reptilians exist and have been trying to terraform the Earth as more conducive to their survival, releasing more methane to the surface... Will this super computer begin modulating these balances of elements? Or in this world of tolerance, politically correct live and let live, we are all God's creatures -- allow certain species to thrive that would have died of natural extinction in a natural order. When is extinction just part of the natural order?

So you may say, holy crap how did you get here from Obama doesn't deserve the credit for the economy?

Well because that belief is a falacy and almost all belief systems are a falacy, and rallying behind people who garner popularity is not a divining rod for truth. The idea of a super computer being programmed with what is best for humanity has many questions we will likely not be given answers to. But you damn well better start being aware that it is complex and insidious. And well worth constant debate.

I learn more every day that challenges what I was taught in school.

The Bible said the Earth is the Father of lies turf. That our true salvation is in the afterworld. If that is true we should consider the intricate balance of lies that depend on previous lies and who benefits.

Now I wanted to discuss the idea of the cabal and the white hats as most people are locked into. Because something almost no one has figured into this equation is an actual war that began between George Bush Sr. and the Queen of England and her royal circles back in the 1980s.

George Sr's branch of the CIA took to moving drugs to finance that war. They saw the Queen as rival to the main control, the American syndicate versus the British syndicate.

The old world dynasties versus the new world dynasties.

So all of you who keep trying to assign all evil to one cabal actually have no idea about the true syndicate wars for the controlling position. There is a famous news story of George Bush Jr. and his formation of a white hat group. There is a picture of these agents wearing white hats. In their minds, their efforts to put America in the number one position to run the world was the white hat choice.

And if you ask yourself honestly who do you think is more corrupt, Britains royal dynasty or the New World Bush dynasty you should come to the conclusion that both are very tyrannical. However the European syndicates that include the Crown and the Vatican having the old world powers and secret societies have had a huge advantage in assigning all evil to a Cabal with Clinton, Bush and Rockefeller's name attached to it.

There is a certain global currency reset guru who I won't mention by name who handles the Queens investments. He has been a pied piper of American patriots for about 6 years now and points at the Bush cabal as the problem and champions the City of London as superior as an ethical choice to run world finance. I hope someone else will be able to connect the dots because I have already been threatened.

Sherman Skolnich wrote about how The Queen of England, George Bush and Saddam Hussein were business partners who fell out. We saw what happened to Hussein and Iraq, we are seeing the Bush branch flounder and die, and the British crown though it has been under fire, looks like they might re-group.

The high yield trading platforms have been a major secret weapon and much of the fiat wealth has been being traded constantly while we all sit here and listen to the latest crazed guru of the month with star trek tall tales. The plan is simple, get as much fiat wealth as possible to trade one for one with a new gold backed currency. The Bush cabal isn't getting away with that, the Crown cabal is. Whether the Queen is sacrificed to the garbage dump or not, new more secretive controllers move into place. Simultaneously their syndicate rivals are almost toothless, old, dying, and disgraced.

One simple way to torpedo this belief system of yin and yang is to point out 90% of humanity is live and let live decent peaceful people while 10% are the one's who ruthlessly seek to control others at any evil cost. It is not like the yin and yang symbol of 50/50 dark to light, there are way more decent people than evil. Vibrationally speaking good is simply on another plane with no need for evil to counter balance it. It is an erroneous belief system.

Then there is another huge dynamic. It involves the Zionist order that wants a homeland and the the world wandering Jew order. America has a world Jew order that made their fortunes in banking, Hollywood and Booze to name a few biggies, while the Zionist order has been milking the Middle eastern oil, weapons and war, and trying hard to get the hate focused on Islam as to kill as many muslims as possible. The Wahhabbists for example, The Saudis, are a Jewish sect... just as many of the religions on this planet are. What begat what... chronology matters.

The idea that Israel and Palestine will adhere to the two state treaty is highly doubtful. Look for an Israel false flag to be blamed on Palestine. The Mossad motto is by deception thou shall do war. The protocols of Zion lay out the premeditated plan for world dominance.

Then we have all the other power houses like China and Russia. Any country with huge populations, wealth and smart innovators of secret war weaponry can at any moment tip the best laid plans of crazy bad guys.

Then of course there are those who speak of inner Earth reptilians, outer world aliens, Multi-universe beings supposedly naughty and nice, and something strange in Antarctica.

I personally believe some of that is real but I don't see how it helps to put an emphasis on that when people can't even see the deception all around them of fake shooting events with fake blood, and actresses in the movies who are actually men. It is a twisted inside joke by the gay mafia that hates the heterosexual male by secretly having the hetero desire a transgender actress. And God knows what that does to program men from desiring the true body of the female form.

Simultaneously we are being bullied into a one world religion attempting to shove LOVE down our throats. When love is the opposite of what the new world order has in mind. I said it before, love is sacred to friends and family... I don't need to love good aliens, reptiles, snakes, alligators, reptiles, monkeys, transgenders or earthworms... I only have to care for everyone's well being. To me this begins with honesty. Deception that manipulates people into false beliefs has got to end.

Now imagine if this super computer were to recognize any sort of unlawful act whether theft, or violence or deception and dispatch a team that put the offender in prison for 3 months. An adult timeout. 

What if that super compter caught everything as it is designed to do but only punished in a definite but minor way. Along with the publishing of the offender and the shame, how many times of getting caught 100% of the time and punished 100% of the time, even if only for 3 months, would it take to modify behavior?

That coupled with opportunity, and erasing desperate states of being, I could see how a super computer could outdo courts, judges, lawyers, and corrupt loopholes that allow the worst offenders to get away with murder. An extinction of cronyism. An extinction of conspiracy.

The artificial intelligence, the super computer, the Cern supercollider all really exist... this isn't science fiction... It is here and now. Drake and Kent mentioned the super computer was being re-programmed with new and more ethical parameters.

I cannot see how some sort of Mad Max anarchy really helps the planet and humanity as an alternative to where these high tech control systems have brought us, but I know many who do think it would be a better option than allowing technocratic machines to be our lords.

It has been said no one gets out alive and yet there really is science that pro-longs life and transfers consciousness into a new body so this crazy scary sci-fi world is a reality that needs at its core, true ethics and morality. Otherwise we repeat history, rise and fall with human suffering on a loop.

I write all this to raise hundreds of questions and ideas I do not see being debated or even known to be large elephants in the room. I take the time to say them because I don't see anyone else raising these realities and concerns.

I have researched all this stuff constantly for 30 years. It began researching screenplays and developed from there. The devils in details stick with me as constant ahh haa moments that I file in my mind.

And something as simple as giving credit to Obama for a good economy triggers the bursting dam because each deception has a deception that dominoed into the previous one.

Do we really love repeating history this much or will humanity truly wise up?

And those people who are supposedly re-programming the super computer, do they really understand the extent of which an entity some call Lucifer has gone to be given the title of the father of lies? How many lies will accidentally become a part of that database?

And stop and consider the human brain, for all of humanities flaws is the brain not the most miraculous computer ever created? With powers and capabilities beyond imagination? Why would man deny God his patent?



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