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Monday, June 5, 2017

Sun. PM KTFA News Articles 6-4-17


Don961 » June 4th, 2017

News and announcements

Declaration / regarding contractors to start regardless of entitlements received from the Ministry ofFinance ( Ministry of Water Resources table and several ministries schedule ( Paralympic Committee ,Migration and Displacement , the Ministry of Planning , Scientific Academy , the Securities Commission )06/04/2017

Gold bullion , which will be on sale under which prices Tuesday , corresponding to 2017 / 6 / 6 2017/6/4

Declaration / regarding contractors to start regardless of entitlements received from the Ministry


Tim » June 4th, 2017


Don961 » June 4th, 2017

High-speed , state-of-the-art , Internet security @ the end of June .... for that mobile banking app ...!!

Disclosure of the reasons for the weakness of the Internet service in the whole of Iraq ??
04/19/2017 12:59

The Ministry of Communications showed on Wednesday, the reasons for the weakness of the Internet service throughout Iraq to proceed with the technical staff of the ministry to link optical cable in Iraq, likely completion of linking the end of next June.

The ministry spokesman said Hazem Mohammed Ali, said that the 'causes of poor Internet service across parts of Iraq due to the start of technical staff in the ministry to link optical cable in Iraq'.

He added that the 'cable scanner project contains important services for citizens , notably the visual and voice communication as well as a guaranteed package of encrypted channels'.

He explained that the 'project has many economic, security and technology benefits of ' probable 'completion of linking the end of next June


Samson » June 4th, 2017

The stock market indicates a rise in non-Iraqi investors trading

06/04/2017 - 11:47

History of Iraq Stock Exchange index, on Sunday, have risen in stocks traded non-Iraqi investors over the past week with a decrease in the market index ISX 60

The executive director of the market Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam said in a statement received by the "Economy News", the Iraqi market for securities systems during the week ending on the sixth of the current May five trading sessions in the formal market and two trading in the second market, noting that the number of listed companies has become the market (101) joint stock company after the shares of the country's Islamic Bank has completed the inclusion of measures, including 72 companies listed in the regular market and 29 companies listed in the second market

He said Abdul Salam, it was trading during the sessions this week, shares of (53) in the formal market and one company in the second market to the number of suspended companies from trading for failing to submit annual disclosure and quarterly Authority and the market (12) company after trading launch on the shares of my company Electronic Industries in Tuesday's session, and the Iraqi seed production in Thursday's session.

And investors trading indicators non-Iraqis in the Iraq Stock Exchange between Abdel-Salam, that the number of shares bought from non-Iraqi investors last week (482) million shares, valued at (599) million dinars through the implementation of (271) deal on (20 ) companies, up by (173%) compared to the number of shares per week, which was accepted, as well as high value of total shares by 38%.

The number of shares sold by non-Iraqi investors last week amounted to (757) million shares valued at 680 million dinars through the implementation of (230) transactions on the shares of 7 companies, down by (34%), the number of measured per week, which was accepted and also low stocks The total value of 25%.

As for the number of shares traded last week reached 3 billion shares, compared to 22 billion shares for the week before, down by (82.68%), while the value of shares traded last week (2) billion dinars, compared to 9 billion dinars for the week before low by (71.70%.



Did you know the saying "God willing and the Creek don't rise" was in reference to the Creek Indians and not a body of water? It was written by Benjamin Hawkins in the late 18th century. He was a politician and Indian diplomat. While in the south, Hawkins was requested by the President of the U.S. to return to Washington . In his response, he was said to write, "God willing and the Creek don't rise." Because he capitalized the word "Creek" it is deduced that he was referring to the Creek Indian tribe and not a body of water.

In George Washington's days, there were no cameras. One's image was either sculpted or painted. Some paintings of George Washington showed him standing behind a desk with one arm behind his back while others showed both legs and both arms. Prices charged by painters were not based on how many people were to be painted, but by how many limbs were to be painted. Arms and legs are 'limbs,' therefore painting them would cost the buyer more. Hence the expression, 'Okay, but it'll cost you an arm and a leg.' (Artists know hands and arms are more difficult to paint)

As incredible as it sounds, men and women took baths only twice a year (May and October) Women kept their hair covered, while men shaved their heads (because of lice and bugs) and wore wigs. Wealthy men could afford good wigs made from wool. They couldn't wash the wigs, so to clean them they would carve out a loaf of bread, put the wig in the shell, and bake it for 30 minutes. The heat would make the wig big and fluffy, hence the term 'big wig... ' Today we often use the term 'here comes the Big Wig' because someone appears to be or is powerful and wealthy.

In the late 1700's, many houses consisted of a large room with only one chair. Commonly, a long wide board folded down from the wall, and was used for dining. The 'head of the household' always sat in the chair while everyone else ate sitting on the floor. Occasionally a guest, who was usually a man, would be invited to sit in this chair during a meal.. To sit in the chair meant you were important and in charge. They called the one sitting in the chair the 'chair man.' Today in business, we use the expression or title 'Chairman' or 'Chairman of the Board.'

Personal hygiene left much room for improvement.. As a result, many women and men had developed acne scars by adulthood. The women would spread bee's wax over their facial skin to smooth out their complexions. When they were speaking to each other, if a woman began to stare at another woman's face she was told, 'mind your own bee's wax.' Should the woman smile, the wax would crack, hence the term 'crack a smile'. In addition, when they sat too close to the fire, the wax would melt . .. . Therefore, the expression 'losing face.'

Ladies wore corsets, which would lace up in the front. A proper and dignified woman, as in 'straight laced' wore a tightly tied lace.

Common entertainment included playing cards. However, there was a tax levied when purchasing playing cards but only applicable to the 'Ace of Spades...' To avoid paying the tax, people would purchase 51 cards instead. Yet, since most games require 52 cards, these people were thought to be stupid or dumb because they weren't 'playing with a full deck..'

Early politicians required feedback from the public to determine what the people considered important. Since there were no telephones, TV's or radios, the politicians sent their assistants to local taverns, pubs, and bars. They were told to 'go sip some Ale and listen to people's conversations and political concerns. Many assistants were dispatched at different times. 'You go sip here' and 'You go sip there.' The two words 'go sip' were eventually combined when referring to the local opinion and, thus we have the term 'gossip.'

At local taverns, pubs, and bars, people drank from pint and quart-sized containers. A bar maid's job was to keep an eye on the customers and keep the drinks coming. She had to pay close attention and remember who was drinking in 'pints' and who was drinking in 'quarts,' hence the phrase 'minding your 'P's and Q's'.

One more: bet you didn't know this!

In the heyday of sailing ships, all war ships and many freighters carried iron cannons. Those cannons fired round iron cannon balls. It was necessary to keep a good supply near the cannon. However, how to prevent them from rolling about the deck? The best storage method devised was a square-based pyramid with one ball on top, resting on four resting on nine, which rested on sixteen. Thus, a supply of 30 cannon balls could be stacked in a small area right next to the cannon.

There was only one problem....how to prevent the bottom layer from sliding or rolling from under the others. The solution was a metal plate called a 'Monkey' with 16 round indentations. However, if this plate were made of iron, the iron balls would quickly rust to it. The solution to the rusting problem was to make 'Brass Monkeys.' Few landlubbers realize that brass contracts much more and much faster than iron when chilled.. Consequently, when the temperature dropped too far, the brass indentations would shrink so much that the iron cannonballs would come right off the monkey; Thus, it was quite literally,

'Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.' (All this time, you thought that was an improper expression, didn't you.)

If you don't send this fabulous bit of historic knowledge to any and all your unsuspecting friends, your hard drive will kill your mouse.



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