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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"Serendipitous" - Tues. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


DELTA » June 13th, 2017

ISX: Trading sessions will not be held for days from 25 June to 29 June 2017 to coincide with the Eid Al Fitr holiday!!! (wink)

Celebr8 » June 13th, 2017

This is serendipitous timing; is it not?

Samson » June 13th, 2017

Iraq Stock Exchange traded shares of 41 companies

06/13/2017 - 14:45

Traded Market Iraq Securities Finance, in a session on Tuesday, shares of 41 companies contribute to the continued 101 companies realized an increase in the index of prices by 0 . 39% .

Said Director of the executive market Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam in an interview for " EconomyNews " , the " session today 's trading in which 763.3 million shares worth amounted to 525.7 million dinars " , noting that " the market record trading of shares (41) Company of origin (101)company listed in the market . "

And between Abdul Salam that " index prices ISX 60 closed the session today at (606.2) points , up by (0.39%) for closing the meeting of the previous adult (603.85) points, while still the number of companies suspended the decision of the Commission Securities Finance for non - commitment to the instructions of disclosure of financial (13) company . "

He added that " the number of shares purchased from investors , non - Iraqis amounted to (18.824) million shares worth stood at (30.117) million dinars from through the implementation of (20) transactions on the shares of two companies in a while was the number of shares sold by investors , non - Iraqi (8) million shares worth amounted to (6.160) million dinars from through the implementation of (2) transactions on the shares of the company one


Don961 » June 13th, 2017

7 controls for the participation of banks in the auction currency

06/12/2017 (00:01 pm) - o Baghdad / term

Select the Central Bank of Iraq, on Sunday, seven key criteria related to the participation of banks sell foreign currency window, indicating that the dollar put the sale process in the framework responds to legal, regulatory and local and international regulatory requirements. The governor of the bank on the Keywords in a statement received (range), a copy of it, said that " the Central Bank of Iraq began since the beginning of this year , the adoption of specific weighting criteria concerning the participation of banks in the sale of foreign currency window (dollar) , "

noting that "this comes after nearly years of preparation and consultation for the development of such standards as currently drafted, as these criteria were given a certain degree relative is a total final score of the bank, which in turn determines its share of the quantity sold foreign currency per day. " Keywords He added that " it was seven basic criteria for the adoption of the classification of banks for the purpose of entering the window of the sale of foreign currencies branch of which other sub - given each relative weight contributes to determine the final grade of the bank , "

noting that, the criteria are "compliance with ( the degree of compliance with the rules and procedures to combat money laundering and the financing terrorism) and has the greatest weight, compliance with the instructions of the foreign currency window, standard dealing with correspondent banks in terms of being certified and classified internationally, match bank statements with the statements of correspondent banks, to meet the demands of customers and within the elements of a number of bank branches, lawsuits against the Bank, contracting with an international auditing firm and takes into account the date of establishment of the bank as it is downloaded five degrees degrees of banks that have not only been established more than a year. "

The Governor of the Central Bank, that "public banks evaluated in terms of general conditions (performance and efficiency) , it being in accordance with other international standards , most notably the International Standard (CAMELS) , which serves as an early warning banks are classified under which on the basis of solvency capital C, and asset quality A, management M, profitability E, liquidity L, and sensitivity analysis to market risk, which is expressed in each of the elements of a number of financial indicators. "

He explained the Keywords, that " a review of grades given to the banks are constantly changing according to the extent of the banks commitment to the requirements and procedures in accordance with the audit and inspections conducted by the Central Bank, or by providing bank proof of improved compliance with the standard or more, the Bank is being periodically reviewed for banks all, and share a number of from the departments of the Bank and its formation in the evaluation process , according to the standard type and the competence of the department or configuration, which provides high credibility and objectivity. "

He noted the Keywords, that " the Bank shall provide each bank in degrees granted according to each criterion according to each element of each standard, and gives the bank an opportunity to object or make notes, and holds a higher committee headed by the Deputy Governor and the membership of an advanced staff in the Bank 's review notes or objections and meet the relevant process in the bank, and it can be adjusted according to the assessment is presented from the bank, "adding that" the door is always open to the bank at any time feel that it has made progress in the application of the rules mentioned. "

And issued the Central Bank of Iraq, in (last March 19), a circular to all private banks to abide by the standards to meet the sale of foreign currency, pointing out that the task of the international audit firms that have been contracted to assess the financial position and asset quality of the banks.


Cole » June 13th, 2017

Lol they said Camels.... lol.... LOL!!! Ok back to reality... once again they spill another good portion of beans out of the can... compliancy with international standards to be ready for their first international audit...(audits already taken place in order to give an accurate assessment of assets...

Think, exchange rate imo) this was talked about a while ago in CCs and off hand, if I recall correct, this was the last step to complete the monetary reform.

Interesting, now they tell us all about it... right after the IMF and CBI came to an agreement (MOU) signed sealed delivered...

Listen to last wed CC and tie this in to it. Powerful thoughts begin to surface. Some people just like their steaks WELL done... imo... BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO IRAQ... IMO. This baby is ripe. It's falling off the vine. Abadi do it! Do it now!

Frank26 » June 13th, 2017

Nuts .................. i forgot to talk about this tonight !!! (on cc)

Cole » June 13th, 2017

Hey Frankie I didn't walk past this one!!!! ONE!!! One two one.... what an amazing article. Hey world let us tell you about our memorandum we just signed... good one imf... winner winner

Samson » June 13th, 2017

Iraq announces the inclusion of professionals and shop owners with loans of 15 million dinars

13.06.2017 at 11:54 (Baghdad time)

Rafidain Bank, announced Tuesday, for the inclusion of citizens with the owners of professions, craftsmen and small traders and shop owners with loans of 15 million dinars.

The Information Office of the Bank said in a statement received / scales News / copy of it, that "the bank and within its policy aimed at diversifying the services provided by him decided to grant loans of 15 million dinars, or 10 thousand dollars more than 12 million dinars for Mwatunainmn with professionals, craftsmen and small traders and shop owners ".

He said the office, "This step comes in order to finance various projects and to reduce unemployment and employment and operation of small enterprises" .anthy LINK

Upstart » June 13th, 2017

AGAIN! They did it again (big grin)


Currency Auctions

Announcement No. (3464)

The opening offers the sale and purchase of foreign currency in the window of the Central Bank of Iraq on 14/6/2017 that performed on 13/6/2017

Samson » June 13th, 2017

Anbar: Ministry of Finance has not launched the $ 17 billion dinars from the budget to maintain

13:42 - 06/13/2017

The member of the Council of Anbar province, see al-Issawi, Tuesday, that the Ministry of Finance has not launched $ 17 billion Iraqi dinars from the budget of the province for infrastructure reconstruction.

Issawi said in a statement / information /, "The infrastructure destroyed as a result of military operations and terror are not so far reconstruction against the backdrop of not launch earmarked for projects affected by the financial allocations, which was born unease among thousands of families who have returned to inhabit the liberated areas" .

"The Ministry of Finance has not released the amount of 17 billion dinars allocated to the province, which led to delays in the reconstruction of a number of bridges and infrastructure and other financial budget process."

Issawi said that "all the work carried out by the service departments in cooperation with humanitarian organizations to re-service projects destructive work on self-help and donate some humanitarian organizations in the rehabilitation of some of the water network and road network projects," noting that "the launch of the financial allocations for the liberated areas will contribute to restoring stability".


Peggy53 » June 13th, 2017

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump


Finally held our first full @Cabinet meeting today. With this great team, we can restore American prosperity and bring real change to D.C.

Trumps Video after the 6 minute mark mentions" In 2 weeks he will have a meeting going over how many ISIS are left the numbers are unbelievable".

https://twitter.com/ realDonaldTrump


AndySwan43 » June 13th, 2017

I'd like to Piggyback on Peggy's post. This is really interesting and it dovetails real nicely from the information we learned from last nights cc from Frank and Delta. (Thank you so much Frank and Delta)

If u start listening at the 6:30 min mark, President Trump clearly says that Mattis will be holding a press conference in 2 weeks to update the American public on ISIS.

This is clearly a "scheduled in advance" type of event. Most likely coordinated with Abadi's official announcement. IMO

Here's the link: https://youtu.be/1tQ1ZAaueK0



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