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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sat. PM KTFA News Articles/Updates 6-17-17


AnimatedRock » June 17th, 2017



NEWS - Our grip on 99 percent of Mosul – POST 47 - don961 – (6-16)
NEWS - Abadi, will visit Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia after the end of the week – POST 51 – don961 – (6-16)
NEWS - Basra council achieves officials to receive 17 billion dinars Kaamullac project direction – POST 82 – Samson – (6-16)
NEWS - Jubeir: Abadi, will arrive in Riyadh next Monday – POST 83 – Samson – (6-16)
NEWS - Iraq buys 30 thousand tons of rice from Argentina – POST 85 – Samson – (6-16)
NEWS - Construction: We continue to open the closed streets in Mosul as a result of military operations – POST 87 – Samson – (6-16)
NEWS - Education pays the salaries of its employees Wednesday next to the approach of Eid al-Fitr – POST 88 – Samson – (6-16)
NEWS - Keywords in the presence .. Economic Council will hold a seminar on the work of the Central Bank – POST 93 – Samson – (6-16)
Internet shut down 7-8am

Internet Shut Down 7-8am


NEWS - Last day for ESCROW funds to be released - ut
Internet is uninterrupted

​Okay, so looking at all of this objectively, here is my summary thus far.

Okay guys, I'm just going to say this, if you can look at everything Frank has given us, Peggy 68's timeline, this timeline, read the articles that are highlighted for today, ask yourself 3 very important questions, and NOT come up with where we are in this thing. I don't really know how to explain it any more clearly.

I stopped posting the new articles where I did. Because it's SO transparent at this point. READ them. UNDERSTAND them. YOU KNOW.

So it looks like Iraq is quickly lining up to take their place as a powerhouse in the middle east, we see multiple news reports stating that they are outpacing Saudi as the biggest exporter of oil to many different countries, including the US.

We seem to get closer and closer to the final liberation of the old city every day. Prayers that they succeed quickly with minimal loss to civilian lives!

More corrupt people being arrested, this time for counterfeiting!

Is ISIS finally throwing in the towel as a caliphate? We shall see!

It looks like BOEING wins a bid to make some planes for Iraq, there's a good place they can spend some of those USDs they have.

They are now PAYING GENEL Energy

Abadi cancelled this week's trip to SA and then added that he will be traveling to Iran afterwards now, sometime next week. Also added that is due to "internal issues" hmmmm . . .
CBI posted a document talking about an "announcement day" that was signed on the 14th. Wonder what that's about . . . anybody read Arabic??

We see even more people being arrested for corruption for trying to falsify smart cards, good job Iraq!

The CBI has updated and published that list of banks that are blacklisted as of today June 14! That was quick!

We now have a Thur deadline that the department of Labour has set to begin social aid.

There were at least 2 articles SHOWING us that Mosul is getting along with daily life.

We have seen a small celebration with Abadi and his troops take place, and Abadi all but told his people that Mosul is theirs, And the director of the CBI makes a statement same day about the MR.

We also see now that there will be no trading between the 25th and 29th of June due to the Holidays

The dollar exchange rate also was sitting at 1242.5 yesterday, that is where we want it to be, or even a little less!

Doubled auctions started on the 29th and are completed through the 18th. That is 13 full days of auctions. OR 13 EXTRA AUCTIONS DONE.

One school of thought is that they are doubling to close the month early, or to close the gap between the 30 day window.

The second school of thought is that they are playing leapfrog to buy an extra day or four by the end of the month.

The internet is going down for one full hour every morning before banking hours begin UNTIL the 22nd

Abadi seems to be taking a trip to Saudi Arabia AFTER the 13th. We have more confirming articles on this now. Even articles that are stating that he is NOT going there to discuss Qutar.

It looks like according to CBI they are going to be offering classes, training a bunch of new people starting July 2nd in the field of banking . . .

There are yet more contractors being told to go to work regardless of what the MOF says, add to that that they are starting an advertising campaign for CBI - This declaration was taken off CBI - replaced with highlighted on the 13th, but we have also already seen that they are putting out notices to begin paying them. But haven't given a date yet for when that payment actually begins.

We see that Abadi has been meeting with his military leaders, eating breakfast with some special forces people and congratulating lots of people on jobs well done, keeps saying that this is CLOSE.

Just a summary. I have taken out my personal thoughts on the matter because of the fact that they are ending up all over the place, with other people's names attached to them which IMO is not cool. My personal thoughts can be discussed in TC or you can contact me personally to discuss. IF you would like to have this document, to edit, add to and repost, please IM me and I will freely send it to you. I intend this as nothing but a collection of data and a study guide of the MR study of Iraq.


Samson » June 17th, 2017

Vietnam looks to accelerate reform

June, 17/2017 - 09:00

HÀ NỘI — A conference to launch the Việt Nam Annual Economic Report 2017 was held in Hà Nội on Friday, discussing institutional reforms.

The report, entitled “Accelerating reforms towards a facilitating State”, is launched in the context of Viet Nam’s economic growth easing and productivity slowly improving.

The Party Central Committee has approved resolutions to improve market economy institutions and set targets including institutional reform, improving the business environment and creating favourable conditions for enterprises.

Investors were closely watching political moves and the ability of the Government to realise its commitment to building a transparent and facilitating government, said Nguyễn Đức Thành, president of Việt Nam Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VEPR).

The report assesses Việt Nam economy in 2016 and analyses factors in institutional reform for a facilitating State.

The term “facilitating government" means a government that ensures fundamental rights and rule of law so that society can operate in the most effective way. "In that sense, a facilitating government recreates itself and society by retreating from its constructivist past," Thành added.

The research group also proposed ideas for institutional reforms including defining in law the relationship among the Party, State and society, building a professional judiciary independent from other parts of state power, recruiting more technocrats into administration, reducing State bureaucracy and State intervention in the market, boosting civilian participation in developing society and enhancing the State’s accountability.

The report also highlights the growing middle class and shifting policies in Việt Nam, which demonstrates that the development of Việt Nam’s middle class is mainly due to the labour shifting from rural to urban areas and from agricultural to non-agricultural and formal sectors.

The last chapter of the report provides two scenarios for Việt Nam’s macroeconomic prospects in 2017 and details current short–term policies.

Forecasts show that growth of 6.7 per cent can be achieved, but this raises the question of whether the growth is sustainable. In this scenario, 2017 inflation is forecast at 3.2 per cent. In a scenario of more natural economic growth, the growth rate is about 6.37 per cent and the yearly inflation is low at 2.35 per cent.

Cấn Văn Lực, director of BIDV Training School, suggested that the Việt Nam’s economy should focus on developing consumption, which accounted for 75 per cent of GDP last year.

Tourism is also a driven factor for the domestic economy through its contribution of VNĐ400 trillion (US$17.6 billion) in 2016, accounting for 6.8 per cent of the country’s GDP.

The State could concentrate on boosting tourism instead of exploiting oil to achieve the target of 6.7 per cent in growth, Lực said.

Việt Nam Annual Economic Report, published by VEPR, is a series of annual reports summarising major economic issues in the previous year, giving an economic outlook for the coming year and providing policy recommendations.

The conference was organised by VEPR and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Việt Nam.


Samson » June 17th, 2017


17th June, 2017

Iraq has been India’s largest supplier of crude oil for the last three months, shipping data from Bloomberg has revealed. This means that OPEC’s number-two has dethroned the cartel’s leader—Saudi Arabia—which has been the top supplier in the world’s fastest-growing market in terms of oil consumption.

Iraq produced almost a quarter of the oil India imported last month, or 23 percent, exporting at a daily rate of 1 million barrels. That is compared to a monthly average export market share of 19 percent for the prior four months.

Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, supplied 17 percent of the crude India bought in May.

Iraq has consistently shown signs of an expansion strategy for its oil industry, despite its participation in the OPEC agreement for oil output reduction. While Iraq has not been fully compliant to the production caps, Saudi Arabia has been over-compliant—a fact that contributed to Saudi Arabia losing coveted market share in India.

Regardless of the OPEC agreement, Iraq has been exporting crude oil at a breakneck pace, and in May, its crude oil exports hit the highest rate of the last six months at 101.13 million barrels, or an average 3.26 million bpd daily. India absorbed close to a third of that total.

But the flurry of crude oil leaving Iraq doesn’t stop there. Earlier this month, a deputy Iraqi oil minister told media that the Basra Oil Company is working on expanding the daily capacity of the Amaya oil export terminal in Basra to one million barrels. Amaya’s current capacity is 250,000 bpd. In addition, the minister, Karim Hattab, said that the Basra Oil Company will increase output from its Leheis oil field, one of the longest-producing in Iraq, to 120,000 bpd, an increase from its current output of 100,000 bpd.

In its latest Oil Market Report, the International Energy Agency noted that Iraq has managed only a 55-percent compliance rate with the OPEC output reduction agreement, which required that it shave 210,000 barrels from its daily production. The failure of Iraq to adhere to the agreement set out in November and extended in May did not come as a huge surprise, given Iraq’s overwhelming dependence on oil revenues.

As for Saudi Arabia, which according to OPEC figures is adhering to the agreement whole heartedly, there are additional reasons why it is losing its top spot as oil supplier to the world’s next economic hothouse to its rogue OPEC partner-slash-competitor: energy industry insiders from India told Bloomberg that local Indian refineries have been undergoing upgrades that now allow them to process crude oil with higher sulfur content, such as Iraqi crude. Prices for Iraqi crude are also attractive, according to one of these insiders, the chairman of Hindustan Petroleum Corp.

India is not the only promising destination for Iraqi oil. Tanker tracking data suggests that Iraq is also exporting more oil to the United States—again besting Saudi Arabia, which pledged to cut exports to its North American client to draw down crude oil inventories in the United States.

According to data compiled by Bloomberg, Iraq loaded 12 million barrels of crude to be shipped to the U.S. in just the first 13 days of June. This is twice as much as what Iraq shipped to the world’s number-two consumer during the comparable periods of April and May.
Iraq’s focus on India appears logical, even though India has ambitious renewable energy plans aimed at reducing pollution levels and its dependence on oil imports. India is so ambitious, in fact, that it has plans to ban the sales of non-electric cars after 2030. While this will certainly reduce its oil demand, it won’t eliminate it. As the country’s oil minister told the FT, “Oil will remain an important component of our energy usage but our capital expenditure is moving into alternatives — gas, renewables and technologies such as electric cars.”

As oil prices continue to dip and high crude oil inventories linger, competition among foreign suppliers will only intensify.




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